NYCGA Minutes 10/09/11, 7PM

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Meeting Date/Time: 10/9/2011 / 7pm EST

Location: Liberty Plaza

Facilitators (F):

[Editor’s note: We don’t seem to have a complete set of notes for this GA. Please e-mail if you have minutes from the very beginning and very end.]


23.1.  Working Group Report Backs

23.2.  Announcements

23.3.  Agenda Items (Sanitation Proposal)

23.1.  Working Group Report Backs

23.1.1.  HI! It’s ok to cry. Education and empowerment workshop will make a physical board of workshops. So email your info to: They are meeting Tues, 8:30pm. Under the red thing (new name, anyone?). Education and Empowerment Workgroup

23.1.2.  Outreach: Ben-We are doing an outreach organizer’s dinner (yummy). Tuesday 7pm. 97 Hudson. Info on the website. Also: outreach has a new website!! Needs an image. Subway canvassing all week. 15M in the house?

F: Five working groups left to report. Please keep up participation!

23.1.3.  Media: John – Today our team had a special guest with a tough name to spell. We also covered Chris Hedges and the interfaith march! Yeah, livestream! Editing and will post ASAP. In addition to covering. (x3) daily events. We will be doing profiles on working groups (smile for the camera) so that we can educate, and inspire the WORLD, by showing them the challenges that we meet and overcome every single day. ALL DAY. ALL WEEK. #OCCUPYWALLSTREET We meet every day at 11am at the Media Circle. (except Tues and Thurs at 5pm). For info: please email:

23.1.4.  Arts and Culture: Hi. Raise your right hand up. And stretch your elbow. And then stretch to the left. There’s about to be an explosion of culture in NYC!!!!! #Epic. But he needs our help! Come to the arts and culture meeting at 6pm! at 60 Wall Street (indoor public space, nice AC). Monday-Friday.

23.1.5.  Alternative Currency Group: Rick-Work began today on a proposal trying to implement a currency for this movement. The Wall Street banks and their best customers, the multinational corporations, control the source and flow of $$$$$$$. I have 30 seconds left. This is an open invitation for you to join us in this process! We will be meeting at 11am every day. Every week. Until we’re done. at the red cube.
23.1.6.  People of Color Working Group: Meets every Wednesday at 5 under the BIG RED THING. It is open to anyone who self-identifies as a person of color. Thank you.

F: Short and sweet. Nice report-back! Mic check!

23.1.7.  Arts and Culture: Rochelle-I would like to have an emergency meeting, after GA…at the arts and culture booth to discuss: what’s the operation prepare of the area we love! Art! Thank you!

F: Mic Check!!! Two more working groups. Thank you for your patience.
23.1.8. Community Relations Working Group: Justin-Two pieces of info: first, that we continue to work with local residents, and the general assembly, to create a good neighbor policy.. We will propose that policy to the general assembly later in the week. Second, we partner with arts and culture..and the loft in the red zone Art Gallery, to create the art exhibit (yesterday), that had thousands of viewers..Will Stay open til Friday!!!!!!! @ 23 Wall St. (check it out!)
23.1.9.  Occupy Wall Street Archives: Jez-The first archives were in classical Greece. They were controlled by the people who had the political power. But this is our archive. And we get to define what is history! We need your help to collect flyers and the cardboard signs and your personal notes so we can make this movement HISTORY!!!!! #OccupyWallStreet! If you wanna help do that, meet me at the #PeoplesLibrary after the GA.

F: That concludes the working group report backs. YEAH! Next agenda item: General Announcements.

23.2.  Announcements

F: (no opinions, info about upcoming events/teach-ins/marches/etc.)

F: Please keep announcements to 1 minute = 60 seconds. Factual info, people. No es una oportunidad para compartir tu política personal! There will be time after for soapbox! That’s the time to share personal politics!

Random Fact: The big red thing is ACTUALLY called the Joie e Vivre by Marc di Suvero.

23.2.1.  Hi everybody. That’s Vanessa. From Brazil! Today we had our first assembly in Spanish! Si! En espanol. We had different voices join us. We created a new working group. #OWSEnEspanol: Wednesday, 5pm, (red cube). Info: go to spanish table! Gracias! Gracias! #OccupyWallStreet demos are taking place in mucho cities and in front of the Federal Reserve. We will be meeting after announcements at the Red Cube​.

23.2.2.  I’m Marsha? and Steph? We propose an environmental solidarity working group to address disconnects between political debate and the bigger picture of a dying planet. Meet here after GA to discuss. Environmental Solidarity

F: Can we do just 2 generations? Good feeling about that.
23.2.3.  Tim and Audrey: Starting a new working group without a name to try to bring all the ideas generated at this event into one location to organize everything into a digestible format (digestion problems), but with a more positive connotation. After GA, meet by the library if you want to join and make them more coherent.

F: Stack is closing. If you have an announcement, talk to the person right down here.

23.2.4.  Hi. I just wanted to let you know that there is a giant sign on the side of the NYSE that says Banks Got Bailed Out, We got Sold Out!!!! Pics anyone?!?! Tweet to @occupywallstNYC
23.2.5.  Two announcements: (1) I’d like to work with a group of people to write a proposal re: creating a space here that’s non-smoking. Meet at red thing. Smokers welcome. (2) Workshop tomorrow at noon: THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED. Meet at Altar. Name’s Jen.
F: Stack is closed. That’s all four announcements. If you’re on stack, no prob, speak next…Get ready for an awesome pic.

F: Reminder: #PeoplesMic x2 in effect
23.2.6.  Occupy Wall Street Video Game Club. Sound design programmers and artists. For video games, email:

23.2.7.  Hi this is John. Forming a group, Healthcare for All

F: Mic check! Help him, he’s losing his voice.
23.2.8.  Would like to form working group: Help #OWS have an impact on 2012 elections. Make it clear: this does not mean that we will engage in politics as usual. the point will be to find a way to maintain the spirit of the movement. meet at the red thing.

F: Twelve more announcements, hang in there, people.

23.2.9.  After the #GeneralAssembly + 1/2 hr we’ll show a movie about the effects of the civil war on a family and their children. En frances. In french. with subtitles. (we can’t have sound. (yet)). ON THIS SCREEN. YEP THIS ONE. LOOK AT THE SCREEN.

23.2.10.  @ProtestChaplain!!!!! We love all religious paths.
23.2.11.  Monday, 12pm. Elementary school children are coming here for an Un-Columbus Day Event! (No swearing.)
23.2.12.  Legal Team needs more dedicated revolutionaries. If you’re interested, meet tomorrow afternoon at legal table.

Need something to do?

People in the back say “Oh, oh!”

23.2.13.  His name’s Jeremiah. It’s an honor to be here. If you’re making a documentary about these events or anything multimedia-oriented, we have tons of music available at our site:

23.2.14.  John. Organizing a walking tour tomorrow about the history of land privatization in #NYC. Privately-owned public space = “POPS”. Zuccotti (#LibertyPlaza) is a POPS owned by #BrookfieldProps. @MikeBloomberg’s GF is on board. They say we’re not cleaning the place.

23.2.15.  SUGGESTION BOX at Info Tent with blue umbrella at Broadway entrance. Make suggestions.
F: Move up to the front! Seats are free! Also, can folks sit down?!

23.2.16.  Raise your hand if you’ve been here since #Sep17!!! Hi dave. A new group: Checks and Balances. Help GA enforce, “step up, step back”. If u don’t have a committee, meet after #GeneralAssembly at SW corner of park (steve’s restaurant side)

23.2.17.  Hello NYC! Hi Josh –NYC. New working group: For people with disabilities. We’ll work to make the park more accessible (red cube after GA, tomorrow 1pm)

F: Raise your hand if Wall Street’s working just fine for you…

23.2.18.  Hi Henry. Folks flying in from Cali to help us learn about direct action. Training, Monday 4pm. Under Joie de Vivre (aka red thing).

23.2.19.  Tomorrow is Columbus Day, a day of remembrance of genocide of native people. As native people are in continual sorrow. We ask you in solidarity to remember us and all oppressed people on this earth.

F: All hands in the air. It’s like a bank robber in here with all the love. Mic check. No Columbus Day for us. #NoColumbusDay
23.2.20.  Announcement from coordination: Making a bulletin board to serve as a centralized point of info. In a working group and want up-to-date info? Email: Include: current status, requests, offers, and challenges.

23.2.21.  Wednesday: Congress votes on free trade agreements w/ Colombia, Panama and S. Korea. They will outsource jobs. Destroy the environment. Make genocide against indigenous people. Tomorrow, 1pm Teach-In under the red thing. What can we do to stop them? #OccupyCongress?

F: Mic check.Mic check.Mic check.Mic check.Mic check.Mic check.Mic check.Mic check.

F: Announcement: Announcements are over.


23.3.  Agenda Items

F: One agenda item:

F: At 4pm mtg of facilitation group, no proposals were brought to us. Why? The system for bringing proposals is far from perfect. The planning committee, backed by sanitation, is asking the #GeneralAssembly to consider a proposal that they deem time-sensitive.

F: Temp check: weather’s fine. Temp check on proposal…… good! We will now hear proposal:
23.3.1.  Sanitation Proposal  Max from Sanitation. Proposal from Town. In terms of traffic flow, cohesive structure and general cleanliness, in order to present an image we can be proud of, increased effectiveness and out of consideration for the general community, we are proposing: An organization sweep. In order to do this, we need containers for the personal. A collaborative cleaning project involving the whole community. Bins for all personal belongings. $2000 estimate of cost for containers for personal belongings. We may use less than half of funds. The remainder will go back. Has been cleared with finance. Nothing in this proposal to assist sanitation with our current needs except providing camp with means to pack up and get clean.

F: We will now be closing stack for questions.

Research on where to purchase containers ongoing. Taking suggestions.  There are many people who sleep here who don’t come to GA. How do we survey people who sleep here but don’t come?

Response: #GeneralAssembly represents all people at camp, whether they attend or not.

F: Temp check was good.  Craigslist? No need to buy new @#%!!

Response: We have put request out on the live feed. #needsoftheoccupiers. Issue is time-sensitive.  We’ve received bad press coverage w/r/to sanitation. Some examples: Lack of organization and messiness. NY1 says Zuccotti Park owners are concerned about sanitation here. Haven’t cleaned since Sep 16. Neighbors concerned about drumming. Mixed-income, family neighborhood (not super-rich).

REMINDER: Consensus quiet hours = 10pm, weeknights.

Concern: Reaction to the press reports

We should be very careful in taking direction from those who don’t want us here.

DIRECT RESPONSE: this is not a reaction to media coverage, this is the first step of a town planning initiative to make space organized, so we can enjoy our team and work more effectively.

The press coverage is recent.

F: Can someone kindly remind the drum circles that it is 10PM and time for quiet hours?

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