Draft proposal for General Assembly on Sunday 11.13.11: Principles of Solidarity

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Principles of Solidarity:

OWS occupation space date extension and breakout groups


On 11.8.11 the GA approved the solidarity group’s 48 hr. stop gap Emergency Proposal. On 11.10 the GA extended the proposal another 72 hours. The proposal states that “the occupiers in a space require” by the community must consent in order to be removed or consent regarding a shared usage of space.”

Solidarity is involved with other working groups on this issue including Town Planning. The intent is to formulate a precise protocol regarding the balancing of shared and individual living space OWS. While it is intended to formulate this protocol on 11.13.11 the stop gap’s expiry, such may not be possible due to the complexity of the issue and the very short amount of time available. Therefore, solidarity proposes the following to the GA: Regarding the expiry of the extended stop-gap, Emergency Proposal about the shared and individual living usages of space at OWS, request is made to extend the expiry date of (11.13.11) of such proposal to Tuesday, 11.15.11.

Additionally, break-out groups are requested  with the intent of gathering the GA’s ideas on how OWS can appropriately balance shared and individual usages of space so to keep solidarity within the movement…or if by Sunday, 11.13.11, the exact wording for more permanent guidelines can be rules can be agreed upon with the Town Planning working group, to read that proposal at the GA.

Contact: Rabbi Chaim and Richard H.

Email: mr.richardhennessy@gmail.com

Working group: Solidarity

6 Responses to “Draft proposal for General Assembly on Sunday 11.13.11: Principles of Solidarity”

  1. A. Fleming

    This would be the third extension the GA has granted this measure. With each of the two previous proposals, the complexity of the issue and lack of time have been cited as reasons why an extension is imperative. However, almost a week later, there is an insistence that more time may be needed. I understand and respect the complexity of this effort; further, I have taken it in good faith that the working groups involved in this dialogue are using the time allocated to them– in good faith– to make some headway on reaching some sort of agreement. Very little has been offered the GA by way of status report on the overall negotiations. I think this is something that it would be important to add to this proposal.

    In addition, as Town Planning has been indicated as the other party participating directly in this discussion, might it be useful to have Solidarity state it’s case and then have Town Planning state theirs as a part of this proposal?

    Finally, I have two friendly amendments. As we all know, sometimes the motivation of urgency serves to streamline stalled processes. I suggest that a friendly amendment to this proposal should be that this is the last time Solidarity may request an extension for this stop gap. Thus, some sort of permanent agreement must be presented to the GA for approval on 11.15.

    Also, I know that this stop gap measure has the best of intentions at heart. It seeks to ensure that no one who chooses to stay in the park feels alienated or minimized. That is clearly an important concern. And while I do not stay in the park, I have noticed individuals who use this measure as a justification to erect tents where every they damn well please (i.e. in clearly marked walkways.) Solidarity must explicitly address this as not being covered by the stop gap measure and then step up to assist in situations where the measure is invoked inappropriately.

    • Richie Hennessy

      thanks for your thoughtful response and input.
      your points are very valid.
      OWS receives 19 military tents this week and that has been the focus of most working groups involved. Part of the proposal that the GA approved concerning the 19 military tents included provisions for displacing occupants. Therefore, the stop-gap measures passed by Solidarity only applied to the very few, yet to be erected military tents that OWS already had in its possession. Since plans to erect those tents stalled, the urgency to come to an agreement concerning the displacement of occupiers decreased. The extensions we made to the stop-gap measure were precautionary.
      It should me noted that the last extension was never heard by the GA due to a breakdown in process.

      it has been a very traumatic couple of days and sadly, this subject is no longer applicable.
      if tents are ever allowed back in Liberty, the military tents will have plenty of space for erection and hopefully this issue will not re-surface.

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  3. Ed Mortimer

    I have two thoughts on this issue. First: the first rule of sustainability dictates that only the npeople who live in an area can make decisions about the resources of that area. In relation to this I suggest that Town Planning be composed only of people living within the park, and that those who live elsewhere recuse themselves and occupy their own neighborhood. Second: we have become victims of ‘urban sprawl’ here in Liberty Park (aka Zuccotti Park) because we did not plan our community’s living and working spaces. I suggest that we rectify that situation by purposefully planning our community’s living and working spaces. I also suggest that all working group areas be evenly spread out within the park. This will alleviate the problem of ‘ghettoes’ and troublespots where groups of undesirables who are not part of the Movement hang out, do drugs and drink alcohol, commit crimes, and otherwise seek to derail the revolution with the tacit consent of the politicians, police and the 1%.

    I have made these suggestions numerous times to individuals in Town Planning and other working groups. Usually the response has been “But it will be difficult to do that.” My response has been, and will continue to be: “It is a revolution. It ain’t supposed to be easy. Let’s get to work, yo!”

    • Richard Rabinowitz

      Odd idea of urban sprawl, but a warranted one. However, in light of the eviction of the tents and tarps, it is evident that Occupy has an evolving geography, and we need to establish where to live, work, etc. The good news is that by expanding out of Zuccotti Liberty, we open up more room for people to live and work. The bad news is, it wouldn’t be as convenient for people in the area of Occupy to get from one part to another. I suspect the eviction of the tents and tarps will make it easier to do such planning, because anything that can be shoved around already has.

    • Richie Hennessy

      thanks for your response.
      i hope your ideas will be implemented should we ever be allowed to once again erect tents at liberty plaza.