Draft proposal for 11/19 General Assembly: Emergency proposal for implementation of GA quorum

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Contact: Trish (Timber)

Proposal: That the GA implement a quorum to address working groups including: autonomous affinity groups, caucuses, OWS operations groups, other entities, proposals or any person(s) who propose(s) financial assistance during GA.

Email: Occupytheballot@yahoo.com

Contact phone: 646-269-7280

Proposed by: Trish

2 Responses to “Draft proposal for 11/19 General Assembly: Emergency proposal for implementation of GA quorum”

  1. D. J.

    I was at the GA Saturday night when this was tabled, and I have an idea for a friendly amendment.

    Quorum should be determined relative to the total size of the request. After establishing an absolute minimum quorum for financial requests and the minimal amount, the number of people required for quorum should be proportional to the amount of money being requested. Without quorum, the proposal can be tabled, or immediately resubmitted for the total amount allowed based on the number of people present.

    So, for example, if the minimum amount were 10 people, no more than $100 could be considered or assigned for any financial request. As long as you set a fair proportion, the system scales pretty well.

    As more people participate, larger proposals could be considered, and any large financial decision would have to be consensed by a sufficiently large part of the movement. This would allow us to be flexible, responsible, and transparent, and this method of considering requests can be applied to assemblies of any size.

  2. JZ

    I agree with DJ and this is what the original idea had in mind but must have been rushed somewhat due to it being an emergency proposal since this was at a time where $29,000 was being debated to be spent for people to travel to Egypt.

    My one line was X number of GAs with X amount of people when X amount of dollars are required.

    Agreement on the exact proportions will take time to get consensus, but I think we can all agree that 30 people at a GA listening to a proposal requesting $10,000 should not require the same amount of consensus as 30 people at a GA listening to a proposal requesting $75.

    Of course the amount of money does not = the amount of importance. The meaning and need of the request should obviously always be in question.

    Proposal awareness is key and having a reasonable level of comfort during GAs to make sure more people attend and that it’s not a grueling experience & maintains people’s interest.

    IMO, more minds are needed to tackle the idea of creating a weather-proof outdoor GA at Liberty Plaza. I have advocated 60 Wall for awhile but would prefer the Liberty Plaza location.

    I’ve posted to the Architecture and Legal forums on the idea that erecting materials that block weather which disables the freedom to assemble needs attention