Site Migration and Downtime Tonight!

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Hey everyone,

Tonight we’re going to be doing a migration of this site over to a new, better server.  If this goes well, we will also be re-pointing the domains over to the new server for the world to see.  In order to preserve all the content that you lovely people have put into this site already, we’ll need to take it down sometime later tonight to make a final copy of the data.  Sorry for the inconvenience!



2 Responses to “Site Migration and Downtime Tonight!”

  1. Elizabeth Blumberg

    Hi there: I couldn’t figure out where else to post this — the shower and laundry form isn’t working — I have a shower I could offer — and the Feedback page isn’t loading, at least not in Google Chrome. i was trying to find out when is a good time to drop supplies off at the storage unit — I tried today but it was closed, Please help thanks!

  2. Elizabeth Blumberg

    OK I tried posting that in Comfort, perhaps that’s a better place for it as they made the form that isn’t working.