Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/6 General Assembly: Shipping, Inventory and Storage

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Proposal for Exporting the Surplus

People from across the world know the power of giving. Occupy Wall Street has become an outlet for the inspiring generosity of the 99 percent. After the outpouring of support from the recent snow our shelves are overflowing. While a surplus is a great comfort it is also a great responsibility. The more we horde supplies in the face of need, need from the community and need from other occupations, the more we will begin to resemble the American status quo.

So, let’s change that. After all, change is what we’re here for. Let’s start moving supplies to where it is needed. S.I.S. is making the following proposal:

In solidarity with over 15 million unemployed workers, we will allocate at least 15% of the supply surplus to the outreach working group to be donated within our community. The rest of the surplus will be made available to our fellow Occupations across the country. We will use the supplies as incentive to promote improved communication between others in our movement. The release of the surplus comes with the hope, that the internet working group in cooperation with any related groups establish a section of our website for inter-occupy communication. There are efforts underway, let’s unify them. To begin to negotiate the allocation of the surplus. We are asking for an initial export budget of $5000. This will be used for shipping and travel between occupations.

After this initial export, we will continue to use the newly developed contacts to send supplies when we can. We have been given a great deal of wealth. Let’s show Wall Street how we handle OUR stock.

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  1. A. Fleming

    Great idea! I want to see this happen immediately.

    But to anticipate clarifying questions: $5000 is a lot for shipping. Unless, there is substantially more surplus than we are aware. Can you quantify this in a concrete manner? Also, there are probably going to be calls for special attention to be paid to certain occupations over others. Is there a method established to ensure that surplus is directed to where it is needed most? Finally, proposals presented with the backing of multiple working groups seem to have an easier time reaching consensus. Is there anyway SIS can have someone from both Outreach and Internet on-hand to field logistical questions?

    SIS kicks ass. Keep up the awesome job!

    • Charlie Lulay

      I intend to be at the GA tonight, and will bring this up again if I am. I agree that $5000 is a lot for this, that will buy several ltl loads cross country (they cost on average $1800). The entire contents of our warehouse would not fill a trailer.
      I would suggest as we have very frequent migration between occupies going on, that we attempt to shuttle bags and boxes of supplies with our members who are already moving from one group to another, rather than paying for shipping.

    • Saum Eskandani

      A very expected question. There are a number of policies in place. We were unsure if they should have been included in the formal proposal to the GA,
      for the sake,
      for the sake,
      of our time,
      of our time,
      and our sanity,
      and our sanity.

      YES, there IS substantially more surplus since the snow day. On Friday alone we received over 600 packages, not to mention the mountains of clothes that came in over the snow weekend which we have just now finished sorting through. Comfort has expressed that is more than we can possibly use.

      As far the the $5000, there is no intention to max out this budget. When we received $2500 for shelves, we came in $800 under budget. But we would like to have the wiggle room. As was mentioned, our first preference is for inter-occupation travel, and we would like to allocate some of that budget to reimbursing fuel costs. We have deals with our UPS store in place that will put our max cost (a 50 pound box to california) at $71 dollars. We would prefer to ship items only if they are of significant value (far exceeding shipping costs) and if travel is not possible. It should also be noted, this is a one time budget allotment, and it is our hope to make it last a long time. There is also talk of communicating with the teamsters to use vacant space in trucks for deliveries. Whether this materializes, know that all options will be considered.

      There is a vetting process for trade with other G.A.s in which we must receive a recorded message where their G.A. agrees to open trade. This will open communication and allow us to assess the size and scope of the occupation we will begin donating to. We will use our best discretion, and welcome all opinions, on where supplies is needed most.

      It is a good idea to internet and outreach on hand.

      And we assure you, the entire contents of the OWS warehouse would fill a COUPLE trailers. People love us :-)


  2. Charlie

    I fully support this initiative and agree it is essential that we develop a sustainable infrastructure that recognizes the flow of resources in and out of OWS and seeks to create value and reduce waste. It is in complete harmony with efforts I’m involved in that I would like to share with you…

    I am currently working on a draft proposal with the Mobile Occupation working group to launch an east coast solidarity tour. Our group’s charter (below) reflects a lot of what is being brought up in a number of different forums (including this one). Our future goals include creating our own transportation network and mobile skill-sharing network. We are also hearing about other buses on the west coast and are excited to see everything coming together. Let’s synergize our efforts…

    You can find out more info & read our minutes at http://occupywithin.us

    with Love & Gratitude,
    ~ Charlie
    Mobile Occupation Working Group Charter

    This group is forming in response to the requests and the growing needs for interconnectedness within the global occupation. To this end we propose the Mobile Occupation working group. The purpose of the mobile occupation is to help this global movement thrive, not to be representatives of OWS.

    The Goals of the Mobile Occupation are:
    – Information exchange (sharing information and best practices)
    – Educational training (ie: facilitation, intro to direct democracy, non-violent communication and mediation)
    – To develop the inter-occupational infrastructure
    – To boost the morale of other occupations and grow a culture of sustainability, non-violence, peace, self-empowerment, patience, compassion, creativity, cooperation, and innovation

    Outreach to Occupations
    For the purpose of establishing effective communication and building bridges between occupations we propose contacting each occupation to learn more about their current infrastructure and goals (how big, what is working, what hasn’t worked, where they see the movement going, how can we help).

    Outreach to OWS working groups
    We are requesting a report from each working group and caucus to compile and share with other occupations. This report should include contact information for the working group, a couple of personal contacts, the focus or purpose of the working group, lessons learned, and any information, resources or initiatives they want to share. We will need the support on the ground from each working group to make this mission successful.

    First steps to achieving our goals:
    We will be launching our first solidarity tour of east coast occupations to begin establishing a personal and physical infrastructure for support and communication. Anyone is welcome to join this working group, or the tour. We are seeking diversity and integration of the established working groups and caucuses to participate in the Mobile Occupation.

    Future Goals:
    – To develop our own transportation network
    – To develop a mobile skill-sharing network
    – Assist in the continually evolving inter-occupation infrastructure

    * This is a living, breathing document and can be amended at any time with the consensus of the group