NYCGA Minutes 10/1/2011

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/1/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F):


F: Because hundreds of us got arrested, GA will be a little bit different. First, a review of procedures. Then we will have working group report backs. After that, announcements!

F: For working group report backs, we’re going to give priority to Legal and Direct Action to report back on what happened today.

Review of Process:

Two generations of people’s mic will be required! This means that the crowd repeats what the speaker says, and the crowd further back repeats that.



15.1.  Working Group Report Backs

15.2.  Announcements

15.3.  Soapbox

15.1.  Working Group Report Backs

15.1.1.  Legal—Marina. Part of the legal team. As people know, we have had many people arrested. Confirmed names of 100 people. But we think it’s more than double that number. We have lawyers at the precincts right now. We have heard from people held on the buses and they’re taking care of each other. Legal’s coordinating groups of people to greet people when they are released, which we think will happen tonight. It’s important we show lots of love to those who were arrested. This person will be coordinating those teams. We’ve heard so far there are buses at 1 Police Plaza and the 79th precinct. We’ll be sending people there. When people are released, they need to contact the National Lawyers Guild so that they know that they got out. They will be collecting names right up front.

The Brooklyn Bridge​ has been shut down due to protestors.

15.1.2.  Direct Action, Sandy—Direct Action planned for a peaceful march over the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway. During the march a small group of individuals took it upon themselves to take the vehicle roadway that was not blocked off. Immediately people from Direct Action started communicating to protestors that there were two options. The planned route on the public pedestrian walkway, or if they wanted, to autonomously take the vehicle roadway, which we warned them was illegal and highly unsafe. Many people were unfortunately corralled into the vehicle roadway.  Michael—I was a scout for today’s march. I found it bizarre that there was very little security or police presence on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. There was a lot of police activity on the Brooklyn side.  Chris—I arrived in the middle of the march. When I got there, folks from my working group were directing people from taking the pedestrian walkway as was planned. Despite this, when I got there hundreds of people were marching on the vehicular roadway. I saw almost nobody following our working group’s recommendation to follow the pedestrian walkway. In fact, the crowd marching on the highway was so big that I myself followed them for about 200 feet before realizing what I was doing.  Sandy—On a positive note to wrap things up, there were hundreds of people who made it to Brooklyn in solidarity with the communities in Brooklyn!

15.1.3.  Community relations—Justin. Wants to talk briefly about the positive relationships that we’re building with local residents and business owners. We continue to outreach to local restaurants and street cart owners on Wall Street who have been displaced by over-policing, and this week we’re going to begin to exhibit some Occupy Art Work at a local art exhibit. If you want to join the committee, find me or come to our meeting tomorrow at 12PM next to the media center.

15.1.4.  Comfort—Mike. Good news: We’ve had amazing support from all over the country! We have plenty of clothing, but we are in desperate need of sleeping bags, ponchos, and clothing for larger folks, large-XXL! It’s very hectic when it’s raining, and we appreciate your cooperation and patience. We ask you to please share with your neighbors, whatever you can, to keep warm and dry, so everyone stays healthy, and there are enough supplies to last us the next few days. It’s up to all of us to get whatever help we can to keep us alive. That being said, you guys have been great! And any extra volunteers would be greatly appreciated. So come see us next to Medical if you or your friends need to stay dry and warm. Thank you!

15.1.5.  Info—Info has a lot of things we need to know so we can tell everyone who comes here how to get involved. We are asking all of the working groups to please get an email address for your working group, through Internet at the NYCGA website. Then bring Info a list with the group’s name, contact, general function/description, meeting times, meeting location, to info. Currently the only way we have to get people involved with you is a volunteer sheet. Without contacts for the working groups, it’s hard to give you volunteers. They want to volunteer! Let them! Also, Info needs staff. If you have some time during the day, please see if you can relieve people at the desks. It’s fun and easy, thank you!

F: Please, working groups make your report backs concise, and try to put more words into what you’re projecting to the group!

15.1.6.  Labor—Kelly. Has good news! Not only have we been endorsed by the Transit Workers Union, and as of this morning, we have been officially endorsed by SEIU1199 Hospital Workers. They have said they will support us in the following ways: One week’s worth of food and registered nurses to train our team! I invite all of you to join us to march with fellow Union brothers and sisters on Tuesday at 4PM at City Hall and Wednesday at 5PM at City Hall. Thank you!

15.1.7.  Organizational outreach—Joe. What organizational outreach means is I reach out to specific organizations, trying to garner support from the NYC community. I personally deal with NYC universities. But we do a lot more than that! And we need all the help we can get! If you or anyone you know have friends, family, or ties in the community and want to help, we now have a table right next to where I’m standing where you can help you make that a reality. Right now the easiest thing would be taking some of the Occupy Wall Street Journal newspapers, which are right here by the table and distributing them in your community. Thank you!

15.1.8.  Outreach media—Andrew with media. If you want to make media or learn how, write down this Gmail account: We have many technical needs, namely hard drives. See Info for the US Postal Service drop box. Also, email OccupyTVNY for donation information.

15.1.9.  Media—Flux with the people’s media. If you have footage of brutality or anything else that you would like to share with the world, bring it over here quickly.

F: Legal with time-sensitive information about people in the jails—We have confirmed five different jails. There are people leaving now. We want you to come! Meet back here at the sign. There’s three in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn. We will tell you how to get there! Thank you!

For those of you who haven’t been here, there are always cops around here! No reason to panic!

15.1.10.  Open Source​—We are the Free Libre Open Source group, reminding you that the people are the source of Open Source. We are looking for people to each one teach one, or what they know, skill sharing. We are developing an online tool—people can post offers and wants. We’re going to demo it to working groups and hopefully launch it mid-week! We are moving out of a casino debt-based economy into an Open Source economy!

15.1.11.  Education—If you want to learn or teach about a society of no leaders, but everyone being a leader, there’s an education group. Please email

Internet—Drew. All day tomorrow, I will be training working groups on using inter-group communication tools near the media center!


15.2.  Announcements

F: Pertaining to the entire group. Limiting announcements to fifteen minutes, one minute each.

15.2.1.  Open Source—They will be meeting at the WikiLeaks truck after General Assembly.

15.2.2.  Maxine—I want you to know that the real cause is in Washington. We have a few great representatives, most are hacks.

15.2.3.  Ism—All over the US, in over 60 cities other occupations are being planned or are happening right now. Every day our movement grows. We will not be silent, and we will win!

F: To reiterate, this is a time for information announcements that pertain to the entire group.

15.2.4.  Azrea–I am a drag queen! I have a group of drag queens, nightlife entertainers and political activists, who want to join forces with OWS! They are coming with supplies. We will come with medical supplies, clothing, and food. We will also, if you would like, perform for you! We will be here tomorrow around 2PM. If you have any questions, you can find me by the media table.

15.2.5.  Legal—They would like more people to come with them to the jails! Meet behind media! Thank you!

15.2.6.  Tomorrow it’s October 2. This is not his birthday, it is the national day of non-violence, declared by the UN. We will be doing a celebration at Union Square in front of the Ghandi statue at 1PM.

15.2.7.  Sharon—I would like to announce the launch of People of Color Working Group. It is time to bring more diversity to Occupy Wall Street. We will meet right now briefly under the red statue at Cedar and Broadway. Remember, the people united can never be defeated! Thank you!

15.2.8.  Jay—I am a member of the People’s Organization for Progress, based in Newark, NJ. We support 100% Occupy Wall Street! Second, we ask for support for the daily protest held in Newark to demand a mass public works program, open for all, financed by taking the wealth from Wall Street and ending the wars, and we ask that OWS take up the same demand.

15.2.9.  National Lawyers Guild—Going to give information about what’s happening with those who got arrested. There are three precincts here in Manhattan: 1 Police Plaza, Midtown North, Midtown South. There are four in Brooklyn: the 75th, the 77th, the 79th, and the 80. What we need is for you to email the names of those arrested to the NLG. The address is You need to include phone number, name, date of birth. Also, if you have video or photos, the email is Thanks!

15.2.10.  Kobi—Our brothers and sisters in jail need our urgent help and solidarity. We need, right now, seven volunteers to come right here and go to support them. It’s being organized right now! So if you are willing, please meet us right up here!

15.2.11.  Facilitation—We’re sorry that not everyone can hear. Today we had a great day! It was an amazing showing, and a lot of brothers and sisters were arrested. We were there, and their spirits we high! They said go to Liberty Square, regroup, learn, recruit, build solidarity, and do it again! Facilitation spoke with Direct Action, and they’re studying what happened today, because we’re learning. I’m mentioning this, just so you know, we’re building a movement. Let’s remember that we have Soapbox, and we should focus about today, and hear from people that were there, so we can learn.

15.2.12.  Joe—The New York Times​ is reporting that over 400 people were arrested! It is now trending worldwide on Twitter. THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING.

15.2.13.  Ned—Yesterday Bank of America announced that they’d be charging $5/month to use debit cards. They know that we’re here. The timing is not accidental. They are laughing, they are pouring salt.

15.2.14.  Peter—If they arrest 400 of us, we can come back with 4,000! If they arrest 4,000 of us, we can come back with 40,000 of us. If we mobilize tomorrow, the city will be with us while we celebrate non-violence. Let’s protest police brutality.

F: Again, INFORMATIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS ONLY. Soapboxing and personal experiences will be for after. Thank you, though.

15.2.15.  Arts and Culture—Alex. Sorry I’m late! We believe that we are at the brink of a new aesthetic movement, like Impressionism, Modernism. Wrapping it up: We are creating collectives of artists of all performance arts: musicians, painters, and so forth. If you want to join one of those to create a new aesthetic, let us know! Thank you!

15.2.16.  Elisa—I came from New Orleans today, post-Katrina represent! I bring with me today the hope of direct democracy. By 2012, six years ago our world suffered a devastation that today you can do something about. A website has been donated for the purpose of direct democracy. She will be working on improving coordination of this. The website for this is

15.2.17.  Alfonso—I worked with Arts and Culture. We have created a tri-fold pamphlet that explains what the Generally Assembly is. If you would like a digital copy, please email

F: Everybody repeat loud enough for the police to hear! Tonight we have fifteen Marines coming to protect us! Apart from them, if they want to get to some protestors, so they can mace them, they will have to get through THE FUCKING MARINE CORPS FORCE!

F: Important announcement—We have decided as a group that there will be no drugs and alcohol in this park! Also, there will be quiet hours from 11PM-8AM. If you want to keep talking, do it quietly by the front so people in the back can sleep.


15.3.  Soapbox

Priority will be given to people’s experiences from today.


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