Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Mobile Information Network

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Who are we: The mobile Info Network, a newly formed Affinity Group created to have a physical presence to gather and share OWS information in any occupied space.

What will we do: Organize people with a written process to provide access to laptops and internet in Zuccotti Park and Charlotte’s Place, with plans for eventually being wherever occupiers are located.

Why this needs to be done: Right now the biggest concern being voiced by occupiers is a lack of information and organization. The M.I.N. will directly address this concern

Costs: We are asking for a one-time start up amount of $2,000. This money will be used to purchase 10 laptops at a target price of $150-$200 per laptop, and a pre-paid mobile hotspot. The purchase process will be completely transparent and any extra money not spent on the pre-mentioned will be returned to the OWS general fund.

Additional Info:

-We are in the process of starting a KickStarter fundraiser for the purchase of more equipment, re-occurring costs and future needs.

– All laptop info will be encrypted to guarantee privacy.

-We will have strict, written access and supervision requirements to safeguard equipment

2 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Mobile Information Network”

  1. soothsayer

    why can’t this be accomplished through other work groups, such as internet, they had a mobile hotspot before in the park before.

    and why 10 laptops, wouldn’t 1-2 be enough if you are just looking for info? can these laptops be borrowed by other workgroups?

  2. JZ

    How is this not related to Tech Ops (Internet) and Communications Hub? And more details to me should be part of this proposal. Have you contacted anyone in Tech Ops and ComHub prior to this proposal?