How To Make Forums Work for Your Group

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Unfortunately Forums are currently not working for all groups. To enable them, an administrator from your group should do the following: Click on the admin tab for your group, then click on the settings tab in the next row of tabs. Make sure the box in front of ‘Enable discussion Forums’ is checked. scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

If you have any further problem with forums, contact the internet group.

2 Responses to “How To Make Forums Work for Your Group”

  1. Justin Stone-Diaz

    Thanks alot!

    I read most of the Working Group Forums as apart of my work staying in the loop for Information & Mediation so if anyone needs Mods, let me know.

    I’m creeping through your threads anyway so if you need a hand, I’m around!


  2. Urbaned

    Hi, Justin – If the group exists already, do we still need to submit a request to the GA? I have the Education Revolution and Restorative Justice groups. I could definitely use co-admins for them, too. Thanks! Urbaned