Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10: Principles of Solidarity

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Background: On 11/8/11, the GA approved solidarity’s stop-gap, Emergency Proposal, which was: “For the next 48 hours, until the next GA, Occupiers in a space required by the community must consent in order to be removed, or consent regarding a shared usage of space.”
Now: Solidarity is involved with other working groups on this issue, including Town Planning.  The intent is to formulate a precise protocol regarding the balancing of shared and individual space at OWS.  While it was intended to formulate this protocol by 11/10/11, the stop-gap’s expiry, such was not possible due to the complexity of the issue and the very short amount of time available.  Therefore, Solidarity will propose the following for the 11/10/11 GA: “Regarding the expiry of the stop-gap, Emergency Proposal of 11/8/11 about the shared and individual usages of space at OWS, request is made to extend the expiry date (11/10/11) of such proposal to Sunday, 11/13/11. Additionally, break-out groups are requested, with their intent being to gather the GA’s ideas on how OWS can appropriately balance shared and individual usages of space so to keep solidarity within the movement.”

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  1. gary

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    Video of Chairman Christopher Cox from the SEC Open
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    Jun 2nd 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition

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    A Very nice story in Rolling Stone magazine. Yes, that’s right Rolling Stone.
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    Wall Street’s Naked Swindle
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    EVEN GOLDMAN SACHS ON Thursday Jun 10, 2010

    TORONTO (Reuters) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc President Gary Cohn said on Thursday industry agrees that naked short selling should be banned.
    “I don’t think anyone in the industry has any problems with banning naked short (sales),” said Cohn, who is addressing a securities regulation conference here.
    “The concept of naked short sale is not a great concept. In fact, from a regulatory standpoint the more regulatory certainty we get on naked short sales the easier it is for us to force these down on our clients.”

    On a side note the headquarters of the Settlement system (DTCC 55 Water ST) is just blocks away from the Occupy Wall St protest and Likes their name kept out of the picture at all cost.. Read what they had to say in 2005 and where we are today In English they said Public companies are all crying because our stocks went down,, Iam sure some companies were bad,, But the Data shows FRAUD and a lot of it and the DTCC helped cover it up. They should be held responsible and let the investing public know YEARS ago about the FAILS in the system and how BIG IT IS. Instead of hiding the truth.


    @dtcc: If the volume in the Stock Borrow program is so small, why are these companies suggesting it is a major issue?
    Thompson: Frankly, we believe that the allegations are attempting to purposely mislead those who are not familiar with this program. A number of small OTCBB and so-called “pink sheet” companies have contended that this practice is driving down the price of their shares and driving them out of business.
    According to their own 10K and 10Q reports financial auditor’s disclosure statements, many of these firms have admitted that “factors raise substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.” They have had little or no revenue, according to their financial reports, and substantial losses, for periods of seven or eight years. One of these companies has been cited for failing to file financial statements since 2001. Another has been cited by the SEC for press releases that misled investors on expanding business contracts that didn’t exist. They will do anything they can do that takes people’s attention off that kind of record, especially if they can convince a law firm to take the case on a contingency basis, which is what has happened.


    Now that you know this is a MESS and still goes on This JUST was released on 10/26/2011 Funny the Head of SEC said dont worry we are on it,,

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    1) Who can Naked Short? Can anyone do it? And since it is illegal who is doing it? Maybe Aliens
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    3) Wall St has the most powerful Banks and Brokers in the World and yet we cant settle a trade on time? WHY? My guess they don’t want to
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