Coordinators Meeting Minutes 11/13/2011

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Gail, Kitchen – breakfast & point person – offsite kitchen closed for 3 days, trying to reduce onsite kitchen budget, eliminating onsite kitchen budget. They want to reduce the budget for lunch & dinner; not clear where that money will go.

Max, Organization –

Max, also Town Planning –

Debbie – working with health people; interested in issues of sustainability; relationship between OWS people and the people living in the park.

George, kitchen & library –


Eric, Food – working on restructuring the kitchen; many emergency meetings lately; we’re at risk of losing our offsite kitchen; we lost our van. This is largely due to people getting burnout & leaving & no one knowing what they were supposed to be doing.

Ryan, Alternative Currency – pressure coming from existing power structures that’s resistant to developing alternative currency. Waiting for camp to grow towards tipping point at which we’re ready to do something about it.

Bill, press – no report-back

Sophie, trainings – we have a bunch of trainings in the works; not very many of them have taken off yet. Hopefully this week, a consent class, an orientation training, and a self-defense.




Town Planning


Eric: things are kind of falling apart due to lack of communication between off-site & on-site kitchen operations. We’ve discussed reducing it to two meals but have not . We are being audited by Finance. We spent 40-something thousand dollars. Financial officers are burning out & no one knows exactly what they did. We have food rotting in a kitchen; all we have to do is get volunteers out there & cook it. Assuming we don’t lose the kitchen, we’ll get people over there, start cooking the food. New systems proposed; there’s a meeting at the kitchen at 3:30 to address these issues.

Gail: we  have a budget of 2,000 / day. In the past, there was no offsite budget, because everything was donated. Of that $2,000 / day, I can account for $1,000 of that & I don’t know where the rest of it went. They want to restructure the budget: onsite, offsite, and projects. Our main concern should be this site & we shouldn’t be extending ourselves too thin anywhere else.

Eric: Our budget is only $2,000/day on weekends.

Gail: I think cancelling hot breakfast is a big deal. Should we be cutting back on services? I think we have the money for these things; and we’re spending the food offsite.

Eric: We serve food until there are no more volunteers awake to serve it.

Gail: We pay for catering for eggs & home fries. I don’t know where the rest of that 48000 comes from.

Eric: Chinese food, etc.

Gail: We’re ordering Chinese food & then people don’t eat the offsite food & we throw it out.

Kitchen: we had some

Daniel: the reason the kitchen decided to close down during the night is security & that’s still an issue. It’s cold enough at night these days that we don’t need refrigeration overnight. There’s no reason to throw anything out. We should be serving oatmeal & rice & beans every day, because it’s cheap.

Ryan: We have a lot of non-participants here.  When we’re ready to direct resources to people who are participating…

Architects & Town Planning

Max: We

Eric: two things regarding Town Planning – I want to build chicken coops in the trees so we have eggs. Trying to make that happen, perhaps in Spring. We need a safe place to have sex. We should have a tent for that purpose.

Gail: Need communal space for eating.

Panda: Chicken shit?

Jose: Architects working on modular bunk-bed/table/work-bench/storage units.

Gail: We’re having a lot of problems with sharing in the kitchen.

Feedback for Kitchen

More accountability & audit

No need for all-night food

More control of the back space

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