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Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Community Relations

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Community Relations proposes a partnership with the Street Vendor Project, a labor project that organizes food cart operators and defends them from city harassment. Through this partnership, they would set up a website that would allow people to support food vendors who have been negatively affected by our presence here by donating food to the occupation via online orders from […]

Occupy Central Park

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We are currently in the process of planning Occupy Central Park, a one-day cultural event that will gather in Central Park on 11/11/11, the global day of solidarity. The event will not be a protest, but a people’s fair. We will have the chance to come together as the 100% to start building the foundation […]

Oakland Eviction Relief Funding

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We propose that $20,000 for legal/medical plus 100 tents plus shipping costs be sent to our fellow occupiers in Oakland. Amended to include commitment to working with other occupations to set up a national emergency fund.

NYCGA Minutes 10/26/2011

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY 40 Meeting Date/Time: 10/26/2011 / 7pm EST Location: Liberty Plaza Facilitators (F): Facilitators: Leo, Danielle   Stack taker: Larry; Stack greeter: Reza; Time keeper: Alejandro; Minute taker: Carrie Process Review/Opening Comments: We’d like say we’d like to make this GA go as fast as possible. We will explain why shortly. But […]

Occupy Intelligence Agency is no more

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I am writing this post in the interest of full transparency. This afternoon, I deleted the group “Occupy Intelligence Agency” from the site. At the time of deletion it had 46 members and very little activity. I made this move for the following reason: I was contacted by an admin from the Think Tank group […]

Working Group Coordination Minutes 10/26/2011

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OWS Working Group Coordination Meeting #38 Weds 10/26/11 Facilitator: Drew 1) Report Backs – info – taking on some Internet task. Please keep your WG contact info up-to-date. In order to get cash from Finance, you need at least 2 current contacts. – Library – Working on a way to keep things dry. will work […]

“Twinkle” is the new “Like”

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That’s right. In a daring move away from the Zuckerberg standard, we have tweaked our Like Button to now better reflect our direct democracy hand gestures and say “Twinkle”. It may be a bit of an inside joke, but hey – everyone is an insider here, right?