NYCGA Minutes 10/16/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/16/2011 / 9pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Brie


Process: Hand signals. Hands up – I like it. Middle – I’m on the fence. Fingers down – I don’t agree. One finger UP: Point of information – for factual information. Triangle: point of process. A system of step up step back – if you are from a traditionally privileged group please leave space for people from minorities by rethinking whether you need to say what you want to say.



30.1.  Agenda items

30.2.  WG report backs

30.3.  Announcements

30.1.  Agenda Items

30.1.1.  Safer spaces WG agenda item: As you may know. A good neighbor policy was passed on thursday. What the safer spaces group wants to see is an agreement that will create a safe space for all participants of OWS. In the spirit of horizontal-ism. We are soliciting your ideas as a GA, bringing together into a proposal for a later GA to discuss. We propose that we do this by getting into small breakout groups. Groups of ten to fifteen people.

Handouts and pens will be distributed to the groups. They have all the details and three questions. One: what does safety mean to you…? Two: what are safety concerns for you and others at this space…? Three: what agreements can we make as a community to ensure safety…?

Privilege and oppression, consent, personal contact, mediation… a few ideas to get the conversation going.

F: Stack: Stack is the process for people to address the group on the issue at hand. Raise your hand and make eye contact with the stack taker. We will use a progressive stack so you may not be called on in the order that you raised your hand.  I would like to ask what precipitated you to come up with the list you just raised.

Response: Examples of some things that have been brought to the attention of the safer spaces group. Safer Spaces is also contacting specific interest groups ie mediation, women, People of Color WG.  How long?

Response: 10 min?

F: Please have one person from your groups return the form and pen. Time keeper tonight is Cory. He will tell us when 10 minutes is up. Please break out into small groups now!

F: Extend for another 5 minutes? (agreed) Any concerns? None. Time up. Reconvening.

Thank you so much for all your input! If you would like to submit more suggestions as individual or through a group you can come see me. Or you can email Safer spaces will meet wed 9 pm at red cube. If you would like to be part of synthesizing the information you can come to that meeting.

all of this information will be synthesized. And will be brought to GA for a decision.

30.2.  Working Group Report Backs

F: Two minutes each.

30.2.1.  Labor – Jackie. Labor really came through for us on friday. And some things we may not know: head of central labour union met with mayor bloomburg and told him to

6pm Labour WG. We will try to have someone at the red

A rally at thursday 1:30 york ave in support of the teamster locked out.

F: Two generations of people’s mic.

30.2.2.  Outreach – Good news: we’ve begun outreach in the other boroughs. There has been a general assembly in brooklyn, harlam and the brox. We need Queens! Out reach will have a community organizer dinner. This is if you are interested in outreaching to your community.

Please sign up at the outreach table. Meet 6:30pm daily at 52 broadway. Everyone is welcome.

30.2.3.  OWS en Espagnol – My name is Chanelle. I am with OWS en Espanol. We just had our third assembly. I want to invite everyone who speaks Spanish to come every Sunday at 5pm. We are located on the south east of the park, the 1st table. You can find out information about the committees we have in the group. I would like to bring up a problem: we are having trouble becoming an official working group. We need some help with that.

30.2.4.  The people’s library: Francis – the good news: we got all our books back. In the move it’s possible that some people’s personal belongings we shipped to new jersey. Everything is back now. If you are missing Sleeping back of pillow or sweater. It’s possible that it is in the corner of the library. Everything is set by the steps.

30.2.5.  Think Tank: I’m with the think tank WG. Our group makes a space from substantive daily discussion of the politics, dreams… of our movement. And we are working on the infrastructure to organize these ideas in an accessible online space. To engage all of us. In creative thought and meaningful research. Whatever that means to you. Today we had a very productive discussion about not only about how corporations are not people but also about education and outreach can work. Open every day 12 – 5pm every day think tank space across from info. Tomorrow evening meeting 6pm under the red cube.

30.2.6.  Arts and culture: Working to address issues with transparency and communication. Doing everything we can. several people have been at GA representing arts and culture and they haven’t actually been to a meeting. Asking people please not do that and also please come to a meeting.

30.2.7.  Demands process Working Group: (Missed part of the discussion due to the rain). At the meeting consensus ruled she should not attend the meeting. She attended anyway. She presented minutes from a meeting that no one recognized the minutes. Two of the people in the working have given them to the NY Times. Others from the WG call the NY times to tell them it wasn’t true but they will run an article based on this information anyway. We wanted the general assemble to know.

F: Passed two minute mark. Three more minutes? Agreed.

30.2.7.  (Continued) The corporate media should not mediate WGs and the GA. Additionally I went to the meeting today. There was a photographer from the NYT. Four people in the group blocked having them take a photo but the women said that since there was a ‘majority vote” they should take the photo anyway. She then yelled dissenters out of the meeting. The statement going to the NY times may have demands, it definitely has a preamble to demands that call the group a ‘leftist populist movement’ (lots of downward twinkles from the GA). Next meeting is tomorrow at 5pm by the cube.

Is there someone I can speak to about organization and outreach? Please meet me after the GA.

Point of process (PoP): this time is for WG report backs.

30.2.8.  Open Source: (the free libre opensource group) We’re working on getting everyone to produce content, to produce content that helps them be productive. We need to get out of consumerism. People are using the internet to share ways to brew beer! RSS feeds are not owned by corporations. If you publish…? Freenet.

30.2.9.  Women’s Caucus: we’re going to have a meeting of the women caucus. Right after GA. Meeting at the red cube. To discuss finalizing a weekly schedule for the women’s caucus meetings and a new group I want to start called the divine feminine discussion group.

Why is there division of the genders?

30.2.10.  Finance: Daryl: looking at different fiscal sponsors. Whether we’ll become a not for profit – there are legal ramifications and restrictions to becoming a not for profit. We’re looking for a space for housing and for working. Our net worth is approximately 275,000.

[Editor’s note: This is the order the GA went in, but it looks like there was a second agenda item proposed and consensed during Working Group Report Backs. I change the numbering to reflect this. Just wanted to avoid confusing any readers!]

F: The group that made the list of demands in the NYT would like to ask to put a proposal to the GA.

30.1.2.  We would like to get consensus by the GA. That the demands that were sent to the NY that did not get consensus of the GA? – Agreed to discuss this proposal.  Concerns?  My concern would be. That we be very specific about the language that we use and not necessarily say that we oppose these demands but that the GA did not come to consensus on these demands!

Clarification: we’re not sure that they have submitted demands to NYT sure that it’s a preamble  Concern: we often announce that we embrace this autonomous effort. Embrace this effort but make clear we don’t employ spokes people.

Info: this is the only decision making body at OWS. Whether or not we agree with the demands proposed. They did not follow the process that the GA has set out.

Statement made by Bree (facilitator) was partially information and partially opinion.  Concern is that even though we have a process. Of coming to consensus. That was not followed. The media is so hungry to hear demands they are not going to care about what we say once they have this report. I suggest that we put out a very strong statement that this was not agreed upon this statement!

Concern was already addressed but to reiterate: statement from NYT “OWS identifies itself as a leaderless resistance movement with people of many political persuasions. Specifically by embrace ideologies. …. on the movement may show good will and generosity but fail to understand that the resistance movement is precisely disobeying that kind of political maneuver.”

F: Temp check on the proposal that we make a statement. That the GA have not consensed upon any statement of demands or a preamble. We have consensus.  Friendly amendment? Instead of “consensed upon,” “not presented to the GA”. Both? OK! Agreement.

30.3.  Announcements:

30.3.1.  Women’s Sleeping Space: Wall street about crisis, derivatives. Teach in. from someone that used to work on Wall St. 2pm hopefully by the red sculpture. If you can’t come but would like my hand

30.3.2.  Legal team meeting happens on Mondays at 6pm happens on Mondays. At the legal table. Especially looking for aren’t lawyers but want to get acquainted with all the legal stuff related to this occupation and who have time to sit at that table and answer people’s questions all day long.

30.3.3.  Dave: Eve Ensler lead a story telling thing? Eve Ensler wrote the vagina monologues. We are going to hold a weekly story telling workgroup. From 5 to 7 pm every sunday on the steps on Broadway. Amplify out value and speaking our stories.

30.3.4.  Abby – from California. My goal and I hope yours is for every student in every public school to have the opportunity to lear how this movement fits into history. I would like to hold a meeting tomorrow at 4 pm at the red thingies for anyone who’s interested.

30.3.5.  Matt – representing health care for 995 WG. We voted to have a march on health on health insurance companies. Friday 21st. Will start at Zucotti park. 3:30 pm. March across the street. To empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. ….. near Union Square. Each location will have a speak out.

30.3.6.  Steve – I live in Staten island. I’m interested in hearing from other Staten islanders. About a possible location for GA in Staten island. Anybody who wants to meet under the red thing after the GA.

30.3.7.  Stoneybrooke University. Is organizing a general assembly this Wednesday during campus life time at 12:15. find us if you’re there.

30.3.8.  One thing. The Opensource Solutions group has been working on a document. Originally started for the demands. There are no demands in it. If anyone is interested in working on demands like doc. Please see me

30.3.9.  Announcing a new company. Making the tools that we need. Meet me under the teepee. Right after the GA.

30.3.10.  The Boston GA. A few weeks ago. Passed a statement in solidarity in recognition of the rights of first nation’s people. And the importance of this movement looking…? I want to do that here. I sit at the legal table a lot of the time. 10:30 – 12 tomorrow!

What happens to the money?

Point of info – please check in with info table for general info like that.

F: Adjourned!

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