Draft Proposal for 11/15 General Assembly (advance notice): Occupy Within

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Mobile Occupation draft proposal for East Coast Solidarity Tour

(for consideration at the November 15th General Assembly – feedback and friendly amendments are welcome and can be submitted to occupywithin@gmail.com or by attending one of our working group meetings (MWF 11am @60 wall st)

In response to the growing requests and needs of other occupations, the Mobile Occupation working group is proposing an east coast solidarity tour.

The proposed tour will be one month long (from late November through late December) and plans to visit 10 occupations between NYC and Florida.

The main objectives of this first tour are to begin establishing a personal and physical infrastructure for support and communication. The most common need surfacing is for facilitation training. We are looking to construct a 2-day curriculum that could be offered to each occupation and welcome input from everyone.

Our crew will be comprised of 10-15 members of OWS that have been integrally involved in a large cross-section of working groups including (but not limited to) Internet, Facilitation, Info, Arts & Culture, Open Source, Media, Sustainability, and Mediation. We are seeking diversity and welcome individuals from all working groups and caucuses to join our working group and submit a letter of intention if interested in joining the tour (email occupywithin@gmail.com).

http://www.nycga.net/groups/mobile-occupation/docs/ and

The Goals of the Mobile Occupation are:

– Information exchange (sharing information and best practices)

– Educational training (ie: facilitation, intro to direct democracy, non-violent communication and


– To develop the inter-occupational infrastructure

– To boost the morale of other occupations and grow a culture of sustainability, non-violence,

peace, self-empowerment, patience, compassion, creativity, cooperation, and innovation

Outreach to Occupations:

For the purpose of establishing effective communication and building bridges between

occupations we have drafted a survey and are working with Movement Building to contact

each occupation to learn more about their current infrastructure and goals (how big, what is

working, what hasn’t worked, where they see the movement going, & how can we help). A copy

of the survey can be found at



The specific logistics of which cities we will visit and what we will bring are dependent upon the feedback we receive from other occupations regarding their current infrastructure and goals along with the initiatives and information each working group and caucus within OWS NYC wants to share.

All working groups and caucuses are being asked to support this initiative by providing a written report.


groups/mobile-occupation/docs/ and

We are looking to compile these working group reports into a document to be printed and shared with all occupations.

This is a horizontal initiative to share information in all directions. As we visit each city we will be communicating with folks on the ground at OWS in NYC about what we will learn from our brothers and sisters everywhere.

We are asking the GA for $17,500 to cover bus expenses, living expenses, gear, communications technology, art supplies and other items detailed in our budget, which is being submitted to finance and can be found at http://www.nycga.net/groups/mobile-occupation/docs/ and http:/occupywithin.us

All accounting will be transparent and all monies not used will be returned to the NYCGA.

Proposal to all OWS working groups:

We have compiled a survey requesting information from each working group and

caucus to compile and share with other occupations (contact information for the working group,

the focus or purpose of the working group, lessons learned, and any information, resources

or initiatives they want to share). A copy of the survey can be found at


. We will need the support on the

ground from each working group to make this mission successful.

7 Responses to “Draft Proposal for 11/15 General Assembly (advance notice): Occupy Within”

  1. LGNY

    Invite The Screen Guild! We’ve been working up silk screen kits for fellow Occupations to make tshirts and patches at their Occupations….

    • John Paul

      Hi LGNY,
      All members of all working groups and caucuses are encouraged to collaborate and come to our meetings. The kits are a great asset for other occupations for fundraising and outreach and exposure efforts.

    • John Paul

      @LGNY please come to our meeting tomorrow morning if you are available. 11am-2pm @ 60 Wall St.

      • LGNY

        Hi – thank you – couldn’t come today, maybe in the future. As mentioned, we’re into the kit thing for other occupations. One possibility: we can send you off with a kit and screenprint training.

  2. Phillip & Wendy Crow

    Hi We are the founders of OccupyVeterans. Mr. & Mrs Crow. I am a USMC Veteran, Happily Married, and apart of the 99%. We supprt the movement and have been involved since day 1. We hope to bring a change to how our Veterans are treated in today’s society. We wish to motivate and support. We would like to get involved with this. We are willing & wanting to travel, just need a backing. We can bring motivation to the individual camps. Would love to travel and set up informational outreach programs. Inform the public. Push for better Vet care and rights. Push the facts of the OWS movement. Please contact us via occupyveterans.org We wish to be apart of changing history. Please support the Veterans! Help us, Help you, Change History! OccupyEverything #together!

  3. odd ah

    An east coast solidarity/skill and resource sharing tour; this is certainly a wiser and far more practical use of funds and people power, as compared to the idea(proposal) of sending 20 OWS delegates to Egypt for 3 days at a cost of $29,000. Twinkle! I spoke with a friend involved with occupy west palm beach in Florida, and a need was expressed for ‘schooled’ Direct democracy/ Facilitator teaching delegates to come to florida and teach the process. I am sure other camps would benefit from such endeavors.