Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: from White Hat

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The following amendment to the EGYPT ELECTION DELEGATION consensus (passed by the NYCGA on November 10th, 2011) is being submitted by a number of concerned OWS individuals.
Since the November 10th NYCGA consensus to send a delegation to observe the upcoming Egyptian parliamentary elections, both new events have come to pass and new information has come to light that warrant reconsideration of that decision.
The November 15 eviction from Liberty Plaza has taxed our human and capital resources here and requires the attention of all working groups and many prospective delegation candidates from those working groups.
Since November 10, we’ve heard from many Egyptian activists both in Egypt and here in the U.S. and there is no unanimity on whether sending an observer delegation from New York is the best way we can help the movement in Egypt.
We therefore propose that:
1) the trip of OWS delegates to observe the November 28 parliamentary elections in Egypt be cancelled.
2) the $29,000 approved for that trip be returned to the GA budget.
3) the following letter of explanation and solidarity be sent to our brothers and sisters in Egypt:
To our brothers and sisters in Egypt, and to a movement that gave birth to our own: Al salam ‘alaykum and solidarity!
Your invitation to observe Egyptian elections was an incredible honor for us.  Long live the movement for bread, freedom, and social justice!
As you have heard, our occupation was raided by police on November 15.  In light of the police attack on our occupation, our movement must now turn its attention to the daily survival of members of our occupation.  We apologize for not being able to send a delegation at this time.  We are sure that as brothers and sisters you understand.
At the same time we re express our solidarity and support of your peaceful fight for freedom and democracy and salute your courage in face of the brutal physical and informational assaults on you in Tahrir Square and around Egypt.
We are also sure that we can be of help to your cause from here in the U.S. and we ask that you inform us of specific ways most helpful to you in that regard.  For example, we can help expose and denounce instances of use of American weapons and technologies against your protests and voices.
There is much we can learn from you, and we request training in all of your skills and knowledge necessary for revolution.
With gratitude and solidarity, we extend our hospitality; our house is your house.
Your brothers and sisters at Occupy Wall Street General Assembly

14 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: from White Hat”

  1. odah

    Thank you for writing this clear and concise amendment to the Egypt proposal! I will be there at the G.A to support this on tuesday 11/22/11, I hope that this decision is accepted and that it will lead to building a stronger, more balanced and transparent movement on this continent.

  2. meno

    Well that letter is going to be received and they are going to be confused again. In their letter to OWS they said “no thanx” and now you are making a lame excuse instead of apologizing. Kind of hits home on the movement integrety

  3. odd ah

    I suggest a friendly amendment- that Movement building return $15,000 to the GA and earmark the rest for the egyptian trip, to be undertaken at a later time. Additionally, if y’all are still crazy enough to go, I think only 8 people should go, and those 8 (or at least 4) should be able to speak the language, and have skills which the egyptian comrades feel would be of benefit, also the ones who go should not be any of our keys, yet ones who are known and trusted. One of the peeps should have excellent note taking and/or video live stream skills, so that we get the picture.- I feel housing and food should be taken care of by renting a room from one of the egyptian comrades(better to give $ to them if possible), and meals prepared and shared in house( dining out is a luxury which should be paid out of personal pockets,not OWS). As for plane tickets- Price line offer as of last week: $826.00 per ticket when buying 8 tickets.

    • odd ah

      Additionally: If a future trip is planned it should be for longer than 3 days, at least a week. If a total cost of tics comes to approx: $6,600, based on a budget of 14,000, this leaves $7,392- for that amount 8 people could stay for a month in Egypt ( if y’all live like egyptians), (or a if 1 week, OWS would be able to give the egyptians tech tools).

  4. odd ah

    As long as, american ows comrades are welcomed by egyptians, I submit the above amendment in solidarity, and with a desire to be supportive of the collective dream for a free world.

  5. JZ

    I support the core of this proposal and will be there to express that. And no proposal will be perfect overnight. I think many people fully realize that the raid is not the main reason they/we reject $29K for the Egypt trip, but it did provide another reason to scrap that proposal. I will continue to advocate and support the idea of a quorum at GAs (or multiple GAs) where X number of GAs with X number of people are required when X number of dollars is requested to fund a project.

    Friendly Amendment:
    Add that New Yorkers have expressed views that Egyptians can be supported in other ways … not just “..we’ve heard from many Egyptian activists both in Egypt and here in the U.S. and there is no unanimity on whether sending an observer delegation from New York is the best way we can help the movement in Egypt.”

  6. j.free

    I support this proposal and feel with the transpiring events in Egypt and in NYC, we need to focus our resources on caring for OWS immediate needs. Indeed, when the initial proposal was adopted by the GA there was a skeleton crew consensing upon the proposal. I agree that more people must be present when budgetary matters reach such a high stake. Nice work on this proposal.

  7. odd ah

    Write to finance> finance@nycga.net< if, like many of us, you feel strongly opposed to funding the Egypt trip at this time, write to the ones who sign the checks.

  8. odd ah

    Headline post on this site>>We are in desperate need of housing for our occupiers in Manhattan. Please contact comhub@nycga.net<<<and yet certain people from movement building insist on spending $29,000 sending people to Egypt!!!! WTF!

    • Dallas

      @odd_ah… $29000 out of ~$400000K available last time we got a report.

      I’m not sure why your approach isn’t to put up a proposal for temp shelter for Occupiers with $30K funding to get it rolling. Does it matter whether that particular $30K is spent on OWS shelter and comfort if money is available for both efforts?

      Now, whether it is necessary for anyone to run into a dangerous stuation unarmed and relatively inexperienced is an open question – but IMHO it’s pretty unseemly to see people @ Tahrir getting nerve gassed, shot, etc. and then say that clothes and food for our displaced brothers and sisters supersedes our our solidarity, esp. while feeding/sheltering evicted Occupiers and sending a mission to Tahrir are *not* mutually exclusive outcomes.

      Who knows, maybe if everyone on the trip comes home safe and sound, we’ll get some support we may not be getting right now from the Muslim community in NYC and elsewhere… Maybe not.
      However, if you have a problem with the lack of aid for our evicted and hungry sisters and brothers here in NYC, I feel it’s more positive, more direct, and thus more effective to write up a proposal outlining what you would like to see done with $30K instead. Approaching it from the angle of shooting down a proposal that has consent of the GA already (and in a vaguely accusatory tone IMHO) isn’t making it easier to achieve the goal of helping our brothers and sisters become whole and healthy and safe again.

      Why does it have to be about stripping approved funding from a fairly unrelated proposal? What’s important is spending $30K on food, clothes, maybe short-term shelter or transportation to other Occupations where camping and such have been permitted by law enforcement…. Right? Or am I not getting your entire point?