NYCGA Minutes 10/25/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/25/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Saresh, Marissa

[Editor’s Note: I’m not sure, but I think that these minutes stop prior to the end of the actual GA. It cuts off during Working Group Report Backs and there is no section for announcements. If anyone has further notes taken at this GA, please let us know at]

Stack: Peter, Time: Christina

Process Review/Opening Comments: if all of you could sit down, we can see everyone,and hear what you have to say. We have five items on our agenda tonight. Our first item is process about how to participate in the general assembly. How many of you are new tonight. (clapping) This is you probably saw, I really like. This is I don’t like this, this is I really don’t like it. This is a process point. If you have a question or a concern about how we are doing process, throw up your process sign. To get on stack, raise your hand. Our stack takers will take down your info and make sure you have a chance to speak. The facilitator acts as a moderator of discussion. Anyone can be a facilitator. We meet every day at 4pm. Come join the facilitation team. One more process point. This is a block, a block is a very serious safety or ethical concern. If you block, then you mean that you will leave the group if that proposal goes forward. You can redress concerns without blocking. We use consensus. We try to get agreement from the group here if we can’t get agreement then we go to 9/10′s majority voting



39.1.  Agenda Items (Occupy Oakland Statement of Solidarity,

39.2.  Working Group Report Backs


39.1.  Agenda Itesm

39.1.1.  Occupy Oakland Statement of Solidarity  First item, is occupy oakland. We are asking to draft a statement of solidarity from our comrades in Oakland who were violently evicted this morning. Is Oakland in the house!? (cheers) We are asking for this assembly to come to consensus on endorsing the following statement: “This morning, Occupy Oakland was attacked by hundreds of riot police. They used rubber bullets, tear gas, flash grenades, and sound cannons. The police forcefully arrested peaceful occupiers from the encampment located in a plaza that the occupiers named after Oscar Grant. Many have been injured. The camp is in a state of total destruction. Among the wreckage, were medical facilities, supplies, community kitchen that fed hundreds, and the new homes of scores of occupiers, many whom were previously homeless. Peaceful attempts to reclaim the occupation have been met with force and intimidation. The GA of OWS stands in full solidarity with OO and condemn the violence of the Oakland police department and the brutal eviction of the camp. We call for the immediate release of all detainees. And for Oakland DA to immediately drop all charges against occupiers. We call to the mainstream media to acknowledge and report accurately and objectively the extreme violence, disproportionate use of force, by which the clandestine eviction was prosecuted. We acknowledge that the actions of the Oakland PD reflect a cowardly attempt to dismantle the strength and power of OO, one of the largest encampments in the movement. We will not accept this police brutality.

(strong agreement!)  Oakland, has one more announcement. Oakland PD is holding people for more than 24 hours. This is illegal. NLG is filing a lawsuit against Oakland and Alameda County to stop them from incarcerating demonstrators in inhuman conditions.

F: Are there any questions or concerns about the statement of solidarity with Occupy Oakland?  Clarifying Questions  Were these statements written by NYC or Oakland?
Response: By NYC in solidarity  Police can hold you for 72 hours?
Response: Sorry they will not be released without bail before Thursday, which will exceed 72 hours.

F: Any other questions or concerns about these statements?  Concerns  Justifying concern – that the word prosecute is not appropriate for its use

Response: We would be happy to amend or edit that word.  There were two statements, are we “consensing” on both or one.
Response: We are consensing on both.

F: Temp check? (positive)  Consensus!

39.1.2.  Fire Extinguisher Proposal

F: Proposal to purchase fire extinguishers so that we are safe from the fire marshals. Who is making the proposal, are they here?
F: We are now talking about fire extinguishers, come to the front! We will now side check this item til the end of the agenda

39.1.3.  Information Working Group Proposal  Hi I’m Scott from info. We need computers! Two net books to be exact, along with cables to lock them to a desk, the price of which is $686. The reason we want new net books is that we already had 2 donated computers that died quickly, and due to the high use of these computers, we feel its responsible to get warranties, which is included in the price of these computers.

F: Are there any clarifying questions?  Clarifying Questions  How much do you want to spend?
Response: $686

F: Any more clarifying questions?  Do we as a group have any insurance policies to …?
Response: OWS is an organization with a fiscal sponsor to keep track of all this but we do not have an insurance policy because we were worried about the constant influx of new people whose items we’d be insuring or not insuring, it was difficult to keep track. So that’s why we don’t have insurance polices  I applaud what u are trying to do but to try to be making this type of decision making may take our eyes off the prize. We have friends with deep pockets. Whenever these needs come up, expenditures may be 500 or 1000, we just say go?

Response: I am stepping out of my facilitator hat and putting myself on stack. I am also part of the Structure working group. We have been trying to address the problem you are describing. For now this is how we have to operate.

Response: We have put out the word of this need which is how we got the original computers but so far we have not been approached and offered new computers nor have we been approached for more donated computers

F: I’m closing stack. Stack is closed. Temperature check? (very positive) Any concerns? Any blocks?  Consensus!  Are we putting it online to ask for these computers?
Response: Yes

39.1.4.  Community Watch Emergency Proposal  They keep us safe at night, mediate potential conflicts. Community watch is safer spaces, mental help which is now support, mediation, medics, and de-escalation/security. During the night, there are a lot of activities that are not supporting our movement. So we decided to take care of business, and we invite all of you to participate in the night watch. You can sign up at or go to the empathy booth. We would like fifteen walkie talkies so that people who may want to sleep and still be available if needed for direct action or support. $800 would cover our expenses.

F: Are there any clarifying questions?  Clarifying Questions  What kind of walkie talkies are these? How many? What is the maximum range?
Response: Motorola, I don’t know their range, fifteen walkie talkies. They are like $50 apiece. Suggested by security.  I have a question about how the GA holds its meeting. Would this be more beneficial to conduct the GA in the middle of the park because people are not able to participate based on the influx of people who can’t be here.

Response: Thank you but this is not on this agenda item.

F: Back to clarifying questions.  Can you give us some idea what these inappropriate behaviors are at night.
Response: Sexual assault, regular assault, theft, drug dealing.  Why 15?
Response: We want a number of people to be in the process from safer spaces, mediation, medics, security, mental health (which is now support)

F: We are sensing that people can’t hear very well. Can I get volunteers to be human mikes. This means that you turn back to try an project what we are saying so we can all hear better.  I heard that there was collected $300,000. Is that for all occupations or OWS
Response: That amount is for this occupation. There is enough to cover these expenses. In the future we hope to have a better system for financial transparency…come back on Friday!

F: I was just volunteering to assist in the volume. Mic Check!!!!!!!  Hi I’m Murdoch. I’m with sanitation. Sanitation patrols all these areas constantly. The things that you mentioned are things that we see often. I think it would be a good idea to include sanitation in the walkie talkies because we are out at night and we are often assisting in the mediation reporting to security and just general help of mental and physical wellbeing.

Sanitation has been involved with seven meetings that has resulted in community watch, I think it’s a great idea for sanitation to have walkie talkies too. So we will need seventeen walkies  I understand that we need walkie talkies but over the last few nights. I’m just wondering if having too many will lead to extras being lost or stolen?

Response: The number of walkie talkies, some of them will go to bed with people who will be woken up if necessary.  How does community watch discipline appropriate behavior?

Response: We have a five tier system. Peace council that’s comprised of EMT’s, social workers, mediators, who consult together, using this five tier system. We generally like to engage and connect….

Point of Process  I would like to know if there is a process for accountability for the walkie talkies as well as a process to make sure that they are charged. Do we have enough walkie talkies to make sure they remain charged as needed?
Response: That’s a great suggestion, we will do that.  Does it make sense financially to insure the walkie talkies and computers used by OWS as a whole and if so, how much would it cost?
Response: That’s a good suggestion but a separate proposal. Now we are deciding whether to allocate $920 for seventeen walkie talkies  Is the idea that even if people go to bed, should a problem arrive will you have a force of 17 people descend on whatever problem occurs? Seventeen walkie talkies on a one block area seems like a lot. Would you accept fewer?
Response: No. This is what we need.

F: Every night, they are doing the work. Dealing with serious conflicts. They are saying that they need seventeen walkie talkies. We as a GA have approved much higher amounts. Just saying.  Based on what happened in Oakland the walkie-talkies would be necessary. Revolves around contingency about how to alert sleeping occupants.
Response: My understanding is that facilitators….

F: I was a bit biased. I’m sorry. Every night, we have these proposals for working groups about their day to day operations and they probably have a better understanding about what they need.

Final comments and concerns before I close stack. What I’d like to do from now on is to have everyone who is interested in speaking raise and keep their hand raised.

F: I’m sorry , we all make a little mistakes as we often do this as Marissa has done and we agree that facilitators should not weigh in with opinions.

F: I just want to be clear that I’m not speaking for or against the proposal, I was clarifying the nature of the proposal…that was the intent. I’m sorry.

F: You’re are doing a good job! (applause) We would like to close stack, stack is now closed. Temperature check.

PoP: Many of the questions haven’t been answered by the person who brought the proposal. Do they want a chance to answer?
Response: I’m ok

F: Any further concerns? Temperature check. (strong approval) Blocks?  Consensus!

F: Just a reminder, some of tend to speak a lot, some of don’t speak a lot. A lot of this has to do with our level of privilege. Be aware of this, if you are speaking a lot you may want to step back, if you are not speaking, try to step up. Thats all. Thank you.

39.1.5 Direct Action Proposal  Direct Action has an action this Saturday in Jamaica Queens. Hi I’m Alex. This saturday oct 29th we will be joining occupy the hood in south Jamaica Queens to stand in solidarity with those who have experienced foreclosure and eviction. That is 40,000 of us in NYC alone. The majority of them live in Jamaica, Queens. We need metro cards to bring ppl form Liberty to Queens. We are asking for $2000, that’s 400 people. We will have a subway party on the way there to show the people that have experienced foreclosure that they are not alone and it is not ok what the banks are doing.

F: Stack for clarifying questions.  Clarifying Questions  I am uncomfortable with the wording of party, wouldn’t it be more appropriate if we occupy the subway on the way there?  I have a proposal, I think its a seasonable proposal. Instead of taking 400 people from here to Jamaica, you better go to Jamaica and take 40,000 here. Why do you have to take these people there?

Response: We are trying to build a global movement here. This is one base we have created here of resources and people willing to help each other, but still if you look around the crowd, the crowd doesn’t exactly reflect the diversity that is NYC. We are going there to show our brothers and sisters who do not feel welcome here that we will stand with them on their issues. It’s necessary! (clapping)  Is the $2000 for transportation and if so have you looked at other alternatives such as busses?

Response: The buses would take 3-4 times as long as is, it will take an hour to get to queens from here. The metro cards will be distributed inside the station by me and the other DA people who are organizing the march, so there will be no chance of losing them, but yes we have looked at other options.  How much money do we have in total?
Response: Just to say, this question gets asked a lot, almost four times s night, so I’d appreciate it if people listen. What do have I heard, $300000 but its more than enough to cover. We need transparency financially.

F: Reopen stack for another round of questions.

Point of Information (PoI): I just want to make a point of information. Buses cost the same amount as taking the subway.  As a resident of Jamaica I am particularly glad with this proposal. Foreclosure in Jamaica has been a problem for a number of years, part of building this movement I’m glad to see has been about going out to other areas and solidifying ourselves with other struggles.  I am from PA, it’s my first day here, I would just like to comment. Our country was founded in the spirit of opposition to despotism. My soul is overjoyed to see this movement resonate with the greatest men and women in history. Congratulations. (clapping)

PoP: That was beautiful but not related. After we get to the agenda we will have an opportunity to speak.  I think this is a great proposal aside from using the subway, hopefully we can all agree that it is a great proposal. Have you considered contacting local coach drivers, taxi drivers, and spending the money in Jamaica who will benefit more than the MTA?
Response: We are really busy. Those who spend all day organizing this, organizing actions, coordinating with each other, arguing about how to do stuff. I don’t have time to do that, if I did I would. The subway is easier. We only had two days, it’s on Saturday.  What about potentially renting busses instead of the subway would that be cheaper and actually create a shuttle all day between there and here so people can go from here to there and from there to here.

Response: That’s a good idea, you should do that! This is my proposal and I’m not focusing on that.  Have you double checked the MTA service advisories? The weekends are horrible, it might be a shuttle bus.
Response: The J train is running on Saturday.  How do you know there will be 400 people going, not more or less?
Response: $2000 covers 400 people, we thought thats what would be reasonable to ask the community for our efforts in Jamaica.

PoI: I live in Jamaica, and the F is the best train.  Where is the rally being held? I would recommend……
Response: The march is at Liberty Ave Guy R brewer BLVD, York College  Outreach?
Response: The outreach table is right over there!

F: Stack closed. Concerns?  Concerns  My one concern is the lack of preparation. I don’t accept I didn’t have time as a reason for proposals. I agree that we should bring the people here instead of being a warehouse of people who goes everywhere else. We are occupying Wall Street. But I bet Wall Street feels comfortable if we are everywhere else.
Response: In order to make Wall Street uncomfortable, they have their fingers all over the city. We need to build links of communication across the Boroughs, the rivers, across the socio-economic divide. We need to become stronger because they are stronger because they talk to each other more than we talk to each other. We need to put this effort out! (clapping)  I am Queen mother doctor Blakely. I came to Wall Street to support the people when they were very young doing this. What I asked them to do for me as an elder, don’t forget my ancestors were the first commodities sold on Wall Street. We are dealing with predatory lending, and I’m asking you come to the court on Oct 27th at 11 at the Supreme Court at 60 Center Street. We love you young people and continue the liberation struggle for all human kind. I thank you and bless you, stay on the path. Room 321. Judge is Milton Tainly. Come one and all.

F: We will have time for announcements at the end of the agenda. Please keep the questions actually concerns about this proposal.  My proposal is that the action group is ok is to say we should try to find a charter bus that will be a shuttle between here and Jamaica for cheaper than 400 tickets, if we can’t, then we will buy the metro cards.  As a New Yorker, I know for a fact, that the subway is also cheaper and quicker. I think it’s a great idea.

POP and POI: The proposal, pertains strictly of the expenditure of $2000 for metro fair. Any other suggestions or ideas should be brought to the DA WORKING GROUP. This conversation, while classic and amusing, is not to happen now please.

F: With that in mind, the last two questions.  What time are people meeting on Saturday in Jamaica?
Response: Leaving here at 10, meeting there at 12.  I would like to know, when and where you are provide a sign-up sheet and if you think this is more of an announcement.
Response: There will be a sign up sheet at info and outreach. It’s not an announcement, it’s a proposal. Lots of people expressed interest in going and don’t have money to go.

F: Temperature check (positive). A reminder that announcements are at the end. Can I ask again for a temperature check. It looks like we have a point of process.

PoP: My understanding is that there would be room for amendments to the proposal.

F: I open the floor for a friendly amendment. The person making the proposal must agree to whether it is friendly or not.  Friendly Amendments  (couldn’t hear)
Response: Metro is the cheapest way to get 400 people to Jamaica.

F: Remember, friendly amendments only.  My friendly amendment would be to have a signup sheet for the people and then we base the funds on how many people sign up.

Response: I just don’t think that’s necessary. If the metro cards aren’t used they will be used the next day for another action that is outreach and community building based. But there will be a sign up sheet at info and outreach and if 400 people don’t sign up, we will hold direct action with me and twenty-five other people accountable.

F: Any blocks? No blocks!  Consensus!!!!

39.1.6.  Sustainability Proposal

PoP: Quick question whats on the agenda?

F: Last item on the agenda, then we will open the floor for working group report backs.  Proposal: Hi I’m George from sustainability. You may have seen us around, we are doing things to make our community less wasteful and more energy efficient and environmentally conscious. My proposal is for a bicycle generator system that me and my colleagues are working on at the… (guy yelling where is my forty acres and my mule repeatedly) We apologize we are having some technical difficulties. The proposal is for a bicycle generating system that myself and sustainability and a bicycle co-op Times up will build for the park to power all appliances. For this, I am asking for a significant sum of money. Electrical equipment is expensive. I also want to say, it’s not perfectly sustainable, but it’s better than using gas generators which are using oil from Canada and places that are very polluting. I am asking for $8,000. This will include bike parts, ten bike stands, for ten bike generators, charge controllers, and batteries. T The batteries are the capacity that will provide energy to the park. Our legs are the power. I hope you will accept this proposal and I love you very much.

F: Stack for things that are relevant and clarifying questions. I would like to remind you we are running low on time. Keep questions short and incredibly relevant. Looks like we have a PoI.

PoI: I’m Sarah from Sustainability, I believe it’s important to note that our plan has the capacity to provide twice the amount of power we are currently using here. Our proposal is designed to grow as we grow. Thank you.  Clarifying Questions  Is this in addition to the bio-d generators we already passed a proposal for last week and is it necessary energy?
Response: It is an addition to the bio-diesel generators. We feel that using bicycles are cleaner than bio-d generators. In addition, we need both because the bio-d will be more effective for powering heat because it is inefficient to use batteries to be heating the camp. Another benefit on the topic of heat is that when it gets cold at night and in the winter, we will be able to exercise.  Do you have enough room for ten bikes?
Response: I am proposing ten bikes and we will try to arrange them in a way that takes up the least amount of space. That being said, we are open to ideas to scale our bicycle generation according to the needs of both space and energy equally.  What’s the estimated wattage per bicycle?
Response: The motors are rated at 600 watts, however, our legs are not powerful enough to produce that much. Average person can produce 80 watts.  How long will it take to get the system ready?

PoP: You need to get on stack  How much pedaling is needed to power your system throughout the day?

Response: Based on our calculations, the load use of the park, we consume approximate three kilo-watts of an energy at media, one kilowatt at the other end. How much pedaling? We are ordering the batteries and I need to look at the specs to give you a precise figure, but, we have sized it so that it is realistic that during the course of the day where we have very enthusiastic riders, including tourists we need to put to work (cheering) to power the system. I would like to add that sustainability will have volunteers around and the clock monitoring the station and people will be encouraged to pedal as much as they consume, and lots of people will pick up the slack.  Our view, is saving us money. Have you calculate how much money you will save us?
Response: I have to say, I don’t have exact numbers. However, I imagine that the amount of money we are spending on gas at $4 dollars a gallon that is going to the wrong people is a lot of money.

F: Any other final concerns?  When will this system be complete?
Response: We will be working everyday on the bikes and I will try to break out at least five within two weeks. I would prefer to have the whole system running within two weeks.  Would you be open to having other expert help you in Philadelphia?
Response: Yes please, we already have help from an organization called Pedal Power New York that does this kind of thing and they are very enthusiastic about all types of input for both mechanical and electrical challenges.  Price?
Response: $8000 for bikes and battery banks  What about using batteries in cold weather?
Response: e have to think about  My concern is that the proposal is not very clear about the numbers and the consumption other than we need 10 bikes and $8000. Everything else is vague. It doesn’t seem ready.

Response: This criticism is valid to be made, I am student, I have an entry level certification. I am not a professional, however we do have electricians and mechanics who can back us up and read the proposal and agreed that this can and should be done.

F: We are now going to take a straw poll (medium). Blocks?

PoP: You forgot friendly amendments.

F: We will now open the floor for friendly amendments. The proposers have to agree that these are friendly.  Friendly Amendments  The sustainability committee would like to remit to $5000 for five bikes. What is expensive is mainly the battery bank, so what matters to power the park is to have a large capacity. So I would like to reverse that to $5000.

F: Just to clarify, the sustainability group has amended their own proposal to be for $5000. Do we have other friendly amendments?  Two small things, we mentioned that the motors could output 600 watts, and we can put out 80. Would you amend the proposal to look for smaller motors in exchange for larger motors. Also, would you use some of the funds to buy weather protection for the bikes, motors, and batteries.

Response: Yes to the first, and the second is included in the proposal  Can you run a generator into the battery bank?
Response: Yes but it would be much more efficient to run the generator to the inverter and directly to whatever is being used  Would you consider meeting with backup engineers, putting together a very solid and technical presentation about the cold issues, and then coming again before the GA with the idea that proposal could be tabled until proven feasible?

Facilitation: So right now we have an even more amended proposal, we are taking concerns about this amended proposal.
Marissa: (conversation about the process)

Sustainability: At this time, we should restate the proposal as amended. To restate, I think I would like the GA to vote on the proposal that we had proposed before with the amendment that if we come to the GA again to build the larger system I first described, and that engineers have looked at, that our system would be subject to review by everyone and its sufficiency and success.

F: Opening the floor for clarifying questions and to speed the process along, any concerns. Temperature check (positive) Any blocks?  Consensus!

F: Just a reminder, clarifying questions are part of the proposal process. I know some people have been using this (c signal) as a clarifying question. This is not part of the consensus process, it is used to jump stack. If you have something to say, just raise your hand to get on stack.

I have to apologize, I lied. There are actually two additional things on the agenda but they are very exciting.

39.1.7.  Finance and Security Proposal  We represent finance and security. Security is involved with don king right now. We had an emergency call from security about an emergency visit from the FD. We bought fire extinguishers before this potential inspection for safety from fire. And security wants to establish a fire brigade and fire watch team. The cost of the fire extinguishers was 3750. This includes extra losses by theft.

F: Opening stack  Clarifying Questions  Where will these be located?
Response: Located based on the consultants we brought in  How many extinguishers?
Response: Twenty-six, based on the requirements that they set forth.  The arithmetic does not add up
Response: I’m finance. We need a specific ratio of rife extinguisher to number of individuals in the park. Check with firefighter Paul. Just so everyone knows, there is a fluctuating population in the park.

F: Close stack? Any clarifying questions? If no more questions, I would like to open the floor for concerns. Any concerns? It looks like there are not concerns? I was wrong.  Concerns  I have a concern about the theft issues especially as we get more expensive and cool equipment. I would urge you to spend real time figuring how to protect our gear.  I have a concern that fire extinguishers won’t work in the cold.
Response: Yes they work in the cold

F: I’m now closing the floor for concern, any final concerns?  A 1000 dollar fire extinguisher should work in hell!
Response: They are $140 dollars a unit.  ABC fire extinguishers cost about $25 or $30.
Response: We had to go with what they spec’ed out.  I know better!

Response: I am concerned about that last concern that was voiced!

F: Again I would like to open the floor for real for final concerns.  According to Amazon, fire extinguishers cost 30 dollars. Did you pre-purchase fire extinguishers at $130 when they actually cost $30?

Response: Outdoor use of water is a concern. We need extinguishers that are ABC certified. The tarps are made of oil products, and therefore we need ABC specs. Anyone concerned can join the fire brigade working group.  I would bet, that are talking about different volumes, and the fire extinguishers they got are bigger. I am quite familiar with fire extinguisher ratings and codes requiring their placement. These are very inflated numbers. The gentleman who quoted Amazon is much more on target.

F: Right now, we are closing stack. Straw poll. (medium response, slightly more positive)

PoP: Please could you clarify what is considered an ethical block, for example, is spending too much money unethical?

F: So a block is traditionally a very serious concern about safety and ethical issues. spending a lot of money could be considered an ethical concern.

F: We will now open the floor for friendly amendments.  Friendly Amendments  Maybe we could agree to approve up to the amount this gentlemen came with, people with better ideas or information should talk to him away from here to come up with a cheaper price.

Response: Friendly amendment approved.

F: How do people feel about amended proposal? (straw poll approval) Blocks?  Consensus!

F: Last item, this time for real, is a proposal from Facilitation to do something with the obvious. Mic Check!

39.1.8.  Facilitating Working Group Proposal

Announcement: I’m from Oakland, I just found out, that Oscar Grant Plaza has been reoccupied! (cheers)  Hi I’m Leo from facilitation working group. We have a proposal that we think will make the GA more efficient. The proposal is the Facilitation Working Group make these proposals accessible online and here at the park 24 hours before they are brought to the GA. This crowd sourcing period will enable participants of the GA to give feedback before GA and will enable the presenters of the proposal to refine that proposal before it ever reaches GA. Every day at 4pm the facilitation working group will accept drafts of proposals from working groups. They will be posted online at and on site at the facilitation table which is west of the info table. Participants of GA can give feedback such as concerns and clarifying questions and friendly amendments online and onsite in the comment section on the page of the draft. After this 24 hour period, the working group presenting the proposal will have the responsibility to reflect on this feedback. After this 24 hour period, we think they will present at GA a clearer and stronger proposal. We also understand that as a working group we have autonomy to improve the GA because that’s our responsibility. But this process is your process and the more you own this process, the more you participate. The more efficiently and more thought thorough, it will proceed.

F: We are now taking stack for clarifying questions.  Clarifying Questions  Would you be open to an exception for agenda items or proposals that the GA agrees constitute true emergency such as immediate safety concerns?

Response: Thank you, that’s part of our proposal. Facilitation has a working definition of an emergency proposal which is one that responds to an external immediate deadline that wasn’t previously noted. It is up to the FWG and the GA to agree to adhere to emergency proposals.  Will posting the proposal online be a requirement to bring it up here?

Response: If the GA comes to consensus that this is part of our process then it will be required to post it 24 hours before.  I thought I heard that Facilitation would post it to the internet
Response: That’s right, the working group brings it to our 4pm meeting at 60 Wall Street every day, the difference is instead of going to GA that night, we post it online and onsite for 24 hours before GA. It’s our responsibility to post it there.  Does that mean there will be one day of this tried?
Response: SIS the working group has agreed to be the guinea pig for this process, so they will post a proposal tonight for tomorrows GA.

F: For those of you who think this process takes too long, keep in mind there are hundreds of thousands of opinions like mine that are not heard because I work in the evening and can’t usually attend GA.  Concerns

F: Concerns?  What contingencies will be in place for timely issues that must be addressed in less time than 24 hours
Response: As I said we have a working definition of an emergency proposal.  Perhaps this proposal should go under this process and come out tomorrow?
Response: This proposal did undergo this process. It was announced during announcements last night and was at facilitation table all day.

F: Also another reminder, if you haven’t spoke yet, please speak up. Lots of dudes speaking.

F: Temperature check. (very good) Blocks?  Consensus!!


39.2.  Working Group Report Backs

PoP: Please remind people they should keep report backs to 2 minutes

39.2.1.  Direct Action: Hi I’m Josh with DA. We would like to report that due to construction at trinity graveyard, tomorrows DA meeting will be held at 52 Broadway. It’s a training meeting and will last a little longer. The rest of the week our meetings will be held at 60 Wall Street at 2pm.

37.2.2 Legal: My name is Susan from NLG and I’m here to report that we schedule an arrestee meeting for two days. First is Sunday at 6:30pm at Judson church, 55 Washington Square south. Attorneys and arrestees can discuss legal options and we will do intake for those that have been called in. Friday, November 4th at 540 at Judson church. More info once it’s posted at Spread the word!

37.2.3 Arts and Culture: Hi I’m James. Three announcements. We have orange buckets with cement and PVC pipes to build signs for working groups. If you want one contact Rachel: We also built an art space and we have art supplies with paper markers crayons if you wanna use it it’s in the bucket next to the screen printers setup. Also, we are invited to the village Halloween parade. If you want to become involved, email We are building puppets and costumes and want everyone to participate.

37.2.4 Hi I’m Tim with working group for political and electoral reform. We are currently working on three projects. First, a proposal for electoral reform to open the political system to those outside the corporate owned parties of Wall Street. Second, we are working on a voting experiment to scientifically compare alternatively voting methods with the most common methods used today. Thired, we are working on a viral campaign for a constitutional convention to overturn citizens united and to abolish corporate personhood. To find out more, please join us at

4 Responses to “NYCGA Minutes 10/25/2011”

  1. Carolyn

    Is there a group for Daily Operations and concern for the camp and then a separate group for OWS demands? I am looking at Iceland’s Revolution as a model of demands meant.