10/31 Coordinators Meeting Minutes

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Proposal from structure & organization
Problems with last night’s GA
Internal community issues inside plaza Viz. media & substantive issues
Gypsy: solution to our electrical problems that requires nothing but money & involves no fire-dept. issues
propose a coalition around emergency preparedness for raid

Agenda Item 1: Winterization
Groups involved

  • Sustainability – working on pallet system to collect drain-water to specific site & keep everyone off the ground
  • Library has accepted donation fr. Patti Smith for large canope tent
  • Town Planning
  • Community Affairs
  • Organization

What are we doing about roads
I’m working on a plan in conjunction w/ town planning to put event tents over the entire park, including the trees (???)
Ric: quick point on legality—the tents we have now are not legal; they were never supposed to be there; if it’s something we want to do, we just do it.

Agenda Item 2: Proposal Regarding Spokes Council & Coordinator Meeting Planning

Proposed: Coordinators will meet only Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, in order not to create redundancy with Spokes Council.

Concerns about procedures used when the Spokes Council was voted in; specifics were cleared up: facilitation team was hand-picked; stacks were not finished.

Decided: we will keep the 9am meeting through Thursday, in order to see what happens at the first Spokes Council.

Announcement: emergency occupiers meeting @ 2pm in order to address issues of safety, violence, sanitation, etc. at the park. We have rumors that the city is sending destructive people to us. Please share this info with others.

Agenda Item 3: Problems with Last Night’s GA


Announcement: Today’s Daily News contained an article claiming that the occupation I being occupied.
PR deals with lots of media outlets, both large and small. We need info all the time. In the last couple weeks, often lead by the NY tabloids, there have been a lot of stories trying to pull at one thread of the community and unravel it. If you’re not prepared to deal with the media, find us at the press table. It’s not just a PR problem; these things also involve substantive problems. Issues the media is talking about:

  • Weather – mostly positive
  • Halloween – the OWS contingent of the Halloween Parade promises to be really great.

When you read or see stuff, ask yourself, is it more negative or positive, and does it contain our central message.
AP has a security report in the works.
Be careful with accusatory words. We don’t need to escalate things any more than they might already be.

Recommendation: it would be very helpful if PR could offer trainings for info, kitchen, direct action.

Announcement: Someone at food is now offering catering for working groups. Get in touch with them if you have a meeting during mealtimes.

Shen: The minutes for this meeting are not getting on the website.
Haywood: Send them to me. I can do it.

Meeting took 49 minutes.

Breakout Group: Winterization

My friends Teddy & Hall got money from Finance to get 40 pellet boards to insulate underneath tent.
Some MIT kids are working on sustainable, rechargeable, gel heat-packs – talk to Sarah from Sustainability

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  1. billybob

    How Socialism turns into Communism: “Be careful with accusatory words. Let’s retrain the masses in healthier PR ways.” LOL!