Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/6 General Assembly: Archives

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Working Group (if applicable):                                                                                        


Title of Proposal:                                                                                                           

OWS Archives Start-up Budget proposal

Description of Proposal:  

This proposal is for an allocation of funds to purchase materials required to begin the long-term work of collecting and maintaining the Occupy Wall Street Archives.

 Goals (long-term and short-term):                                                                                                                                                                        


Transportation for moving collected signs to storage (cab/car + subway): $50.00

Archival quality digital camera (Olympus E-PL1) to document activities in and around Liberty Plaza and digitize signs and other ephemera: $350.00
Misc. archival supplies (folders/sleeves, pens, file bin, portfolios) to continue collecting and organizing the ephemera distributed at Liberty Plaza: $150.00


Secure storage in Downtown Manhattan area (Rent for storage (150 sq. ft. @ Manhattan Mini-Storage [161 Varick St.]): 3 months at $760 /mo. = $2,300.00
Scanner/printer for scanning and cataloging: $100.00
Netbook (suggested Hercules eCafe EX HD) for cataloguing: $260.00
External hard drives (LaCie Rugged All-Terrain 1 TB FireWire 800/FireWire 400/USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive) for data backup and collection of digital material: 2 items at $190.00 /ea. = $380.00

TOTAL: $3,590.00

2 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/6 General Assembly: Archives”

  1. Amy

    I added an additional $100 to our archival supplies. They are not cheap.