Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Sustainability

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Budget proposal:
20 bikes are to be donated by times us NYC. We are requesting $1220 for parts to fix the bikes to create a bike share for the use of all zucotti, run by sustainability.

Items needed:
Tires – 40 units – $20 each: $800
Tubes- 40 units – $5 each: $200
Cables & housing – 20 units – $4 each: $80
Brake pads – 20 units – $2: $40
Labor & food for production time – $100 total

GRAND TOTAL: $1220 requested

Please contact me if you need more info or there are any issues asap.

Sarah Baxendell
Finance engineer, sustainability working group, zucotti Ows

4 Responses to “Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Sustainability”

  1. A. Fleming

    This donation is awesome! But I have a concern: as the GA dispersed $22,500 dollars yesterday. I am very concerned that now is, perhaps, not the ideal time to request funds for discretionary expenditures. Further, it would seem that given the nature of the donation, there might well be others in the cycling community willing to donate a large portion of what is needed. To what extent have donations been sought? (Also, as this question gets raised with almost any proposal that requests funds, those submitting proposals would perhaps do well to include such information.)

  2. drew

    I agree with the above post. I would like to see working groups do more to reach out for donations rather than buy more stuff. I would also like to see a much more detailed list related to where these items are being purchased.

  3. soothsayer

    where are you going to store the bikes, and to work on them? and whatever happened to scavenging for parts and equipment? it seems whenever any proposal asks for money to buy tools, and materials somebody is bound to raise the issue of recycling and donations, and it then becomes the onus of that somebody to come up with alternative sources of materials that in the end the easy way out solution turns into just giving people whatever money to buy and spend.