Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Things We Love

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Proposal from Things We Love for breakout groups and nominations for Things We Love
Things We Love is a new working group and this proposal is to introduce ourselves to GA , solicit a round of nominations of Things We Love from the GA and inspire participation. Here’s what we mean: With all that is wrong in our society and culture and all the problems the Occupy movement has begun to address, there is no doubt that there are many things — things that already exist — that OWS feels very , very good about. And with all of the world asking us who we are and what we are doing here,¬†Things We Love¬†believes that OWS has a huge opportunity to focus light and attention on a very wide range of things in our world in a way that is positive and uplifting and reflective of our movement.
Our basic process is this: anyone and everyone can nominate a Thing We Love; the working group will research the particulars, and each time we have a well-rounded collection of such things consented upon within the Working Group, we will bring them to the GA to ask for overall consensus. When consensus is reached, that collection of things will be released to the media so that Journalists and bloggers and interested parties can investigate them on their own to shine light upon and draw attention to the kinds of things we support.
We ask the OWS GA tonight to break into groups of 10-15 to discuss and report back to the Working Group a round of any and all nominations of Things We Love.
To get you started, here are some nominations we are currently looking at in a few different categories:
Under Practices & Ideas: Eye contact and conversation; transition Towns and Living Economies
Under NYC: The High Line Park
Under Legislation: HR 808/S1756 to est. a US Dept. of Peace
Under Commerce: Natural Capitalism; organic farming
Under Peace & Nonviolence: Global Truce 2012
Under Programs: Dhamma Brothers: Human Potential and transformation in maximum security prison
Nominations are for things that already exist and are not limited to these categories. We will have [x] minutes and the more you tell us about why you love what you are loving, the better. Thank you!
Contact: thingswelove@gmail.com

4 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Things We Love”

  1. yossarian33

    I love this idea. It is good to use solution based thinking as opposed to problem based thinking in general if only to focus energy in a positive way. This is not to say we should not recognize what is the problems are, and acknowledge them but, come at them from a different place, one where we can see how it will work out best.

    what What about including people? Like nominating a ‘person of the week’ or something like that even. Then attention could be directed not only for showing gratitude to, and drawing inspiration to influential thinkers, authors, activists, philosophers or whoever; but then educate about where they were coming from, draw attention to that. Maybe have a workshop studying how historical personalities have succeeded in similar goals that Occupy looks to. The most obvious person of course would be Gandhi. The benefit everyone could draw in terms of knowledge of what he did specifically that made such an enormous impact and what such a success. Draw from the past. Knowledge is power, right?

    • CaptainBasil

      I would like to point out that if people are allowed to receive nomination, their complete set of ideals becomes lighted in the positive. Perhaps instead of involving people in Things We Love, a working group is proposed for People We Love? That way people may be allowed to reach consensus on it as well.


  2. yossarian33

    I’m sorry if this is not protocal to respond like this, i havent been in the proposal area of this site before, in which case, as you were.

  3. Annie Vaughn

    Maybe instead of People We Love, you could nominate ideas or statements or programs made by a particular person, and give that person credit. That way you wouldn’t have to include everything that person says or does.