Working Group Coordination Minutes 10/26/2011

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OWS Working Group Coordination Meeting #38 Weds 10/26/11
Facilitator: Drew
1) Report Backs
– info – taking on some Internet task. Please keep your WG contact info up-to-date. In order to get cash from Finance, you need at least 2 current contacts.
– Library – Working on a way to keep things dry. will work with town planning
– Community watch – slightly unorganized last night. were some issues. need more agreements about how to handle problems
– think tank – here to figure out how we connect with other groups. Can provide space to groupsource issues WGs are facing
– community relations – community board passed a proposal in support of us
– Environment – Rio earth summit – putting some energy behind having a presence there
– facilitation – there is now a 24-hour feedback period on proposals before going to the GA with a caveat for emergency proposals
– SIS – proposal for buying shelves coming, want WGs to have autonomy in organizing their own space in storage, finance needs info about in-kind donations over $200 value.
– Food – feedback meeting last night. This stuff is getting hard. Food will be scaled down for the next 3 days while they restructure. Feeling a lot of pushback. It’s going on the agenda.
– Outreach – connecting with universities
– PR – Occupied Wall St Journal making a classified section to advertise WG meetings, needs, and events–
– DA – using spokes internally–it’s working great. Organizing some upcoming events stay tuned. How-to-plan-your-action workshop today.
– Environmental Solidarity – doing a day of action and teach-ins. 2:30 today meeting with Naomi Kline.
– Internet – setting up method for incorporating volunteers in tech help
– Structure – been working on the spokes proposal. Amended now to establish once-a-week spokesGA for q&a and accountability. Planning to put on Fri GA agenda.
– Town planning – big tent donation coming in, will not distribute immediately, going back to planning and doing a census to have a needs assessment.
– Sustainability – meets 8pm on Thu
2) Kitchen issues – major capacity problems. muddled consensus on way forward, particularly with the short-term proposal to have kitchen semi-close for three days
– concern about scaling down, even in short term. can we just be more strict about meal times
– our scale is ridiculous and hard for people to understand, our current workflow is insufficient
– we have a lot of resources within the community, but need to be better about channelling them in.
– concern that there will be a huge security problem if there is mass upset over kitchen scale-back.
– posting a sign requesting tourists to leave food for WGs and occupiers
– have a lot of volunteers, but need more coordinators and time to work out process.
– three-day period can still have sustenance–PB&J
– Labor can facilitate getting some union allies to bottomline catering some meals during that period.
3) Security
– need new culture
– police and soup kitchens are directing people to come here for services.
– we aren’t here to leave people behind.
– but can we help people without all of our resources going into becoming a homeless shelter.
– Getting a better idea of who is here is important
– should we be focussing convo on census plan?
-town planning is bottomlining this.
– We need to first-and-foremeost make sure we are set for each night’s community watch.
– involve the community in addressing problems of homelessness.
– let’s not conflate our homeless population with “the security problem”
– who are our security threats? sexual perpetrators, hard drug dealers/users, gangs.
– there are a lot of different people who theoretically are working on security – external groups, security, medical, mediators, community watch. Please lets keep getting this shit organized at 10pm every night.
– deescalation training at 4:00 at red cube.
– more outside support is coming in.
– tents are part of the problem. Can we figure out other cold/dry solutions?
– legal and town planning are working on it
– let’s not forget the people who have been driven away and don’t feel safe even as we work with the people who are there.
– people think having GA on the west side could change the tone of things a little
-Facilitation will troubleshoot if this is possible.
4) Tabled item – Working Group establishment process
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