Coordinators Meeting Minutes 11/6/2011

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Sophie – various
• planning consent workshops for all working groups.
• info is getting more organized & Sophie is leaving

Eric – food
• running a delivery system for working groups having meetings in a number of locations
• trying to start a water working group; how do we get our waiter; water rights, etc.

• outreach: community organizers lunch @101 6th Ave & Canal to tell people about how to organize their own Das
• 11th, 12th, 13th – occupy your block; get the focus off Zuccotti, out into communities
• Occupy New Haven
• Outreach meeting here, today, at 5:00

Cynthia – info, outreach
• Info & Outreach are merging
• New volunteer desk

Daryl – SIS & other needs
• Setting up google docs to make it easier to do meeting minutes, etc.
• Working on top line visions & goals

Evan – open source, etc.
• Permabank by end of week
• Generators should be back by the middle of the week
o Legal sent a letter to FDNY
o They stonewalled a while then said we could get them back
o We’re assembling a fire-fighting team in order to maintain fire safety.

Ryan – PR
• No report back

Diego – Kitchen
• No report back

• Facilitation trying to get fewer white males facilitating
• Tents Project got $20,000 for more communal tents.

• Teach-in on time-sharing
• Time-bank software

• Doing security outside women’s tent.
• Upset that we still have people sleeping in the streets

Josh – comfort
• There’s been a power structure in comfort lately, but it seems to have burned itself out.

Top line visions & goals
Get assembly area back
Inter-group communication tools
Health in communal tents

Daryl: Race is not balanced in this movement; we have a ghetto of disinvolvd people at the downhill end of the park.
Sparkles: I don’t understand how people can say they can’t be part of the process when they don’t try to be part of the process.
Shen: there are societal people we need to unlearn; but in this movement, we also  want to spread this culture of personal responsibility. This is one place we can empower anyone. We people of color need to step forward. Facilitation, organization, etc. need to reach out.
Ryan: some people are here because it’s a safe place and will stay a long time and use movement resources. Is the camp a symbol or an encampment of activists.
Jose: I got to a lot of meetings that are all white. I ask other people of color to come but they’re intimidated. We need affirmative action; we need to reach out to the community.
Brian: When we’re trying to diversify, we don’t want to silence another voice.
Jill: The history of racism is so old, we can’t expect to overcome immediately. We need to reach out & communicate w/ people w/ street vernacular.
Daryl: there are differences in culture that can create misperceptions. Directness may be perceived as violent or aggressive, when it’s not really meant that way.
Sophie: this is a difficult topic & we need to devote time to it. There are other ways to participate besides speaking. Also, there’s a group trying to integrate more conversations about race, class, & gender, and make that a larger part of our culture in the park.
Josh: geography is a big issue; we need to be more geographically mixed in the park.
Evan: white is too much of a catch-all. I’m german-Jewish. That’s more complicated than just white.
Daryl: let’s have a breakout group to talk about

Daryl: wants a movement that is a flexible platform for national change; people living in the camp should have to work min 20 hrs/wk, go to teach-ins, present photo id, etc.
Eric: working on getting spaces for the winter
Brian: don’t like the idea of requiring people to work & show IDs, etc.
Evan: this is an economy of abundance. Quantitative requirements interfere w/ that.
Sophie: I agree w/ Evan but also see value in what Daryl is saying.
Daryl: I’m not saying we should make everybody grind or work in a particular area, but if people don’t work then they’re not contributing, and stuff won’t happen.
Evan: work is the gifts people have to give. This movement is about the qualitative over the quantitative, richer information not documented by x number of hours, etc.

2 Responses to “Coordinators Meeting Minutes 11/6/2011”

  1. Justin Stone-Diaz

    Thanks for holding the space in the AM & getting things done.

    We’ve been noticing the better communication on the Plaza.

    One MAJOR issue.
    The main info desk does not have regular access to the walkie talkie system.

    Can Security & Medical connect with Info about seeing how we can get things set up for quicker communication on site?

    Mucho Mahalo!