Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Internet

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Internet Working Group is requesting $885 for hosting services for the nycga.net website. Costs are as follows:

$800 – main server
$70 test server
$15 backups

All services provided by Rackspace/Slicehost.

3 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Internet”

  1. tracy everitt

    Yesterday, at the Sculpture corner of Zuccoti Park, on Wed., 11/2, at 5:45pm, a tall “Facilitator (?)”woman with bushy gray hair was a leader of a march, right after the Iraq Vets spoke to the protestors. . She was strident and did not radiate the care and kindness I had seen up until last night in all facilitators (or quasi leaders the term I don’t know).
    Her chant dealt only with shouting at and taunting the police, and trying to enrage them. One of her chants was The chant was “Hey-hey-ho-ho, Police Brutality Has Got to Go”
    The crowd was not inspired by it, yet she was obviously placed by someone higher up to be in charge so they halfheartedly chanted.
    I left then; I left that march because of the irrationality of using insulting chants against the police which she started up.
    Even though I sense she is right about hidden and sometimes overtly brutal police behavior, it is neither helpful and nor intelligent to unnecessarily provoke police; nor to stir up and rile up and thereby create and angry group of protestors That anger which may be there should be channeled constructively..