Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Movement Building

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Proposal to the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly November 10th, 7pm


Respond to a request sent by Egyptian civil society groups to send a delegation of OWS Ambassadors to serve as International Observers in the November 28th Parliamentary elections. The group would need to leave on November 25th and return on the 30th. This action would be coupled with a general request to be sent out to the greater OWS networks calling for self-funded observers thereby increasing the number of overall observers.


–        These actions will serve as a powerful symbol of solidarity in support of the civil society groups who contributed to the January 25th Revolution.

–        It will also mark the beginning of a global movement and work to build trust and reconciliation in a post-September 11th environment.

–        OWS’s participation will also work to protect and support the civilian monitoring efforts of Egyptian activists on the ground and constitutes a concrete stand against the use of American weapons against peaceful demonstrators.

OWS Action to Date:

–        Through consultation with our Egyptian counterparts it was determined that the OWS delegation should be comprised of 2-4 ambassadors from six relevant committees under the sponsorship of the Movement Building Committee.  These committees were selected due to their relevance and general skill sets. These committees include:

  • Movement Building
  • Mediation / Non-violent Communication
  • Direct Action
  • Media
  • Medical
  • PR/Press
  • Structure
  • Area specialists

Desired candidates would ideally have the following attributes:

  • Knowledge of the Middle East or Arabic skills
  • Cultural sensitivity and commitment to the task at hand minus individual political agendas
  • Experience dealing with global media
  • Willingness to accept risk
  • Skill-sharing potential across relevant committees
  • Gender and racial diversity

Plan of Action:

–        Each committee mentioned will nominate two to three representatives and a backup to represent their committee in Egypt.  This totals 16-24 representatives depending on the funding allocated by the general assembly and the price fluctuations on airfare.

–        OWS will send out a general request to its networks asking people to participate in observing the elections at their own personal expense (around $1500)

Requested Budget:

20 airplane tickets at $1,200 = $22,000

Accommodation per day ($20) for 5 nights for 20 people= $2000

Food and Transportation $50 per day for 20 people = $5000

Total Requested: $29,000



17 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Movement Building”

  1. JZ

    Looks like the equivalent of using tax dollars to fuel one’s private jet, no?

  2. JZ

    An amusing fantasy would be an open forum in the Atrium where the discussion is focused on the idea of OWS “ambassadors” and “representatives” flying to another country, spending $29,000. How related is that to a “leaderless” movement? Though if we are all leaders, then those who devised this proposal should work on their own side project and use IndieGoGo to get funding … you may get a few hundred dollars using that proposal :) I’m simply saying “get real.”

  3. SMP

    I leave for Cairo on November 25th specifically to be there for the Nov 28th elections. I would be thrilled to represent OWS there (I have been active at NYC protests back to the infamous Brooklyn Bridge day). Please let me know. I am already covering my own trip ($ wise) – have Arabic skills (though not fluent), and know the culture well (this is like trip #40 to Egypt). Please let me know if this happens and if I can be a volunteer (though either way, see you at the elections!).

  4. Dan

    Really, where do we send a request to be one of the members? I am studying Middle East and democratic transitions from authoritarian regimes for my masters degree and spent this past summer in Cairo observing Tahrir and studying Arabic.

  5. odd ah

    I am personally not sure that sending 20 people is the right action. Why so many peeps? And at such a huge price tag?! Ive traveled in europe for 8 months on $1,500.00, several times. I think ten people would suffice and some additional shoestring travel budgeting would cut the cost.

  6. odd ah

    I just looked on PriceLine, if one were to depart on November 24th and return November 30th- The cheapest fare for 8 people = $827.00 per person.

  7. Goose

    As a dual citizen (American/Egyptian) I am absolutely appalled at the 99% doing the bidding of the State Department. I’ve seen so many machinations and game playing over the last 9 months since the revolution started here in Cairo that all I can say is you are terribly naive and haven’t graduated to being saavy activitsts as you are blindly turning yourselves into State Department stooges:

    I totally support the OWS movement, but please don’t turn yourselves into unpaid CIA agitators. STAY HOME!