Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: Get Shit Done (GSD)

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Form the GSD working group. GSD stands for Get Shit Done.

We need $300 to form the working group

The money will be spent on printing costs and the purchase of a small camera for keeping records.

printing cost: $100

small camera: $200

Contact person: Lady Millard, ladymillard@gmail.com

5 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: Get Shit Done (GSD)”

  1. liza

    i dont get what exactly is this group about? information? archiving? because we already have those working groups.

  2. JZ

    Get shit done with a $200 camera? This is not a proposal worthy of taking up the time of people. Be more specific and state exactly what camera it is (why $200? why not a $120 camera?) state why you need specifically what you need. Respect the funds!

    p.s. – We need proposal criteria of some basic kind to prevent immature and vague “proposals” that are a waste of people’s precious time.

  3. Elle NYC

    Is this a proposal from an existing WG? Confusing…and, as liza mentions above, seems duplicative of groups/efforts that already exist.

  4. Frances Mecanti-Anthony

    This is just getting silly. Please respect the intelligence of the movement and don’t waste people’s time.