Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: Inter-Occupation Communication and S.I.S.

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Proposal to the General Assembly of Liberty Plaza

The Inter-Occupation Communication Group and the S.I.S. Working Group propose that the following communiqué be presented by the Liberty Plaza Assembly as a statement to all other Assemblies and Occupations of the world and then be broadcast on currently available media platforms:

This communiqué is presented by the people of the Liberty Plaza General Assembly in New York City to all the good people convening at local General Assemblies around the world.

There are hundreds of Occupations and General Assemblies standing in solidarity to protest mass injustice and create a better world. To strengthen our solidarity, we need to develop a mechanism of communication between all of our General Assemblies.

To address this need, we have created an Inter-Occupation Communication group here at Liberty Plaza. Our InterOcc group works with analogous groups from other Assemblies to provide horizontal channels of communication that adhere to open and transparent democratic processes in order to connect individuals or working groups across Occupations.

We ask that Inter-Occupation Communication groups already established at other Assemblies make their existence known to us. Given the challenges we have all been facing that may be alleviated by better communication, we suggest that any Assembly that does not yet have an Inter-Occupation Communication group establish one and announce its existence publicly.  

This communiqué, along with all other official General Assembly communiqués, will be posted on InterOccupy.org. Individuals and Inter- Occupation Communication groups can also contact other InterOcc groups on InterOccupy.org.

General Assembly Liberty Plaza New York City

Why this is Needed

We see a need for this communiqué to be presented and distributed for the following reasons:

1. Strong channels of communication are essential to the stability and growth of our movement. Once channels are better established, all Assemblies will have greater ability to work together across Occupations. This communiqué is critical to helping build these channels.

2. We are already working with other Inter-Occupation Communication groups to hold national conference calls. These calls are serving to assess needs and resources and to connect working groups. This communiqué will assist in making these calls more widely known so that they can be more useful for current and future participants.

3. The Inter-Occupation Communication group has been asked by other OWS working groups, most notably Finance, SIS and Direct Action, to establish verified and trusted points of contact and forums for dialogue with other occupations. These are necessary for working groups to effectively address pressing concerns.

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