NYCGA Minutes 10/12/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/12/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F):


F: A block is very serious. That means you have an ethical or safety concern. Consensus is 90/100. We aren’t here to silence anyone. We must follow process, though. #PeoplesMic can be very hard, so keep your phrases short (3-8 words). Try to keep your words short and sweet. Progressive Stack gives preference to under-represented voices. Step-up, Step-Back: a policy for allowing others’ voices to be heard. Stack-taker: takes names for order of speaking.


26.1.  Agenda Items

26.2.  Working Group Report Backs

26.3.  Announcements

26.1.  Agenda Items

F: We are now moving to Agenda Items.

26.1.1.  Proposal: to buy a 6500W bio-diesel generator to power entire site. Fuel has been donated. (many spirit fingers). Cost: $2,200. Oops. Can we get a temp check? Any blocks?  Questions, Concerns  Darrell from finance has no objections to the item. However, for the process, these are capital expenditures. They should come to finance first, to see if there are other options, or to see how much they are going to cost over the long-term.

Point of process (PoP): that is not a block. That is a concern.  A concern: is the bio-diesel source infinite?

Response: Nope, 2 months.

F: Stack is now open for clarifying questions.  One question from Kathryn: I want to know who is providing the generator, please.

F: Any last clarifying questions?

F: Alguna otra pregunta?

F: Stack is closed.

F: I’d like to do another temp check

F: Quiero chequear la tempuratura?

F: Algun bloque?

F: Consensus!!! It tastes so good!

26.1.2.  Are you tweeting? #GeneralAssembly. New here? Intro yourself as a #NEWOCCUPIER on @twitter. Example: Welcome @MikeBloomberg, the #NewOccupier who didn’t get the nicest welcome…

F: Emergency proposals must be emergencies.
26.1.2.  (Continued) Good evening brothers and sisters. Thank you for joining us at this wet #GeneralAssembly. We are here representing MEDIA group. We want a budget to support LIVESTREAMING. On a broader level, we also hope this will establish a precedent for other working groups to establish budgets. Come on this journey with us! Since day 1, a live video stream: THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING! Some facts: 2 million unique viewers. 7 million streams representing every single country on the face of the planet except for N Korea (we gotta work on that…). 165,000 streams in CHINA. Lots of censorship there, but still watching. In total, 106 million minutes of video served. Do the math = 200 years of #OccupyWallStreet (Oy, that’s a long time). Why does MEDIA need a budget? Hodgepodge of donated equip and personal gear. With rain and elements and police oppression, gear has been broken/taken/gone missing. To keep up our livestream coverage, we need a budget to purchase necessary gear.

This Saturday, GLOBAL PROTEST. People all over the world will claim their rights and demand a TRUE democracy. On Sat., 80 cities will participate in a livestream for
#OccupyTheWorld. Right now, over 5K are watching this #GeneralAssembly. You are all beautiful.

What we are asking for: $25,740 for livestream equipment. Finance: we’ve raised about $150,000 so far! Much of that money is not available to us now, but will be available in the coming weeks. Please be patient. I’d like to get it all paid out in the next week.  Questions, Concerns, Blocks

F: We have a block.  Both Lower East Side Federal People’s Credit Union and Amalgamated Bank

have been very helpful in making this process go faster.  I would like to amend that statement in that I think there should be a little bit of prioritization. Critical things paid first.
Mic check!
This is an emergency. ? (speak up)  Basically, our fiscal sponsor 501T3 nonprofit organization is responsible for our taxes. We will have to pay them, to be properly accounted for. We are in the process to try to create our own 501t3 … may take many months. In the meantime, we will be using Alliance for Global Justice as a conduit to get our funds. A week from now…  What’s the list?
There was a list, it’s not up right now, computers for…cameras, batteries, microphones, we will request new objects for pieces lost or stolen. We spend many hours reviewing gear, to ensure we do this in the most fiscally responsible way has to be there…for future. We are also going to make sure all gear is present and accounted for and looks something like a signup sheet, so we know who has what gear and who to contact to recover it. Missing gear is a big concern, Media will do everything in its power to protect gear and respect money donated.  Has anybody approached and tech cost?
Yes. We will have them before Saturday. Still looking into options for more expensive options.
Donations will be returned to the collective pot that aren’t spend. A free premium account on livestream, to occupations across the country and world. This is worth 10ks of $$$.

Livestream is much better than it was three or four days ago…I hope production money will help facilitate better livestream. We want to take a new leap forward, to possibilities of democratic media… We are doing something that has never been done before. I am pretty sure we have already set world records!!!

How much do we spend every day on food, and find other financial support to feed people. If you are interested, come to finance, right now, we have to stick to the proposal. ?

F: Please mic check louder! There are too many people standing at the front fo the GA.  Will the 25K$ allocated come at the expense of the other proposals?
No!  Will the this $ be able to be dispersed in preparation of Saturday?
That’s why we did it tonight. We have the money tomorrow to buy the gear, Friday to build, Saturday night…we go live to global occupation.

F: Two more clarifying questions!  How the global population listening tonight. Jackhammer is completely drowning everything out. Is there more than one… to facilitate all those people? We can’t hear….

Spread the power horizontally throughout he working groups to sub groups we will always accept more people.. and will teach people how to do this stuff on a shift by shift basis. To make sure it is not just one voice focus on this occupation… does that answer your question??

Please speak up jackhammers are loud! Are there any friendly amendments to this proposal?  Like I said it would be useful for media to prioritize spending. This way, we won’t hold up any other proposals from other working groups so they can move forward as well, The media WG will work with finance to achieve this goal…
F: Is that acceptable? Are there any block? We will now vote on this proposal…
Media group would like to thank all of you for your input and your help in passing this proposal…THIS IS HUGE
We are now doing report backs. If you are in a WG please come and get on stack. Thank you.


26.2.  Working Group Report Backs

First: Outreach:

F: We all came in this weather… we are really trying to inspire motivation for us all to empower, I am trying to make this easier for everyone.. we have another way, this will take 3 times longer. So please try to face the other side and project. I’m doing my best Thank you. OK
26.2.1.  Outreach: We want to raise money as soon as possible. We are going to the subways. We want to empower you to go into the subways and share your stories from hear. If interested: Malina: you can put your info at outreach table. Than you
F: There is a good amount of space up here. So move up, we don’t want to lose our voices. Report backs are for WG… what they are doing now.. please report back.

26.2.2.  Darell: Finance: I brought media proposal 26,000 to facilitators so for people who say that finance is sitting on money kiss my ass. In other news, we want to make sure we are doing everything right and bringing in an accounting firm … need space, contacts are being arranged with real estate so we have a place to stay and work. Debit cards for WG will be here for working groups will be here at end of week, No more cash, need receipts.

26.2.3.  Hello. There is a new WG called WOW woman of occupy wall street. we met a few times and are committed to working on issues that woman think are most important meet at 9:30 at red sculpture we will determine where to go from there. Thank you.
26.2.4.  Think tank WG our group makes a space for subsistence and daily discussion related to dreams, issues and dreams of our movement. we are working on infrastructure to organize these ideas in an accessible online space to engage all of us in creative thought and meaningful research whatever that means to you. today we took steps to make sure we can open our space in all kinds of weather. tom we will be under a big umbrella, please come by to share ideas. If you want to volunteer come to a meeting tom @ 6 pm at think tank sign here at liberty park under big umbrella.
F: Are there any more report backs? Please get on stack.
26.2.5.  Hello. Sustainability WG. we had our first meeting yesterday. we are actively composting all food scraps being collected behind kitchen. we also have a biodiesel generator on the way and tons of specialists that are helping make this sustainable. to leave no carbon footprint meet tom @5:30 WHERE???

26.2.6.  Internet WG: We now have a new… topic? All copies for us that don’t have access to internet right now. Hard copies are in a box @ INFO. when you’re done put them back. We will file and digitize them. We will have new website tom night. With that it will become easy to use e versions of the templates of minutes. If you have minutes give them to us. Thank you.

26.2.7.  Sorry I can’t step I’m 41 and have a bad back. Alexander. Earth justice WG. Sorry to say… panama… free trade agreements are being voted in the senate making it illegal to regulate Wall St and oppose human rights. Pen? Paper? Phone: 202 2243121. Tell them to vote NO on free trade agreements or you will vote all of them out of office. They’re voting by 11.

POP: I understand that this is time sensitive. out of respect for WG that have report backs we need to stick to the agenda, that can be announced during announcements. Thank you.
F: Three more WG report backs. Stack is now closed.
26.2.8.  Hello. Jose, from constitution WG frost meeting was today we are working on proposal to edition govt. we cannot be ignored if we have your support. it is very exciting that we can create real change peacefully if interested in info… about WG and petitions we are preparing look online. we will be posting it very soon. you can also get contact info @ info desk. or come see me after GA under res structure thank you.
26.2.9.  Hello Family! I’m Echo. representing Arts & Culture today just talked to Marika she is grateful for our donation of security.. it was beautiful of the community to.. intellectual stimulation. We created an atmosphere for a better and higher understanding. Not only in terms of art but between people. the whole whorl is re-occupied by what’s going on in Wall St. I want to clarify her words.. this is a collaboration, we need to learn more about you movement. there is another art show tom night. Support OWS. Not asking security, but could use 5-6 strong folks 23 wall St. Tom. JP Morgan building corner of wall and broad.

report back
26.2.10.  Mission of the event occupy central park is to reclaim a common space where people can bring awareness to the importance of a sustainable community we will offer a space for GA, workshops and a common ground for humans to reclaim the ability to live as one together. we are new WG that’s the mission statement we came up with today. Occupy central park on 11/11/11 !!! One month from today. Friday @ 3 by red sculpture (next meeting)
F: We are going to move onto announcements, but first can we get a temp check… how are you feeling?? We love you!

26.3.  Announcements

F: We are now opening stack for announcements, please remember to come up and get on stack and also remember that soap box will follow there won’t be time constraints during soap box. Keep announcements to 1 min.
26.3.1.  Ellie, started a women’s sleeping space in front of muffin stand. there every naught would love for woman to com, not about exclusion, but if you look around… there’s mostly men around and it’s kind of intimidating, so we want a safe space for woman to sleep.
26.3.2.  There’s a day of action against banks on sat. Come to outreach for info to hand out. there is a canvas training tom @ 1 @ outreach table come if you want to learn how to best…

26.3.3.  Tomorrow @ 12, subway teams will be going out to hand out OWS journal, also organizing an outreach team for fir rush hour.
26.3.4.  I’m your rep for Malcom x outreach. we will be doing a teach in about slavery in NY on sat and it’s relation to wall St. we will walk to African burial grounds after with short presentations and prayer. Flyers will be at info desk.
26.3.5.  Hey everyone.. By name is Kanasca? I work with entertainment for occupy the concert we have a special guest at 10:30 near the sculpture we will have a sign up for the peoples stage, if you have talent show up at 1030, show @ 11, 1130 I’ll be performing at 12 Rob Morello from RATM, be quiet for 2 hours, is that possible? That’s it I love you.
26.3.6.  I’m Katie I’m with the healthcare for all working group. We are planning march on OCT 21 a week from Friday to demand a healthcare system for everyone. taxes on wall street, and the rich. march will start here to speak out against healthcare system we will march around healthcare HQ…. because of corporate greed. we’ll have more info @ info desk. see you there.
F: We would like to close stack, whoever is on there will speak, anyone else? Get on stack now. we will close after her.

26.3.7.  Caleb Shaefer and Zac Welch were arrested held at 7th percent they may be processed all night, if you know them go to 7th percent and support them Thank you.
Where is 7th percent?
I don’t know…7th percent is on 5th st near delancey? I think it’s 19. ( Between 2nd and 1st?)
26.3.8.  I’m here repine Occupy Jersey city we have started our occupation as of last night!! Those who do not know Journal square is a 10 min train ride.. 2 bucks on metro card. we need support to keep it going. we need to occupy everywhere… we need your help anyone @ 9 am under structure interested in occupying or if you have organizational skills meet under sculpture @ 9PM. Matthew wrote a letter to… for support. He led solidarity movement in Poland 10 mill peeps participated. 1 mill people (half work force) it was the largest strike! Not only did he respond he’s coming here to lend support!!!!! Lech Welesa (WOOT)
26.3.9.  Hi I’m ? After GA ?? (can’t hear a thing)
come to projector
26.3.10.  Hello I would like to emphasize how important it is that he is coming to NYC!! To show solidarity with this movement. As you know LW is the former press of poland and leader of solidarity move,net Nobel Peace prize winner he is an actual working class hero. this working class movement brought totalitarian regime to it’s knees, if you don’t mind.. can I have 30 sec? If you want to talk more about this this time period in agenda is for General announcements… meet @ 10 to talk about this further, labor unions at first mtg. By red sculpture.

26.3.11.  I have atria story to tell.. a little piece of history not in text book about our parents generation…
PoP: this is time for announcement following this we will have soap box. thank you. just to clarify soap box is for your stories, experiences and stories of empowerment bring your energy there so we can carry on with announcements..
26.3.12.  We need a good photo of our good mayor…. bring it to media if you got one.
26.3.13.  An org called ? is facilitating the? of homeless people into this movement if interested check into info desk… for info about 1st mtg.

F: Stack is now closed.

26.3.14.  My name is ted one quick announcement a few days back we were getting arrested and my jacket (cam with a sticker on arm and wallet in it. Edward G Haul 3) stolen from camp site? Noticing discussion is male dominated we need to keep ourselves in check and discuss the fact that we are here because of imbalance between masculine and feminine.

26.3.15.  Dave is organizing a 12 step mtg at OWS. AA, NA? ora ny 12 step fellowships see Dave anytime.

26.3.16.  This is our historic announcement. Earlier there was a small internet black out, we went to local shop that we depend on. some cell internet was out. put this into perspective, the internet is not in our control. there is something to be said about that.

26.3.17.  Issac is director of…. west side of park we have built what we call a freedom tower it will provide fare and open network for all!!! Wee invite you to join us in our struggle to build a global network owned and operated by humanity itself. Thank you.

Nolan Roberts

?? Are you speaking?

Yesterday @ 9 ??

26.3.18.  Also proposing … there’s been a lot of buzz around ..  and other social we are meeting at Friday by bronze man @ 12 to discuss these topics and how they can help spread the movement.

Jose is back.
26.3.19.  Veteran support group will be meeting on Monday @ 6 at red structure. financial support group is very important group if you would like to join please meet @ 12 tom @ center of steps thank you.
F: GA is finished… if you would like to stick around for soap box stick around.


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