Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Direct Action

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PROPOSAL for budget disbursement

Direct Action working group

NYC General Assembly – Tuesday 11/29/11

On Wednesday, November 30, New York City will be host to the AEROSPACE DEFENSE FINANCE CONFERENCE at the Credit Suisse Bank in midtown Manhattan. The Direct Action working group will be executing a large-scale action on this date to disrupt the profit-generating activities of the military-industrial complex. If you would like to participate, please meet in Madison Square Park at 6:30am on this date.

Accordingly, the Direct Action working group respectfully requests the disbursement of $2,000 in order to reimburse its members for various expenditures related to the direct action activities on November 30, 2011. Receipts and/or appropriate documentation will accompany each respective expenditure.

Printing $200.00

Transportation $200.00

Materials / costumes $300.00

Registration fees $900.00

Discretionary / contingency $400.00

Total: $2,000.00

Any and all amounts not used for this purpose will be returned to the Finance working group in a timely fashion.

2 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Direct Action”

  1. JZ

    This kind of event excites me, but the lack of time given to alert people and the time it would take to pass out flyers strategically instead of frantically to generate more participation frustrates me :/

  2. odd ah

    Registration fees $900.00
    Transportation $200.00
    Discretionary / contingency $400.00
    I am curious to see these receipts esp., trans., and discre.,
    Man- i need to give y’all some lessons in frugalism.. 😉