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Prevent the forcible closure of Occupy Wall Street!

Tell Bloomberg: Don’t Foreclose the Occupation.

This is an emergency situation. Please take a minute to read this, and please take action and spread the word far and wide.

Occupy Wall Street is gaining momentum, with occupation actions now happening in cities across the world.

But last night Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD notified Occupy Wall Street participants about plans to “clean the park”—the site of the Wall Street protests—tomorrow starting at 7am. “Cleaning” was used as a pretext to shut down “Bloombergville” a few months back, and to shut down peaceful occupations elsewhere.

Bloomberg says that the park will be open for public usage following the cleaning, but with a notable caveat: Occupy Wall Street participants must follow the “rules”. These rules include, “no tarps or sleeping bags” and “no lying down.”

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has said that they will move in to clear us and we will not be allowed to take sleeping bags, tarps, personal items or gear back into the park.

So, seems likely that this is their attempt to shut down #OWS for good.


1) Call 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK if you’re out of town) and tell Bloomberg to support our right to assemble and to not interfere with #OWS.

2) Come to #OWS on FRIDAY AT 6AM to defend the occupation from eviction.

Occupy Wall Street is committed to keeping the park clean and safe — we even have a Sanitation Working Group whose purpose this is. We are organizing major cleaning operations today and will do so regularly.

If Bloomberg truly cares about sanitation here he should support the installation of portopans and dumpsters. #OWS allies have been working to secure these things to support our efforts.

We know where the real dirt is: on Wall Street. Billionaire Bloomberg is beholden to bankers.

We won’t allow Bloomberg and the NYPD to foreclose our occupation. This is an occupation, not a permitted picnic.


  1. kingdom of Syria, gov't-in-exile

    If they are going to close down the protest you might as well make plans now to go underground. You are dealing with a corrupt lawyer run government and the protest should be moved to Washington, D.C. where the real enemy is–a lawyer run and lawyer dominated government bankrupting the nation not only with corp. bailouts but military engagements around the world with no end to sight to the excessive military spending only making more enemies for the United States. Lets hold AmeriKas’ lawyer leaders accountable for defeated foreign policies in Vietnam and murder of over 58,000 American boys? Wouldn’t that be a great place to start. Notice how U.S. rushed in to support revolution in Libya but has ignored murders of civilian protesters in Syria? This is typical of the double standards of the lawyer run and lawyer dominated U.S. government!!!