Draft proposal for Sunday 11/27 General Assembly: AMSA Healthcare for the 99% March

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We propose a march, on the route described graphically on the attached document.  The march will begin at “Louise Nevelson Plaza”  and end at “Liberty/Zuccotti”
with mid-way being the Dept of Public Health/Foley Square.
The march will be in conjunction with the American Medical Students Association in solidarity with Healthcare for the 99%.

The purpose of this march is three-fold:
1.) To demonstrate the medical community’s support of the OWS movement.
2.) To socialize future medical leaders (many of whom have no/little exposure) to other elements of this grass-roots social movement.
3.) To demand healthcare specific redress from our government.

James R.
MSIV, St. George’s University

Our video invite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7wr3jiGK2w
AMSA’s statement on support of OWS: amsa.org/solidarity

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