NYCGA Minutes 10/29/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/29/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Co-facilitators: Christina & Mike

Stack-taker: John. Timekeeper: Brian.



43.1.  Agenda Items (Proposal from Finance Working Group Regarding

43.2.  Announcements

43.3.  Working Group Report Backs


Meeting was called to order at 7pm

Given the weather conditions: freezing rain and high winds, and the relatively small turnout the facilitators asked the Assembly for a temperature check on continuing with business.

A suggestion was made that given the modest quorum that proposals be tabled until Sunday’s GA and that time be given to announcements and working group report-backs.

There was not consensus for this.

The meeting’s agenda was established: The proposal would be heard, announcements would follow. Working group report-backs would follow announcements.


43.1.  Agenda Items

The proposal from the “Internet” and “Finance” working groups regarding the transfer of the domain from the affinity group “” to the NYCGA was read.

There were several clarifying questions followed by concerns. Amongst the concerns were statements that only one of the principals in the efforts to settle this were in attendance. After “friendly amendments” were proposed (& rejected) the Assembly was asked for consensus on the proposal. There were two blocks. The blocks were stated. The proposal was tabled by the individuals presenting the proposal since, as they said, “they did not want to see anyone leave the movement over this issue.” They agreed to return to Sunday’s GA after making an effort to bring individuals representing the other side of the question into mediation or to the GA itself.

The co-facilitators announced that minutes were not being taken by anyone from the “Minutes” working group. The facilitation team stated that they would make a record of the GA’s minutes together.


43.2.  Announcements

Announcements were heard regarding scheduled actions and groups seeking involvement from the GA. An announcement was made of the danger of hypothermia from the cold to occupiers.


43.3.  Working Group Report Backs

Working group report-backs consisted of a single report from Finance.
The GA was closed by 7:50PM.

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