Coordinators’ Meeting Minutes 11/21/2011

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Co-ordinators’ Meeting Minutes

21 November 2011

60 Wall Street Atrium, NYC

Agenda: rather than follow a formal agenda, we’ll just go around and do reportbacks today.


Johanna reports that at 1:30 today there will be an even in Liberty Park by the Student Debt Campaign.

Also at 3 pm at Baruch.


Megan (Kitchen & Organization)– trying to find space to serve people. we still have offsite kitchen and still have food donations coming in. cops turn us away from the park when we arrive with food. unions are donating 2,000 meals for thanksgiving. we’re trying to find speakers, work with Arts & Culture. also trying to co-ordinate a canned food drive to give back.

Betsy (Library)– the library is mobile. we’re trying to maintain a presence in the park, but we’re also taking it to the streets. we’ve set up on the Brooklyn Bridge, outside the NYPL and last night outside Bloomberg’s house. we’re looking for long-term space to get set up again. about retrieval of books from  Sanitation dept, what was retrieved. we’re finalizing numbers and working with legal team.

Cam (Kitchen)– has mornings free to help in any capacity.

Jahan (Kitchen)– available 9-5 and willing to help out wherever needed

Ryan (PR/Egypt)– what’s going on with the Egypt trip. Some people are still trying to cancel the trip and it’s creating difficulties for the people who are going, scheduled to leave Thursday or Friday. trying to move forward with planning. elections are on the 28th. it’s a complicated process. we’re going to observe. Egypt is explosive. can’t stop the trip per GA.

Ted (no WG)– wants to make certificates for people who held down LP during the raid so people can honor these folks.

Cynthia (Info)– Info’s gone mobile. she has lists of churches & individuals willing to put people up for the night, lists of food kitchens (Megan has also). in addition to ComHub and the website, Info is making signs for people who don’t have phones, trying to get the info out. coordination is still one of OWS’ biggest challenges. getting people who want to help to jobs they can do. we need to utilize people. so many people are dropping out or getting burned out.

Chris (Kitchen)–needs to get hold of someone in Media re OWS billboard opportunity. Megan & Chris both have info about this opportunity. reportback on the end of the drum circle yesterday. at around 9pm cops in vans and riot gear came up and announced that noise had reached an unreasonable level, that anyone drumming would be arrested. guitars ok. guitar playing continued. cops left by 11 or 12.

end of meeting



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