NYCGA Minutes 10/10/11, 7PM

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/10/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F): Craig, Daniel



24.1.  Agenda Items

24.2.  Working Group Report Backs

24.3.  Announcements

F: General Assembly Day 24 begins in four minutes! Please take your seats!

F: Introduction of Facilitation Team: Craig, Daniel – facilitators. Eileen – stack (progressive). Vinny – time-keeper. If you’d like drummers to stop, you may (politely) ask them. (lots of spirit fingers). This is a projector screen. If you’re in front of me, please sit down.

F: Mic check: “I asked the drummers to stop, but they said it’s a sacred dance and won’t stop.”

F: Is it ok? We will continue. I apologize in advance if anyone cannot be heard. Mic Check – Drummers will stop in ten minutes. Can we wait ten minutes? (lots of down fingers)

F: Hand signal review. (stand by for GA guide) Step-up, Step-back is self-moderation, not something someone else is going to tell you to do. It’s when voices that are heard a lot and are very active consider stepping back to let other voices that aren’t heard as much and have just as much right to be heard. It’s something we all consider for ourselves. We don’t police each other. We have received a request from the back of the assembly that they can’t hear. If possible, please move forward if you can. #PeoplesMic will be moving into 3 Generation Mode. Let’s try that now (x3).


24.1.  Agenda Items

F: Mic check. Mic check. Mic check. Great. Great. Great! Our first agenda item for tonight is in response to last night’s proposal on buying bins to clean up the park from city planning.

24.1.1.  The proposal was to buy personal storage bins in order to clean up the space. For people’s bedding. An amendment was made and accepted that the storage bins be Fair Trade. There are no storage bins of the type we’re looking for that are Fair Trade. This is a time-sensitive issue. We need to create a park we are proud of. We need to improve efficiency, traffic flow, and appearance. I want to revise the proposal to remove the Fair Trade amendment. To clarify, a friendly amendment that was proposed does not apply.  Any clarifying questions of information? Any questions? Raise your hand and get on stack.  After consultation from a number of city planning professionals, as well as the general community, this is the best solution we have come up with.

F: Every time we address something new like announcements, a stack will open for that issue.

OK, this was an opportunity for an already-consensed upon proposal to explain the friendly amendment was not valid. Can we please get back on track?  This proposal is the removal of that invalid friendly amendment. I would like to move for consensus. Temperature check. Bueno. Any blocks? AWESOME!!! CONSENSUS!! It tastes so good.

24.1.2.  My name is Heather, Marlisa. Is everyone getting enough to eat? Shout out to the kitchen! Right now, we have the most famous kitchen in the world! We serve more than 2,000 people every day! We have outgrown our network of home kitchens and seek a more permanent home for #ThePeoplesKitchen. We need a new, dedicated commercial kitchen space. Urgently. We propose that the #GeneralAssembly empower us to get a new, dedicated kitchen space.  Clarification: Food is asking the #GeneralAssembly for the permission to decide on and make their own proposal for a commercial space.

F: Make sure everybody is pitching in to relay our messages that are all very important not just to this community but also our movement.

Announcement: Update on @occupy_boston….Boston Police Dept (BPD) have told occupiers that they will be arrested at midnight tonight. What you can do: Occupy_Boston. Can’t hurt. Flood the lines. @Occupy_Boston Call Governor Patrick and ask for protection? 617.725.4005 888.870.7770. 10/10/11 6:59 PM. UPDATE: police are idling, looking to clear camp in the middle of the night. The way to stop them is people, light, and prepared food. (1 hr ago)

F: Turn to someone next to you and say “Hello!”  Back to the proposal. What food is proposing is to be fully empowered to start a commercial kitchen. With the amendment that the rent will be under $2500 /month.  On stack: Ryan. His question is “can you find a space that is not equipped as a kitchen with lower rent and obtain all materials needed thereby decreasing startup costs while reducing longterm costs.” thank you.

Response: The answer is yes. We would love a cheaper space with donated or low cost equipment  Angela: have you researched what the different kitchen options are? from my experience, commercial kitchens are very expensive in new york

Response: In our research, there are spaces available in new york for under twenty-five hundred dollars per month. This is the cost of two catered meals here.  Do you anticipate other expenses besides the rent, and should we approve those now?

Response: We are looking in to used equipment and auctions, and everything we get will be at a big discount.  Rita: I wanted to suggest since the union march the other day we should reach out to them, and we should ask them to use their kitchens. They have union halls in the vicinity. They are not always using them. So we should reach out to them and ask them to donate space.

F: Mic check

Point of Process (PoP): As a point of process, that was not a specific question about the item proposed; it was instead more discussion regarding other possibilities, however food would like to respond to that statement.

Response: We are reaching out to unions, but the proposal is, is to empower us to make that decision when we find the best option.  I would like to ask, if there has been an attempt to solicit information of an appropriate space online or otherwise? Also, I would like to know, how many we currently utilize and how many more we would need to feed us.

Response: We have been asking for donations for weeks. Inline and in person, unions and community centers. We are so big, we need a centralized location for all our donations and volunteers.  One question: In renting a commercial kitchen, is a legitimate concern we could be evicted due to political pressure on who we are renting from. What steps can you take to make sure we can keep hold of that space?

Response: We will take all necessary measures, legal sanitation, political, to protect the movement. The desire for a commercial kitchen will make us safer and stronger together.

Point of Information (PoI): Hey everyone, I’m on Finance. Unfortunately, this is a HUGE legal concern. I’m not trying to stop this process, and we can get a kitchen if we want. We’re what’s called a non-profit organization. If people from food personally buy a space with general money from all of us, and any lawyer looks at it, the person who paid that money can lose everything they have. So normally when we make these purchases, we figure out this stuff before voting, just to make sure it’s safe.  Food: Thank you everyone. We will table this proposal. But it’s urgent. We will be right back. Tomorrow, if anyone has any resources, please come to food, or email us at We love you.

F: We would like to take a ten minute intermission. How do you feel about that? See you in ten minutes!


24.2.  Working Group Report Backs

F: We’re back! There’s a march leaving NOW over there. Tell your friends. The #GeneralAssembly will continue with report-backs and announcements. Working groups only come to facilitators if you haven’t yet. Library, Arts and Culture. In that order, Library now.

24.2.1.  Hello my brothers and sisters! Came by the people’s library today to express your support, it was awesome! In other library news, many groups have been asking people to meet in the library. We welcome this. However, we have limited space, so if you could inform the library beforehand of any meetings, we could help to facilitate a safe space for everyone. Is this cool with the GA? We hope you will join us in the peoples’ library. We love you and we thank you for your generous support. Power to the people!

24.2.2.  Think-tank: Evening. Today was our first day. . . . We got more than 100 ideas in about two and a half hours. We had a 45 minute discussion about the specific of local farming. What we’re trying to do is continue that every day. So please stop by the think-tank group, grab a piece of paper and join the conversation. We’ll be meeting from 11 to 7. Today was right here {GA meeting area}. And we definitely need a lot of volunteers. Somebody who can type in ideas and somebody to … the conversations, someone to facilitate/mediate: 2 people at any time. Find me or Audrey.

24.2.3.  Arts and Culture: Hi I’m Tony. The no comment arts show that started this weekend got an anonymous donation for $5,000! This has allowed them to extend the show through Friday.
They are taking more submissions through midnight tomorrow at Also, an organizer from the Brooklyn music scene is starting a series of benefit shows starting October 23 at Shea Stadium at 20 Meadow St in Bushwhick for more information email him at

24.2.4.  Hi everyone. You all look beautiful. Through Arts and Culture where you guys are making signs, there are a lot of dirty brushes so please, when you see dirty brushes, clean them! Also, you can use the ghetto brush. What is the ghetto brush? You take a cigarette brush, when you’ve finished smoking it, you … and you twist the end. Then you have a clean brush you can use and it’s recyclable.

24.2.5.  People of Color OWs: I ama person of color ….all people of color. I need to ask you a question real quick. Does anybody like music? Does anybody like hip-hop? I’m asking you today, to meet with me Wednesday with people of color because our culture is your culture. 5 PM Wednesday.

F: Next 3 groups, Education and Empowerment, Labor Outreach, Women’s Caucus.

24.2.6.  Education and Empowerment: Hi I’m Sully, with Education and Empowerment. There are a lot of people with a lot of great ideas … and instruction here within the occupation. We are trying to organize a structure so we can coordinate these efforts and reduce redundancy. If you’ve got ideas … Instead of starting a new working group, you came a join us. We meet Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:30 PM under the Joy di Vive {red tripod} If you have a proposal for a teach-in you’d like to do, you can email that to We’ll help you publicize and publish it.

24.2.7.  My name is Ben from San Francisco. I’ve decided to be here to offer … anyway, it’s going to be at 1 PM over across the street next to the orange cube … good night

24.2.8.  Labor Outreach: Hi, my name’s Eli. I’m from labor outreach committee. Who here … on stocks? They were all workers. It will be sad to hear, … 680 million dollars last year. Their CEO only makes $60,000 a day. … has locked out their workers, so one thing we know … local 814 some of these … we are taking action against Sotheby’s tomorrow.

24.2.9.  Women’s Caucus: Hello everybody. This is the collective voice of the women’s caucus which tries to create a space for women empowerment. … the women’s caucus will be meeting TONIGHT at 10:30 PM at the RED CUBE. Our first initiative. we are going to set up a … space as well as … inclusion of women … that representatives from … thank you! TONIGHT 10:30 PM RED CUBE.

Stack: If you haven’t gotten on stack, come on up!

We won’t let them stop us!

24.2.10.  I’m Justin with community outreach … we ordered twenty pizzas from Liberados Pizza … 300 pizzas and those orders came from all over the world. Liberados …  us with 99 free pizzas tomorrow. This is just one example of how we support local small businesses. If you want to help us, go and find a local small business. Ask them to partner with us, and my committee will help you with that. We’ll meet tomorrow 12 PM by the media center. We’re working on developing a local babysitters group. If you can help . . . like that, come see me at the media center. Thank you good night.

24.2.11.  Sustainability: Hi I’m Marsha. We are a new group. We want to improving … and awareness … impact on this space. We want to encourage reusing … We want to encourage reducing, reusing, recycling. Meeting tomorrow 5:30 PM at the red cube. Our email is Thank you and I love you! Good night!

24.2.12.  Brothers and Sisters! Just wanted to let you know, that the elementary school children … we have a mission … teachers for justice now. We will be having a meeting tomorrow at 8:30 PM at the red cube … on an added note, everybody call the precinct and complain about the construction noise.

24.2.13.  One … really bad trade agreements … Panama. We decided to form a working group. Tomorrow, there will be another teach-in at 2:30 PM under the orange sculpture. On Wednesday there will be a big action in front of . . . office at 9 AM on 3rd Ave between 92 and 93 St. For more information, come to!

24.2.14.  @ 2 PM tomorrow, facilitation, there will be a discussion about refining the facilitation process. It will also deal with concepts related to how to make the GA more effective. That meeting will be held in Battery Park but since Battery Park is so big, the meeting will first meet at 1:45 PM by the big tree at the far {West} end of the park.

24.2.15.  Media:

F: Any other Working groups? Working Groups are closed. Maybe we can limit it to one mic {one echo}


24.3.  Announcements

F: Mic Check. Please sit down and move in. We’re starting anon.

24.3.1.  My name is ?. You’ve seen me around, in the wheelchair, who is blind … {can’t hear} mic check please!! Tomorrow at 9:30, 10 blocks away, 60 { } street … division … she must appear … against challenges, and adult protector services and you know from talking to her … but the forces she is fighting … in the lower court system … making an appearance … we the 99% have a better chance at justice.

F: MIC CHECK. Please!

F: We’re doing a really good job. This is hard and people are disorganized. If you’d like to be on stack, please do not harass the stack person and in an orderly line you will be put on stack. Everyone standing … please come join us, also, everyone sit down so everyone can hear. Lots of room up here.

24.3.2.  I was just in Philadelphia. A moment of silence for our brothers and sisters that are being killed in Cairo. In this moment to make a difference, we’re gonna have to occupy democracy.

Quick emergency announcement. the info desk has the purse of Cecilia Dunly

24.3.3.  From grandmother … the oldest surviving member of the . . . tribe of Indians from Southern Oregon. she is 87 years old and is a chairperson of the international council of indigenous grandmothers. This is her message: Keep strong. Keep focused. Don’t deal with anger. Don’t let people upset you. Walk the path of nonviolence. We need to fight for the peace SEEZZZZ. The animal kingdom, the water, the air, it is not adults who own the world, but it is the children. We need to preserve it for the seven generations. Be diligent. All races need to come together. … praying to the creator to give us courage to continue in the coming weeks
24.3.4.  Hello family. Perhaps you noticed we can hear each other right now. You might want to write down this number … Maybe you heard them {the jack-hammers}. We are the solution. With focus and integrity, compassion and truth, we can self-correct and … 1 800 75coned. Work through the … supposed to be here through the 23rd. The stated reason is the … on water vapor … let’s find out. Who is with this. . .and when? We only have 30 minutes and they’re gonna start up again.

24.3.5.  I’m Amanda. Today the environmental solidarity group had a very productive meeting. We are meeting tomorrow at 4 PM at Bowling Green fountain to formalize our registration process.
24.3.6.  This message is on behalf on this group of Deaf citizens. We are here in solidarity … We would like to facilitate … every Monday, if possible we would like space up front.

24.3.7.  I have been working with some of the WGs on an idea that I have … we are not anti-American, we are ultra-American. we cannot have the colors separated, because we are the 99%. This way… to wear purple arm bands, when she goes to get groceries.

24.3.8.  I’m with alternative banking!!! We’re just getting started. If you’re interested in joining especially if you have background in banking or finances, anyone can be a part … please email

24.3.9.  I’m Alex with Revolution Newspaper. I’d like to announce that nearly 12,000 prisoners in California resume their hunger strike on September 26 … sensory deprivation. They are mostly black and Latino … humanity. If you would like to help me write a letter in support of the hunger strike . . .that we can present tomorrow to the GA … we will meet tomorrow at that red thing. It’s gotten {too loud} sign up, or meet me tomorrow 5 PM by the red thing, possibly work with Arts and Culture to get this going.

24.3.10.  Hi I’m Deserey. I’m interested in forming a political outreach group … civic engagement, including contacting politicians. If you are interested, meet me at the red CUBE immediately after announcements.

24.3.11.  Hello I’m Tim. Political and Electoral WG. Organization called ‘Move to Amend.’ We’ll talk about amending the constitution, if you are interested in participating or just listening join us at 6 PM in front of the people’s library. If you’re interested in learning more,

24.3.12.  … because {s}he wants your feedback and opinions so email … people’s library at 10:30 PM concerning the lack of diversity in the facilitation, media, and outreach committees. Inclusive representation is vital if this movement is to proceed. Black, Latino, and people of color are part of the 99%. You’re all doing a great job. Keep doing it!

24.3.13.  My name is ? Working Groups, do you need supplies? … materials for the arts this By this Wednesday at midnight so I can get your materials and bring them to you. This is all thanks to an anonymous organization. If you need supplies, email for them be delivered to you.

24.3.14.  Will leave tomorrow at 12 NOON … at 59th St. and 5th Ave … press conference. From there will march to the homes of Rupert Murdoch … John Paulson, and … This is our chance to expose the . . . abuse and maintain equality … and to obtain real economic change for ourselves and our students. So the march meets tomorrow at 59th St. and 5 Ave at NOON.
24.3.15.  Hello again. I represent progressive black thinkers. We have a major concern. Our concern is that Kanye West, Rustle Simmons, et cetera do not speak for the black citizens … and have contributed and been a part of the oppressive state that we are fighting. They are going to have photo ops and grandstands … of all of them … they are making demands of us. We do not have to worry about food, supplies, or anything else … To show that they are down with the cause … And if they do not, then they are not with the cause, and we need to be clear, that that is what we expect at the very least.

24.3.16.  This is a … to the people who need it. Outreach … there will be a community organizers dinner, 7 PM, Tuesday, CWA 1180 Office. 97 Hudson St. @ Harrison St. and Hudson Street.

F: THIS NOISE SUCKS!!!!!! CALL 1-800-75-CONED and complain about the noise at One Liberty Plaza.


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