Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Arts & Culture

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Occupy Broadway Proposal

EVENT: Occupy Broadway (theatre/shopping district) with a 24-hour performance.
WHEN: From December 2nd starting at 6pm until December 3rd at 6pm
WHERE: Times Square by the red stairs, between 46th and 47th streets, along 7th Ave, NY,

On December 2, 2011 New York artists and occupiers will introduce tourists and New Yorkers
going to Broadway shows or shopping themselves into debt to the idea of occupation as
CREATIVE resistance with non-stop free performances. We will set up in a privately owned
public space (POPS) near Times Square, turning once blandified space into a space for cultural

This event has been planned by a large group of activists including The Occupy Broadway
Breakout Group of Arts and Culture in conjunction with Direct Action, The Performance
Guild, Musicians Guild, with Security, Kitchen, Sanitation, Comfort, WOW, Media,
Finance representatives, and other members of OWS!

Funding request- Cash strapped organizers have been spending money out of pocket to ensure
that the event is a success – receipts have been saved, additional costs will be incurred during
and in the final lead up to the event. We believe that this – reimbursing and funding- is a
wonderful way to spend a small fraction of the generous donations OWS has received.

Art supplies (markers, posters, paint, ink, glue, etc): $200
Costumes (Fabric, thread, top hats, used clothing) $500
Sanitation (garbage bags, gloves other cleaning materials) $100
Printing (posters, programs, pamphlets, sheet music):$350
Puppets construction (chicken wire, canvas, lights):$250
Props (flags, nose makers, etc): $200
Kitchen (to feed those occupying Broadway): $300
Gas (wiki leaks truck taking props food, etc across town):$100

Total request: $2,000

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  1. JZ

    Cool! A sub-group I am involved in related to the citizens united court ruling 2 year anniversary have been pondering a performance idea that may require collaboration with Arts & Culture and others who are interested.