Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Temporary Relief

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Temporary Relief Woking Group Proposal

After the Arrest and sacking of our protest on Tuesday morning. At least 300 people
who had no home other than Zucotti Park have been displaced. Whatever peoples
opinion, the fact is these people were supporters of the movement. Should it be
logistically possible for them to stay within New York City they will still be able to
support our occupation of downtown’s financial District. Most people are staying at
various churches. Some of them very far uptown. I have talked to volunteers at the
Churches and they have told me, The critical need is for metro cards for protesters to be
able to leave and return to Liberty Square. And some kind of food card that will allow
people to get the emergency types of foods wherever they may be when they are out in
the streets and away from the park (Our park has not yet begun to feed people again at
full capacity yet.)

Our proposal is for:

7 round trip metro cards for 300 displaced occupiers
300 $25 Whole Foods Gift Cards
And the proposal will include the understanding
That we will after Dec 1st
Provide 130 Unlimited metro cards for the month of December. One card to be given to
groups of 2 or 3 people. To help them for that month until the other working groups can
work out the ideal solutions to help us continue winning with this Occupation.

300x7x$5 = $10,500
300x$25 =

By dec 1st,
130 Unlimited
Metro for Dec $13,000


The unlimited metros for December we would like to be up for review by the GA
on November 30th for now we are asking for only the first two expenditures totaling

Although we would like to support everyone who comes to support this movement
We intend this temporary relief for those who were occupying the park before everything
was seized and are now displaced, so that they continue to help all of us and the Global
Movement with what they learned during our historic first move in a movement that has
many hard years ahead of her.

To facilitate this we would like everyone who comes to receive either metro or food gift
cards these questions:


1. Were you an Occupier?:
2. Where were you camped?:
3. When did you arrive?:
4. Who were some of your friends during your time in the square?:

If SIS agrees to it we would like to ask them to distribute both cards at their desk. If that
is not possible we will distribute them to our Occupiers at one of the benches in the park.

As far as surplus cards, 12 days after our first day of distribution we would like to make
them available to the working groups to distribute to any new members of their working
groups who arrive from out of tow or their members who because of their support to
the movement could use the assistance to continue to attend working group meetings,
spokescouncil and the General Assembly

7 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Temporary Relief”

  1. Daryl Atamanyk

    Everyone who has no home and who wants to go join OCCUPY DC should be counted: and when there are enough to fill a bus, then rent a bus to take them to DC. Set the example for the rest of the country so that if and when they get evicted from their respective OCCUPY LOCATIONS they will join the move to DC.

    Listen: “…DC…DC…DC…” can you not already hear the masses chanting, “…DC…DC…DC…” Try it: chant it! It really is quite catchy. THIS WILL PRODUCE A NATIONAL SOLIDARITY AND GIVE A DIRECTION TO THE MOVEMENT NATION WIDE… and that “movement” will be in the direction of: “… DC…DC…DC…”

  2. odd ah

    Great plan! I suggest you also look into pathmark cards for food cards as an alternative to wholefoods ( the $25 will go further) Also, you can purchase Metro cards in bulk from the MTA central office

    Additionally, has anyone done a head count at the churches? How about reaching out through the housing group? I think this a wonderful Temp relief plan! I am willing to help with this!

  3. JZ

    Yes, whole foods is a rip-off … stretch the dollars without skimping on nutrition.

    As a vague friendly amendment (if you can call it that) I would encourage whomever is more involved in this to come up with ideas about job prospects for them as well as tracfones (cheap cell phones you can get even at gas stations) or some other cell phone deals that can be shared. What’s the plan when the metro-card and food run out?

    Clearly, housing, food, connectivity, and jobs all inter-connect for survival and more ideas are needed that address these.

  4. soothsayer

    Is this proposal a one-time deal for “occupiers”. who determines who get what? oversight, what is the definition of an “emergency food”?, etc.

    my concern is funds going directly, or indirectly (ppl selling gift cards) toward the purchase of cigarettes, potable alcohol, etc.

  5. Zoë

    Agree with comments on Whole Foods being an expensive choice for food cards. And I am on board with helping folks out, for sure. But I don’t care for the term “original occupiers.” What about people who have come since, who are also homeless and foodless and transportation-less? I don’t think that they’re any less deserving of OWS’s help, and setting up assistance this way only creates factions of “original” vs “not-original” which is incredibly divisive and almost hierarchical.

    Specific comments: I’m not sure why you’re asking those four questions… it’s not for assurance that they’re “real” occupiers, since anyone could ‘correctly’ answer those questions. And that begs the question… who then is determining WHO gets these cards? If SIS agrees, then does that give them too much “power” since they get to decide who’s really an “original” occupier? And if SIS doesn’t agree, doesn’t the proposer then get too much “power”? I would like to see some sort of friendly amendment explaining who exactly determines the recipients of these cards… although I’m not sure what that friendly amendment should be. Thoughts?

    Also, 300 $25 food cards doesn’t cost $2,100. It costs $7,500. Which makes the first two steps of your plan equal $18,000, not $12,600.

    Finally, what is the randomly placed amount of “$25,600” referring to?

    I guess I’d like to see more quantifiable parts to this plan. Maybe the GA agrees to award a certain number of “original” occupiers (since some probably had homes to return to, and others might have left, and especially since there doesn’t seem to be an accountable way of determining exactly how many “original” occupiers there are). Exactly how many people, exactly which people, by name (and why them vs others), etc. etc.

    Great idea, but I think it needs more development.