Occupy Intelligence Agency is no more

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I am writing this post in the interest of full transparency. This afternoon, I deleted the group “Occupy Intelligence Agency” from the site. At the time of deletion it had 46 members and very little activity. I made this move for the following reason: I was contacted by an admin from the Think Tank group who informed me that “Occupy Intelligence Agency” was an original proposal for the name of the Think Tank group. That is to say, it was never intended to be a standalone group in the first place. It was created on the site in error, it had no admins, and it was not a real group. The last thing we need on the site are extra groups of which no one is taking ownership and which have no real purpose. After learning this last night, I posted about it on the group’s activity stream and warned that I would be deleting it later that night. In fact, I waited until this afternoon. With no replies to my warning, I proceeded to delete the group. Anyone who was interested in that group, I recommend you join the Think Tank group instead.

Hope this addresses any potential concerns. Let me know if you have further questions.

One Response to “Occupy Intelligence Agency is no more”

  1. Leia

    Thanks for the transparency in explaining this, good work! I’ll remove OIA from the Info directory as well. :)