Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Herbalists Working Group

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Herbalists Working Group Budget Proposal:

Since the start of the occupation, a number of herbalists have been providing holistic health
care for the Wall Street Occupiers in a number of ways, treating basic illnesses as well as injuries
and stress-related conditions. Herbalists have been present and working at the occupation since its
beginning and we have found that roughly half of the medical care provided at Liberty Park
involves herbal treatment of some kind – and with the coming winter, we expect the need for our
services regarding colds and other illnesses to increase.
At this time, we feel that our capabilities could be hugely improved with an available budget
to provide for medicinal materials and physical infrastructure for our operations. Thus far we have
worked with donated materials and out-of-pocket expenditures, as well as our own stock of
medicines that we have brought in, but these are being depleted more quickly than they can be
renewed, and we would like to create a few specific herbal treatments for the occupation in bulk
that we have learned through experience would be broadly beneficial.
Specifically, we seek to create a more usable and complete apothecary in Liberty Park to
enable us to work more effectively, as well as the means to provide take-away medicines to those
we treat, rather than requiring them to come back to us again and again. We also seek the means to
provide jail support for those arrested in relation to the occupation, by offering stress and trauma
management medicines as well as preparations for treating handcuff and other injuries. This
involves acquiring a number of specific medicines and herbs, the materials to make certain
preparations off-site, a large number of small containers for take-away preparations, and a large,
free-standing spice rack and other furniture to better organize our preparations and provide
improved working surfaces.
We have cultivated working relationships with good sources for the bulk of these items,
taking strides to contact local producers that use ethical practices in creating and harvesting their
goods, including organic cultivation and other sustainable and positive economic practices. This
includes some well-known providers of herbal preparations, as well as local farmers in the NYC
area who have offered to work with us.
Our itemized budget outline, for the next month’s expected consumables (though likely to
last longer than that) and some more permanent items is as follows:

Quantity Item Description Cost
500 1 oz. Tincture Bottles $455.00
200 0.5 oz. Salve Containers $116.00
N/A Various Herbs and Extracts $600.00
N/A Estimated Tax & Shipping for Above Items $120.00
1 Folding Table $60.00
1 Large Cutting Board $25.00
1 Large, Free-Standing Spice Rack $100.00
X X Total Cost
X X $1476.00

In addition, a weekly budget of $150 should be sufficient to keep our materials well-stocked into
the future, to replace depleted medicines, materials, and containers.
Thanks for your consideration, and we hope to do our best to keep this occupation healthy & happy.
– The Herbalists Working Group of Occupy Wall Street

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    • dicey troop

      However, the blocks were set aside by 9/10ths consensus. So, this proposal was approved by GA.