Coordinators Meeting Minutes 11/7/2011

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Josh – comfort – still some political power problems in comfort

Evan – open source – issue w/ generators: we have a fire egress issue.

Kirill Ravensong – starting new group – moving housing off-site

Max – facilitation – getting more people coming & getting trained; it’s awesome.

Luke – Media is undergoing mediation; PR wants input from everyone, so they know what’s going on in the park, so when press comes, they can give good answers.

Lori – Organization (Tu&Th @ the Atrium) – still working on office project.

Hall – Liaison btwn Architects & Town Planning

John Marko – grad student doing project on OWS

Stefan – structure (6pm @ the Atrium, but not always) – still waiting for official word on space for Spokes Council; we have a potential space @ a high-school but not a definitive answer. The address is 411 Pearl Street. We’re also looking for alt. backup spaces. If you haven’t heard the confirmed loc, go to the info desk & they’ll have the answer.

Julian – outreach (M,T,Th @ 6:30 @ 52 Broadway) – This weekend, Occupy Your Block: occupy your block however you want to; starting teach-ins via churches, etc. Community Relations doing a small-biz event & services at local congregations.

James – organization – working w/ internet to develop tools for groups to share docs, names, etc.

Evangelina – Meetup for all the GAs from all the borroughs, about Occupy Your Block & to help them build up their structure.

Jose – I bring food to Coordinators’ Meeting; also having inter-cultural music & dance

NVC mediation; doing trainings & Community Watch. Texting network

Eric – food (everyday @ 5:15 @ The Atrium) – yesterday was 1st day of the new delivery system; we fed over 300 people.

Eric (also reporting for) Water – looking for space for winterizing our water.

-Alt currency is having guest speaker today at 3pm: Edgar Kohn

Sully – Education Empowerment – if there’re any teach-ins, etc., you want to bring to the plaza, contact

Sully (also reporting for) Facilitation –




How to take public space

Proposal to create indoor living space to free up Zuccotti for operational protest affairs

Discussion of role of coordinators’ meeting




How to take public space

–Can’t walk across the park. Spaces between tents are filling up w/ stuff.

–Big tent budget is approved & locations are planned out; we have a fire expert involved in making sure egresses are sufficient.

–I’m in favor of doing this all at once, but

–I overheard an extensive plan last night to move kitchen

–there is a basic plan outlined: if we prioritize medical & food, we can create two effective corridors

–let’s take action on this; let’s start red-taping spots when people vacate them.



Indoor Space

— we have way too many people in the space & we’re trying to fit two different functions in the space. One group is deeply committed to creating an effective movement. The other has an important role but comes w/ a lot of needs. Proposal: housing set up off-site for those in working groups; working w/ city to create more evolved homeless shelters for the second group. Clear up all of Zuccotti for operation of the movement.

— the big tents can easily transition into just working spaces. Also, it’s not a hard line between the two groups; people can be changed into activists by being here.

— isn’t the occupation part of the protest?

— otherwise, the space immediately becomes unusable

— there’s a problematic move here to classify people into these two groups

— there’s a danger to this plan: if we take people w/ high needs & reconnect them w/ the same system that has failed them; we need to maintain a relationship w/ those people

— big difference between those who want to help out & feel part of the movement & those who actually feel empowered to join a working group.

— three concerns: one, if we don’t have a strong enough presence over the winter, we may get cleared out; two, it institutionalizes the class system that we’ve already seen emerging, esp bec if you house people together who are in working groups, they become kind of stuck in those working groups.



Purpose of the Coordinators Meeting

— I think this

— should be focused on solutions

— I come to these meetings to see what people are doing & how I can best collaborate & contribute

— maybe we could decide as a group that we won’t talk about philosophy or leave it up to the facilitator

— disagree; this meeting is an effective info clearinghouse but

— recent meetings have veered far into philosophical & long-winded

— philosophical is ok but only if it’s aimed at action.

— what if, at the beginning of each topic, after the person who opened it presents, we take propositions.

— if we started w/ discussion, we might get additional discussion that we don’t need

— it should be facilitator’s call

— if you have a topic you want to discuss, make it clear how it’s relevant to your working group, so even if it’s philosophical, it’s grounded in something concrete



Hierarchy in Working Groups

— I was reading t about Tyranny & it’s exactly what’s going on in my group; there’s a concentration of information that doesn’t get out to everybody in the bottom.

— who is it that info concentrates in the hand of.

— bridge gap between meeting-attenders & non-attending workers, make sure that you get everyone there for loaded votes

— that article (that Jose mentioned) is amazing but this isn’t what it’s talking about: it’s about how in a horizontal organization, you get a small group of people that’s doing the majority of the work & therefore has all the information. Then it becomes hard for people not already in that group to get involved.

— I’m concerned about this & I think it’s real, but the past couple days I’ve gotten a lot of negative feedback fr people, bec. a lot of my work happens in an office. It’s important to give people the benefit of the doubt.

— It’s the authority’s responsibility to enfranchise its members. Should people feel disenfranchised, they should take power by occupying their group.

— I totally agree; there’s a way to talk about this that’s not all about guilt. Training & documentation needs to be a priority for every group.

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