Coordinators Minutes 11/9/2011

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megan facilitator from kitchen
kitchen is revamping kitchen focus on cooking instead of relying on
catering and trying to get a bus.
Katherine- what kitchen being utilized currently. East and flatbush
soup kitchens
currently looking for a more a permanent situation, current
Betsy from Library,new branch at the Tree of Life.  Books keep
disappearing but they keep restocking
Paul- from sanitation just observing
Ryan from PR- needs more feedback from other groups. however it takes
Evangelina from outreach
Jose just observing
Josh from comfort and they have a meeting at SIS 11/9/11 tonight,
comfort outreach program, possibly working with community watch,
proactive approach to fulfill needs. meeting at 8p at SIS
Nicholas, Tea and Herbal medicine group, ideally we could all be
drinking tea right now, just observing meeting
Jez no reprot back
Anatoli just observing, he’s from sweden, travelling different occupations
Katherine with facilitation and Occupy Dignity, last night CT Butler
from FNB had teach in on model of consensus, he’ll back after
Thanksgiving.  Occupy Dignity new working group, dignity in the park.
Meeting at 11 am in Atrium.
Eric with Food and Water,
solicitating donations. $20, 00 Earthlust sending stainless steel water bottles
Nathan, Info and SIS just observing
Jeff previously with Tents, taking over Town Planning, 6pm meeting at
Atrium. Keep meeting shorts. 30 minutes, tents and people same page.
Stop gap proposal keeping people from being moved. Currently no tents
to be put up. taking 2 days for mechanism of emminent domain and plan
for which tents going up next and which working group.
If working group wants tents come to meeting
Clarifying questions, is working group being asked. Library had
structure, that’s being taken down.
Jeff, since group defunct, it is being restructured.
Beth from press, good stories needed, always at press table, she deals
with corporate owned media, so unless we provided good stories
Drew with Tech: make sure events are up to date on website. Tech is
working on news and aggregation system, so all diff news feeds are
current. need people to sanitize data.
Randall with outhreach , creating data bank system for educational info.
Gypsy plan in place with all human agreement, very hostile
Agenda Points:
*concerned about violence, we hand to police or we allow violent peoples to stay
*mark areas where people have moved to clear out assembly area
*should weather be discussed in preparation for the snow
Ryan: lack of enforcement of violence, thievery
 comments from group:   certain individuals can’t coop situation,
trying to deescalate
ostericisms are a form a violence, because it isn’t consensus, music can heal.
community watch/security/alliance should attend meetings to help with
this.  Security needs ideas.
Several specific situations were given, however some system of
deciding who should be in who should be out.
we are all part of community watch.  We see something say something.
If you’re not involved in a scene where perhaps it’s not a crucial
situation, don’t give it attention and it helps diffuse situation.
Ostercism is only way to maintain anarchist system because we don’t
want the police involved and if you are racist, then you cannot stay,
for example.
Mention how Direct Action provides nonviolent action, that may assist
in dealing with situations.
Difference in ideals doesn’t qualify to kick someone out.  More
experimentation on buddying up with these individuals.
Next Topic:
In Reach: Proposal going to be taken to Spokes. We need to engage
people.  We need our common area back, the problem is how to implement
is to mark areas with red tape when someone moves tent, to start
blocking space, to open up the assembly area. one by one, dialogue,
with community about opening up assembly area, and helping people to
move to new areas.
idea of reorganizing, there are quite a few tents that are just taking
up space, perhaps just a tent check to see how much free space there
actually is.
some ideas that tents are not needed and we don’t need tents to live.
hypothermia isn’t an option, tents are needed
consensus idea is why not create sections where people can do where
people can do what they want,since we don’t want to remove people.
Point of Process, not relevant point
Bridges need to be built on bringing people together to sustain
community by group tents vs 2 people per tent in personal tent.
Point of Information: we have a form where we pass around to park,
census form. specifics to keep clusters that already exist.  Town
planning not trying to remove people, trying to be respectful, but
they are trying best they can, hopefully process can be smoother.
Small tents not engineered to last during winter.
Tape idea is a problem because someone may mark and not return and
people will create tense situations.
Break out groups on this since meeting time is over.

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