Draft Proposal for 11/19 General Assembly: Emergency proposal regarding Spokes Council

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Contact: Trish (Timber)

Proposal: Dissolution of the Spokes Council


Email: Occupytheballot@yahoo.com

Contact phone: 646-269-7280

Proposed by: Trish

14 Responses to “Draft Proposal for 11/19 General Assembly: Emergency proposal regarding Spokes Council”

  1. BezerBezer

    Bullshit. The proposal is 5 words long. On what grounds does this proposal suggest we dismantle Spokes? The proposal passed to enact Spokes Council states that Spokes must be given a one week notice of its dissolution. None has been provided. On that note, this proposal is null and breeches the terms agreed upon.

    Spokes is a gathering of some of the most motivated and active members of OWS to collaborate and interact with one another. It was off to a rough start, but since the eviction it has been greatly useful in connecting and coordinating groups within OWS. It serves as a way to better understand what each group is doing and how you might help. Any group that serves such a purpose should not be dissolved.

    • Trish OWS

      Spokes Council (the model) has been used as a tool for Wall Street Monied Affinity Groups, to

      interact within the movement.

  2. Chris

    They should supply a reason for dissolution. Is there even a replacement council?

  3. Steven

    Hi Trish (Timber?), I just want to ask: what are your reasons??

    In the situation this thing is currently in, I am pretty sure that I completely agree that the so-called operations spokes council ought to be dissolved until further notice (perhaps another, different kind of spokes-council should be formed — but that’s a different issue). So I want to support this I think. But I’m concerned that A.) many of the die-hard committed daily activists of this thing aren’t interested in participating in the GA process anymore, which is related to: B.) that this occupation-without-an-occupation doesn’t really know what it is anymore.

    To me, the operations spokes council doesn’t make any sense right now — to my mind, there are no operations left (not to mention the continuing ambiguity about what technically an operations group is). There is no kitchen. There is no library. Etc. Oh, and: there are no occupiers! I say that with exclamation to remind us that the occupiers were the only de facto operations group from the get-go, so… you see the problem there.

    I think you are going to get an enormous kick-back and resistance to this proposal. As mentioned, those involved in the spokes-c are for the most part, as far as I can tell, really in favor of that decision making model over the GA. I believe this is because they feel like, hey, these working-groups are the ones doing all the work, oughtn’t they be the ones who make the important decisions? Fair enough.

    But this model just doesn’t make sense to me post-raid/eviction. I think some more fundamental questions need to be asked and provisionally answered at this point before any of this continues. In a way, I really feel that this thing needs to return to its roots, its foundational moments, those moments early in September when things were just getting started. I’m not saying we need to totally dismantle all the social infrastructure we’ve developed, but we just need to regroup and work some things out before continuing with certain kinds of financial decisions and structure decisions because, I repeat, certain things don’t make sense post-raid.

    Here’s what I’m getting at: I think you need to be prepared when this proposal is formally brought before the GA to deal with all of these issues. I think you need to build them into your proposal. I noticed on Saturday night while you were presenting your other proposal (regarding the quorum) that what seemed simple to you (just to ensure that enough participants are present for any major decision), was, after all, not such a simple matter! And, to be frank, you came across as unprepared and it seemed that you had not fully thought through all the possible objections to the proposal. And when objections were raised, many in the crowd noted that you failed to actually respond to the concerns in a systemic way. Please don’t be offended. I merely bring this up because I don’t want to see that happen again because I think you had and have the right idea about both the quorum and the dissolution of the spokes council. I’m just saying, be prepared.


    – Steven

    • Trish OWS

      It has shown itself to be be most secretive, decisive, underhanded entity within the movement.

  4. Lopi

    The Spokes Council is finally getting to a place of productivity. This proposal is not only empty and devoid of content, but it is aimed directly at the heart of our movement. I will block this proposal with my entire being.

    • Trish OWS

      The heart of the movement was to create a vehicle for Monied Affinity Groups?

  5. odd ah

    I support spokes council- it needs to be a bit more inclusive to all who wish to be present and perhaps provide time for outer-spokes to speak, but the basic structure seems positive and productive. I ‘block’ the Dissolution of the Spokes Council-
    ****Perhaps, the spokes council needs to be empowered by the people to dissolve the G.A. ;-)- just a little joke- smile.

    • Trish OWS

      Yes, the General Assembly had no idea it was empowering that type of entity.

      Spokes Council became operational January 2, 2012

      You do the math?

  6. Charlie

    For the most part I agree with @Steven. The spokes has not proven to be functional, and doesn’t serve its original purpose since there is not currently an occupation. In addition, most people have been left out in the cold and out of the loop. The GA is still our governing body and we need to regroup and bring more people back together. The “active” & “motivated” members need to attend the GA, until this happens the movement is at a very fragile and dangerous place. We cannot continue to move in a direction where a small group of privileged members is running things – many of whom are looking to make the GA more obsolete and the spokes the main decision making body. We need to move towards transparency and inclusiveness.

    It is not the burden of a small group to solve the world’s problems (attempting that is actually recreating them). Let’s get our shit together, scale down, branch out, and fix the GA…maybe move it to a different location (washington sq?) that is more inviting and accessible…and perhaps collaborate with the other General Assemblies around NYC?

  7. JZ

    I need to attend a spokes-council since I have only seen it live via livestream and have mainly heard second hand info … I did recently hear that there is more inclusiveness pertaining to movement groups. I have been attending GAs when I can (which I think should be 7 days a week + a quorum for large amounts of $ requests … not having the ‘right’ to a GA every M, W, F because of spokes = absurd IMO).

    Ask: What would we do if there was no money? There would be no spokes, correct? Is it the conflict of ideas pertaining to money that has divided people the most or is it the immaturity of human communication, or both, or neither?

    • Trish OWS

      Spokes Council has shown itself to be agent of Wall Street Monied Groups within the occupation.

      We, as a community are still coming to terms in regard to this ….?

  8. Trish OWS

    With these Wall Street Monied groups now a part of the movement …LET”S TALK MONEY, BIG MONEY.

  9. Trish OWS


    It’s very important, that we acknowledge where we are as a movement and how we got here.

    Sometimes people take bad decisions, and, sometimes

    it’s necessary to take lemons and attempt to make lemonade.

    And, all the time…Time takes, time

    Whatever the motives…let’s not compromise the aspirations the 99% without that

    there would not have been an, OCCUPY WALL STREET

    The power of the people will never be defeated…