“Twinkle” is the new “Like”

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That’s right. In a daring move away from the Zuckerberg standard, we have tweaked our Like Button to now better reflect our direct democracy hand gestures and say “Twinkle”. It may be a bit of an inside joke, but hey – everyone is an insider here, right?

7 Responses to ““Twinkle” is the new “Like””

  1. warwick

    — Hi Bro
    Check out this Charlie Chaplin (1940 ) speech/you tube link below from the film ‘Great Dictator “( seen it twice ) -inspiring and relevant today.

    I reckon it could be a sort of helpful rallying speech for the Occupy Wall st people /us

    Cheers Warwick


  2. BradB

    hehe… I was afraid to click on it…. I didn’t know what is was gonna do…. 😉

  3. Andrew Byrne

    Twinkling on this.

    I feel there needs to be one caveat, though:
    We should not look at “like” counts as a temperature gauge; they can measure interest, but do not reflect the number of people on the fence, standing aside, even blocking. -AnB