Draft Proposal for Wednesday 10/26 General Assembly: Shipping/Inventory/Storage (S.I.S.)

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Need: Requesting funds to purchase SHELVES

Amount: $2500

In case you haven’t heard, people from across the world are big fans of ours. S.I.S. receives hundreds of packages for Occupy Wall Street every day. As we work hard to sort and deliver all of the shipments, we are working equally hard to organize the storage space for working group surplus. It is a large task. There is a lot of stuff! Before we can have the conversation about what to do with our surplus, it is important for us to know, exactly what we have. That is the “I” in S.I.S. : INVENTORY.

There have already been many generous donations of shelves. This is helping us turn unruly piles of supplies into a coherent stock room. This is essential if we are to tackle the massive and necessary task of taking inventory. We have 25 shelves in all, and they are all allocated to groups, with piles of supplies still covering the floor.

We are asking for $2500 to purchase more shelves. We would like to have them before the weekend as this is the only time that packages aren’t flooding in, and is most conducive to organization and counting. Based on our research this can be used, at least, to purchase and transport 20 more of the shelves we are currently using. We will wait to purchase these shelves until Friday. If we can find a better deal before Friday, we can always use more than 20 shelves. This will not only facilitate an efficient and accurate inventory, but will also create a more useful storage space for ALL working groups.

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7 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Wednesday 10/26 General Assembly: Shipping/Inventory/Storage (S.I.S.)”

  1. alex

    Clarifying Questions: You mention that you plan to purchase 20 more of the shelves you are currently using. What type of shelves are these? What is the price you have been given? And where are you planning to buy these shelves from?

    Another questions that could be helpful to answer: Where does SIS have its stock room?

  2. maria fregoso

    Hi Alex – Don’t know the answer to your 1st CQ but the stock room is located at 52 Broadway, ground floor.

  3. Matt Browner-Hamlin

    Maintaining an orderly, organized, and properly inventoried store room is critically important. SIS is doing heroic work and I think continuing to support them with disbursement of funds to buy shelving is a really important use of donated funds.

  4. emma

    Clarifying question: the stock room itself, 52 Broadway, how long are we allowed to use it? Is there any risk for eviction or are there reasons that SIS will have to move to a different space at some point? And if so, are the shelving units easily movable?

  5. A. Fleming

    I agree with @Matt Browner-Hamlin; SIS is doing great work.

    Clarifying Question: If we filled twenty existing shelves in under six weeks is it reasonable to think–given the constant flow of incoming packages–that twenty-five (25) new shelves will be enough to handle everything? What I want to know is whether or not forty-five total shelves will be enough given the flow of packages and given the amount of space is available in the storage facility?

    It seems that it will, perhaps, be easier to get slightly more funding now if your proposal presents specifics about whether this will be enough for the foreseeable future or if it is merely a measure to take care of what is pressing now and deal with the issue in more detail down the road. For the record, I am okay with either tactic as long as that is clearly communicated.

  6. odd ah

    Have you considered posting an ad on Craigslist under ‘FREE’ posted as “Wanted: free shelves”