Occupiers’ Meeting Minutes 10/5 10AM

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Welcome to the occupers meeting



Priorities for today

Anna is the stack take


City planning


Proposal for donation storage locker- working group to field donations

Concrete schedual for today

Bulentin boards for front back middle for daily schedual

Discussion items and propsals

Peace keeping and what the peace keeping group decided

Report back from conflict resolution

Can we start with report back?

Direct response- I think it is a good idea but it is not relevant to march today

Proposal for storage facility

Report on todays schedual

Bullentin boards maybe with city planning

Report back from conflict resolution

Are there any concerns

Could I add a discussion for adjacent parks?

Brief discussion for how long we would like for this meeting?

20 minutes

any concerns?

20 to 30 min for this discussion

accordingly for each point 5 -6 min some may take longer then others

I think it is appropreate for the schedual for today

At 12 call for pacers 3 at city hall

The location was changed

Point of process from sage “I think we should focus on occupation specific issues like the 30, 000 people coming and the people sleeping here

My undestadninf is that we are meeting here at 3 and marching to foley square two blocks from city hall

Report back from conflict resolution we met in a small group this morning interced in relationships going on ehre. We want it to be everyones responsablitiy we want it to be a culture of accountability and hopefully from those who have consulted some resources.

There were orher people present if they wanted to give a report back

Were you going to talk about liberty plaza standards

What do you guys think

To piggy back on what you are saying respect respect

We are going to do a report back on what we did this morning which was different from last night talking about language

There were more things that we agreed upon was to make copies of zines and distribute

I have experience with non violenct communication and try to give people more resources

How the word help has been used

Help when those needed for kitchen and sanitation maybe saved the word help

Are we okay with cameras? Everyones okay but I am not soplease stop filming me.

When we were doing soap box other large spiritual gatherings like burning me

“Shantiscina” there are a lot of anarchists so I think they would take this sourly to not use word help

help is a word everyone understands, new words are cool if everyone understood them

we have direct response

intuitively that’s likely, the more we are aware that a culture that isn’t one we want to manifest

help is prime realistate it should be saved for seriuous

liberty plaza standards of living, make and distribute. There is a guy willing to make for free if we want. Other thing about that. The word solidarity about that there is a solidarty statement. Are you the person to talk to that.

Its max and eve

There are people from other working groups

Point of process its 11 28 to keep on schedual to end at 11 50 we move on to solidarity

There is a organization that does peace keeping for the radical community in new york city

Are there any concerns on moving onto staders of solidarity

Please get on stack. How long? 5 min? how do we feel

Yesterday a group of us meet to ligustically discuss how to keep us on the same page for liberty standards, this is transparency

Poetic language

Four tags

Respect belongings

Respect the space

Respect others bodies

Respect your own

Respect this place by caring for your own belongings where the plants animals are taken care of

Directs response

At its core this government has no authority

Emma – I agree with you, by putting out these requests I don’t see this as authority or rules at all, these are wonderful ideas to keep the park a safe space

You were saying that the reasons we like these standards

If we want to work together

All these people have ideas of what is friendly and what is good culture.

We should not be over bearing in power, if we come up with these standards then there are individuals who oppose this then we should respond in a non violent manner

Proposal for donations locker and a city planning bullentin and discussion for adjacent parks

An additional working group where these issues can be discussed.

3 min extension of conversation

discussion has been extended

my understanding of this occupation

microcasm of the culture here

to make the world a better place

a dream sharing experience

standards of solidarity.

Repeat standard

If you are hitting me we are not in solidarity we are not on the same team. This is just a document of what it would mean to be in solidarity

I am only here for a couple hours but in Wisconsin the non violent groups are key

Lack of older people and children is huge here

Constant part of discourse was humor. Level of humor for friendship. Lmost no one even the cops did not feel excluded.

Very important to say.

There is going to be a huge influx of people if you want to condense your stuff to make sure its safe.

Are you blocking this socument because I have been working on it for weeks.

Oint of information y; you are autonomous you can author and distribute a pamflet on respect

Very important another time to discuss ? no

Anyone interested in this topic safe spaces meeting tonight under the red thing, if you are interested go there.

Can we move on to donations and storage locker


Issure right now is a lot of stuff store and maintain all this stuff. Storage locker less then a mile away. Its over a hundered dollars 300 hundered a month with a working group

Would this just be for working groups or personal belongings ? not perosan packages food medical, media

Friendly amendments storage is an issue can for personal storage as well

Option as well, other parks instead of paying

Would this be for specific groups? No just shipping and receiving.

We wanted to bring it to larger body.

What about the people who didn’t come. Well they didn’t come

We anncounced it so it was democratic

Questions and concerns? They have gotten combined

Free libre open source.

Sorry just for occupiers

Restated proposal and temperature check

We will try and go get funds

This is not personal storage

Restate: liberty plaza will rend a storage facility less then a mile away to use for storage run by a working group.


Occupiers assembly

Yay we did something


We need to get people up in the morning.

City planning.


My name’s evan from open source grup. We’re working on getting computers generators and lights for internet access, facilitation and cleraring house for needs and wants. We’re going to build a system called permabank and use it to intergface with each other and the public to target acquisitions. ‘

Fac: We could have it now or tomorrow.

We’ve agreed to have a disc. On this topi =c tomorrow.

Metg extended, move to city planning.

We’ve been working on this for a few days, it’s our wg. We haver a map.

Obviously the space need some organication.

We nbeed to reorganize. Right now, there’s a nytimes reporter covering this process, we need to move quickly.

We hgave posted this, I believe it was posted yesterday.

Statemnt: Park rules:

No structures

No sleeping bags

No leaving stuff around that unreasonably interferes with movement.

The goal is to ensure safety and enjoyment of everyone:

2 sets of rules:

putting your body somewhere that obstructyc=s, putting your stuff somewhere that obstructs.

This is coming from the persp. That we are unreasonably interfering,. We propose that we create space for others to safely usr the space. We could have secutiry prevent use of roller blades, skateboards.

Fac: This is aproposal. Restate it as such.

Prop is to organize sleeping area plan today, after the meeting, Can I​ g=et vols?

Fac: only if we pass the proposal.

Br: I’ve used gaffer’s tape to code areas.

This here has todo with the park as a whole and sleeping areas.

Prop: creating wg tomove around sleeping areas, wgs. We are going to create roads and areas, and move things today.

=br: Medical and comfort want to move, but it isn’t going to happen today.

Br: I feel very partial t this discussion. It’s soundong like not everrtyone wants to move now.

Prop: we are nit going to move folx, just reorganize. We will use gaffer’s tape, make a sweep and reorganize as much as possible.

Based on the amt of bodies, wer use sw as sleeping area, then move forward with sq footage

Bro: we need to tell whether folx are still using each camp.

Mtg extended 10min

Br: many folx are affected by this, who are not here. I would amend this to simplify and make it non-disruptive. More disruptive actions on a different day.

There’s a cityu planner joining wg tomorrow.

Fac: Q? or concerns?

Prop: sweep throught he park, creating wlakways. We will act compassionately and voluntarily because some folks are asleep.

Seeing no concerns, the proposal has passed

Sounds like discussion is ending.

Meeting ended by consensus.

3 Responses to “Occupiers’ Meeting Minutes 10/5 10AM”

  1. Jay

    As a 60’s Protestor, now Senior Citizen & Florida Supporter of OWS Manhattan may I suggest the following:

    A 2nd offensive must be started, now that the weather will dwindle the numbers of outside participants.
    All citizens of conscience and support who work for corporate America (e.g., banking, big pharma, insurance, oil, police departments, political operatives, and any other major industry who impacts the quality of our lives) should start to divulge the “dirty little secrets of their bosses/industry” anonymously (e.g., deliberate and trained lies told to the public about products; violations of the law within their industry/company; cheating of the public with specific tactics; training designed to deceive the public, etc.).

    We need to expose corporate America for who they really are…ONLY then will they start to bring some modicum of fair play to their dealings with the 99% of us. Much like http://wikileaks.org – JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS WILL ONLY COME BY EXPOSING THE WRONGS. It no longer is acceptable to say “I was just doing my job.” If our supporters can understand this, all of the politicians and lobbyist in the country won’t be able to stop this tide.

    • Don

      I completely agree. The public has been quiet too long because we have feared for our jobs, so we do unethical things and tow the company line just to keep our jobs. THEY must be exposed and us 99%’rs can do it – they won’t see it coming, besides keeping it anonymous will baffle them.

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