Coordinators meeting minutes 11/2/2011

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Report Backs
• Max, Organization: nothing new.
• Olivia, Outreach: working on intake program, hopefully twice a day, orientation for newcomers; trying to centralize outreach to organizations, businesses, labor, universities, etc.
• Sophie, Occupiers/women/etc.: we’re working on having a consent training that we’re going to share w/ every working group. Want to find a meeting time during which we can do an hour-long training. Planning solidarity walkout against sexual violence.
• Jeanni, Financial Research & Application for OWS: nothing to report
• Bill, PR:
• Lorin, arts: doing outreach to NYC’s interfaith movement; met w/ Occupy Faith last night; they’re looking for spaces, kitchens, etc.; they want to help but are having trouble navigating our system; they want to have a faith & family tent for the winter.
• Gypsy, “we get shit done”: contact list for ; working on getting Go Phones (w for everyone in the ; now working on contact info for each working group;
• Jose, reporting for comfort: their shelter is too weak
• _____
• _____
• Jose,
o medical:
o Setting up protocols for how to deal with incidents in the park; that group has empowered itself to police the park & has asked some people to leave based on their behavior in the park.
o Small affinity group setting up intentional community w/in the park.
• Pete, Finance – 5:30-6, Friday, @ the red cube, and moving to somewhere else.
• Rick, alt currency: 12:00 meeting at Charlottes, Anya & Katie, thinker & filmmaker abt at currency;
• Chris & Megan, kitchen: kitchen is experiencing growing pains. We’re trying to branch out as an entity that feeds people but also does other projects.
• Angelo, no group: I’m working on a website called the, aimed at being an online GA. Not officially affiliated with OWS.
• Special Report: the internet proposal passed last night
• Catherine, fr. occupiers: I’m starting a social justice workshop for people in the park.
Announcement: we have major donation for office space for approximately 50-people’s working space. Organization has been tasked with organizing use of the space. We have an office manager who is also an occupier. The donor picked 11 groups that they want using the office. Send your liaison (ideally, experienced project-managers) to the Organization WG.
Announcement: General Strikes: Nov 2nd Oakland, Nov 17th NYC, building towards Nov. 30th nationwide.
Discuss certain items in the news
Consent training
Safety at night, winterization, & cultural issues in the park; certain kinds of music, partying, dancing
Protocols for this meeting
Items in the News
Bill: The Post has put on its cover a story about  business near here that’s laying off a bunch of people & we’re being blamed. There’s no quote from OWS. The barricades are a serious issue for everyone in the community. That’s on the mayor. Statue is guarded 24-7 at great expense. Since the first day, the NY Post has been covering us negatively.
Daily News was fine; not much about us.
The bank story is being viewed as riding the general wave of anger by consumers & others.
Consent Training
Training will put OWS in context w/in larger culture, Viz. gender & sexual violence. Trans-friendly
Come talk to me if you have more questions afterwards.
Discussion of “rape culture”: putting responsibility on he victim.
Olivia: let’s email that out to working groups in advance, so we can discuss it.
Sophie’s contact: 802-291-3634
There are a lot of different projects going on around safety at night & winterization. A few people working on large group tents. Can we get a status update on that?
Chris: personal experience last night w/ safety in the park. Someone accused of sexual assault came into the park; a large group of people appeared & asked him to leave.
Jose: the girl who was assaulted has decided to press charges.
Jose (hat): if you have not done survival training, please be very careful about how you discuss sexual assaults in these groups. If you are interested in getting involved in safety & security, please get involved in Community Watch. There’s a training today @ 3pm, here at 60 Wall. To clarify: no one is kicking people out based on rumors; we have trained professionals dealing with this.
Clarifying question: how do you get in touch with peace council.
Jose: don’t call a mic check; call for security via someone with a walky-talky
Shen: Org. is trying to help keep track of all these efforts.
Kitchen has been asked to condense our food times & there’s been a lot of backlash about not serving food 24/7. We need help not being the bad-guys of the park.
Meeting Procedures
Lorin: Concern that people are missing info by coming late. Shen talked about lateness rules, and we should put them into place.
Pete: People have other things that need to get done. If that’s the way you want to run it, I’m never going to speak & I’m going to stop participating.
Need to put meeting times on a board.
Announcement: organization group has been facilitating this meeting, but it’s not exclusive; please come to us, come to any of us, anyone who wants to facilitate or co-facilitate.

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