Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/15 General Assembly: Movement for Justice in El Barrio

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To the General Assembly of Occupy Wall St.:Receive greetings of solidarity from Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York:

We write to you with an important proposal that we would like placed on the agenda for this Tuesday’s General Assembly.

At the General Assembly of Nov. 3rd, after receiving the unanimous endorsement of several working groups, we received a public endorsement for our dialogue in El Barrio with Occupy Wall St.

We were pleased by the great showing of participants of OWS in our neighborhood last Monday. Thanks again to those who participated.

As we move forward, we want to continue building bridges and strengthening our ties in concrete ways. To that end, during our dialogue, we extended an invitation to OWS to join us at our New York Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism, which will take place on December 4 in El Barrio. As some of you may know, an Encuentro is, among other things, a form of deep human exchange that serves as an alternative way of doing politics and building-movements.

In light of the fact that several working groups have already publicly endorsed this Encuentro, at this Tuesday’s General Assembly, we wish to propose the following:

– That the General Assembly of OWS publicly endorse, publicize, and attend our Encuentro, as a way to continue building our respective movements and shared struggles.

– That representatives from each Working Group and Caucus of OWS be encouraged to attend.

Thank you.
In solidarity,
Movement for Justice in El Barrio

2 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/15 General Assembly: Movement for Justice in El Barrio”

  1. Karate

    Well I think this is brilliant, and about god damn time OWS supports groups that have been oppressed for years on years on

  2. Shawn Carrié

    Friendly Amendment:

    I fully support Movement for Justice in El Barrio, however, I also agree with the consensus that the GA has reached regarding “endorsements” – i.e. that we so far have not made any. I feel we should keep it that way.

    But I really just think it’s a question of language. OWS has publicized and supported many different affinity groups and movements by saying that we are “in solidarity”. We’ve never said that we “endorse” any group or movement, and if we start now after all this, we risk co-opting the movement. I stress that it in now way means that our support will be any less strong, it’s really only a matter of managing our terms carefully for how they’ll be interpreted by the media.

    So, my Friendly Amendment:
    Change “publicly endorse” to “publicly announce our solidarity with” to reflect the common practice to date.

    We love you!