Draft Proposal for 11.20 General Assembly: OWS Housing Prject from Wooloo Collective

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Hosting Occupy Wall Street aims to turn private New Yorkers into hosts for Occupy Wall Street activists during the upcoming winter and beyond.

 Back in 2009, the Wooloo collective coordinated a project at the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen that facilitated a hospitality project, recruiting more than 3000 local residents to open their homes and host protesters for the climate mobilization. The project had both online and offline elements.

 We are interested in implementing a similar project here at OWS, if folks are open to it.

 More than just a practical solution to the shelter issue, the goal of the project would be to assist OWS in broadening it's outreach towards the 99%, while empowering members of the public to become active participants in the movement. Build bridges between local residents who aren't sure how to plug in to the #occupy movement, and are interested in meeting occupiers and helping as they're able.

 The Hosting OWS project is collaboration between Wooloo (www.wooloo.org) and Todd Lester, community organizer and founder of freeDimensional (www.freedimensional.org), which uses vacant artist residency apartments to host activists and culture workers in distress around the world.
Between our respective lists, we are able to reach 15,000+ New Yorkers as a first start, and we're talking to other groups about partnering to reach broader distribution.
Contact: Martin R. and Todd L.
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