The Container Game

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We are restructuring Zuccotti Park, and need your help!

A couple of nights ago, a General Assembly proposal was passed to unlock the
funds to be used for the purchase of storage containers. These containers
will be used for the bedding and personal items of occupiers, and are part
of a multi-step restructuring process by the town planning working group in order to improve efficiency, traffic flow, and the general feng shui of Zuccotti park.

We currently have $2,000 unlocked, and need to buy waterproof
containers to cover as much of our population as possible (ever fluctuating,
300-600 people per night). The plan is to have everyone actively maintain their personal space, and pack their bedding away on a daily basis.

Want to help us find them?

Game Criteria:

1. Delivery time/proximity to Zuccotti Park (We can take deliveries, and
also have means to pick them up)

2. Cost effectiveness

3. Quantity (Make sure enough are available for a bulk purchase of 100, 200+)

Mindfulness of the production method in regards to worker’s rights earns bonus points.

The first person or team to find us the best, fastest available deal wins!

Item to beat:
Look up the description to get an idea of the size we’re looking for.

These come out to about $9.33 per container. We don’t want to give walmart our money!

Winner receives mad props, as well as a thank you package from the movement.

Email with your best shot!

Start digging and get creative!

Much Love,
Mike E
Zuccotti Town Planing / Coordination


PS It goes without saying that we would appreciate a bulk contribution of bins ; )

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    • Krista

      If you want more than 300, they have additional containers in other colors.