Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/20 General Assembly: Arts and Culture poster project & budget request

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Working Group: Arts and Culture

Contact Email: flowchartart@gmail.com


paper and ink for limited hand-printed editon: $250

printing and shipping for mass edition: $2,023.94

total budget: 2,273.94

This proposal is for the General Assembly to fund the printing of 5,200 copies of the Flowchart of the declaration of the occupation of nyc (5,000 in a mass edition, 200 hand-printed edition) This image is based on the declaration of the occupation of nyc, and generated through a crowd-editing process in Zuccotti Park during the first month of the occupation. The image is endorsed by the arts and culture working group and the call to action working group, and is hosted on the NYCGA website, under the text version of the declaration.

These printings are in direct response to e-mails coming in from around the country requesting a hard copy of this image to put up at their occupation, work place, home, schools. Based on this outpouring of support, arts and culture believes the image presents significant opportunities for outreach and conversation building around the big picture of our interconnected grievances.

Both editions were initiated by volunteers, and as much labor as possible will be volunteer. The hand printed edition will cost $1.25 a piece to make- This is just the cost of the paper and ink cost, Kayrock Printing in Greenpoint has volunteered their time. The mass will cost $0.40 a piece, and is being coordinated Andy Stepanian of Sparrow grassroots media project, who also coordinates printing of the declaration info. booklet for the info working group. This quote for the printing is from Consolidated Press, who he recommends emphatically. Their price is better than any other quotes I have solicited, and they will print on recycled paper.

The arts & culture working group will coordinate sales and distribution of  the image, using sliding scale and donation based models, balancing the potential of the image as an outreach and fundraising tool. Specifics of distribution will be decided upon by the group once copies are available, but will include direct distribution at OWS events, shipments to other ocupations, and sales at ally institutions in throughout New York.  Considering the outpouring of requests for this image and the low cost of production, we are confident that, even with many copies distributed for free, this project will be a fundraiser- all proceeds going back to the GA.

Contact Person: Rachel S.

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