Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Occupy the Holidays

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Proposal for Occupy The Holidays/Toys for Tots Action

One in six children are currently living in poverty.  This season, it is time for Occupy Wall Street to take to the streets and show these Scrooges that we are willing to make it right where they will not.

Toys for Tots is happy to accept our action and donations!  However, the Marines that organize this drive are themselves strapped for resources.  They are willing to provide us with some materials to get us started, but if we want to pull this off on a larger scale, I ask the GA for a little bit in funds to get us rolling, and for the time and support from all of you amazing people.

Budget Needs:

Boxes & Wrapping Paper (For Donation Recepticles)                          $20

Sleigh Bells  $3.29 x 10                                                                        $32.90

Arm Bands (reusable for later OWS projects)

Fabric                                                                                                            $30

Velcro                                                                                                            $30

Sewing            $10 x 10                                                                        $100

T-Shirts with a Toys for Tots/Occupy Wall Street Logo:

(Estimated $5 x 20)                                                                                    $100

TOTAL:                                                                                                $312.90

Proposed Locations:

  • Liberty Park
  • Time Square
  • Union Square
  • Rockafeller Center
  • Washington Square Park (or rotating/floating location)



Teams of 2 at 5 locations throughout the city from Noon-7pm

2 shifts each day

= 20 people per day plus on-call volunteers

We may also need transportation to get donations back to our storage space.


We will be storing donations at our storage space at UFT on Broadway.

Pickup of donations by Toys for Tots will not occur until mid to late December.  

 Guidelines for Volunteers: 

Toys for Tots has said we are allowed to identify ourselves as Occupy Wall Street Representatives collecting toys for Toys for Tots.  Accordingly, OWS arm bands will be provided, and T-shirts with a OWS/TFT collaboration logo.

Volunteers will be doing one 3.5-hour shift per day in a cycle.

Dates:  Wednesday, November 16th-Friday December 16th.

Volunteers will be held to the highest standards of professionalism and holiday cheer! This is a community building fundraiser that will affect the lives of the children of the 99%. 

Proposed by:

Kara Rochelle

Facebook: Occupy The Holidays










3 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Occupy the Holidays”

  1. Charlie

    Please come to our next meeting on Monday at 11am. Please familiarize yourself with our working group webpage and http://www.occupywithin.us please write a letter of intention and bring it with you. Thank you for your interest.

  2. Charlie

    We also would like to make it more clear that we are not looking to buy a bus in this proposal – we already have access to a school bus that has been converted to run on used cooking oil :-)

    We will update the proposal to make that more clear.

    Also, tomorrow’s meeting has been cancelled. We welcome everyone to voice any concerns or interest via email, the nycga site, or in person at our next meeting – monday 11am @ 60 wall St

    We visited our friends on the march to dc today to offer support. They are doing great and have received overwhelming support from people along the way :-)

    Now we are in Philly and attended their GA tonight. They are debating moving their location from city hall to another park – it is a heated debate.

    In love & solidarity