Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Medical

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The medics would like funding for two professional instructors from the
premier outdoor medicine school on the East Coast to come and offer three
days of training at OWS. The first day would involve a two hour “Basic
Winter Survival Course” tailored to the needs of an urban occupation,
focusing on shelter, sleeping systems, clothing, hypothermia and
nutrition. Then they would offer a “Training for Trainers” to help any
interested occupiers (from OWS or other occupations) prepare to offer the
“Basic Winter Survival Course” on a continual basis throughout the winter.

The last two days would be a training for medical staff at OWS and other
occupations in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. This class is limited to 30
participants so we are allowing members of OWS Medic Working Group and
other occupation’s Medic’s first ability to sign up. This class would
bring a all medical staff, from street medics to doctors, to a shared
basic understanding of first aid and CPR and insure that the basic medical
needs of occupiers are met in a safe and effective

The costs for this training are highly discounted thanks to the generosity
of members of the school. We are paying less than 25 % of the normal costs
for this training.

We are asking for the Spokes Council to release $1600 (possibly only
needing $1100) to cover the costs of this three day training. This
includes $750 for the two trainers for three days word, $350 for shared
driving travel costs to and from their school in New Hampshire, and $500
for housing and food costs. We will do our best to find donated housing
and cover food through the kitchen and will return any unused funds to

2 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Medical”

  1. John Paul

    Sounds like a great idea but I have some concerns:

    $1600 for something that is only open to 30 people and the name of the school is not even mentioned?

    $500 potentially for housing and food for 2 people for 3 days is in my opinion irresponsibly exhorbitant. I would sincerely recommend dropping that figure so that if logistics with donated housing do not come about you have a more reasonable number for budget for lodging. I would recommend reviewing potential costs of a hostel – http://hiusa.org/.

  2. JZ

    I would also like to see mentioned that if training is received by the medics, they will share in training those who are interested sometime afterwards to learn what was in the training course.

    And yes, hostels, or http://airbandb.com or craigslist.