Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Labor Outreach Working Group

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Proposal:  The Labor Outreach working group is asking for funding to support the evening portion of the November 17th day of action, an action that #ows has been coordinating with labor to produce.  The specific portion of that action which needs support is the “reclaiming of the bridge” for the 99%, which will also serve as the two month birthday party for #ows.  This will entail a massive spectacle of light and video projections on the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway.  The vision is to fill the walkway with 10,000 people, all holding LED lights, as well as sparklers.  In addition, four mobile video projection teams will be in the crowd, projecting a Bat Signal-like image that reads simply “99%.”

The 10,000 LED lights that will be distributed to the crowd have already been purchased by organized Labor.  The labor outreach working group would like to partly match these efforts by purchasing 6,000 sparklers.  In addition we need to purchase two power inverters that are required to run the projectors off of batteries.  We have been loaned two such inverters by artists sympathetic to #ows, but require two more.  All other equipment required to pull off this spectacle is being donated by friends of the movement.  We just need to fill this one small gap.  In addition to this we need a small budget to transport some of the projection gear, and to purchase some additional decoration materials to make the walkway feel like a PARTY.

We are asking for $2,700, broken down as follows:

Sparklers- $1700 including shipping

Inverters- $600 each ($300 each)

Transportation- $150

Decorations- $250

Contact: Mark R.

Contact Emailakawildman@gmail.com

Working Group:  Labor Outreach Working Group

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